Misaki was suddenly filled with blind rage. Without even thinking, his feet started moving, pounding against the hard tarmac as he tore after the thief who had so brazenly dared to steal from his Usagi!

It had only been moments ago that he and Usagi-san had stopped at an ice-cream vendor in the park. Usagi-san had bought them each a soft whippy ice-cream, pulling out his own chocolate flake and adding it to Misaki's without the boy even asking, as he knew Misaki was partial to the chocolate. Misaki had privately thought that the ice-cream in the cone looked a bit like a rabbit with two chocolate ears poking up.

Usagi-san had just been handing over the ice-cream, his wallet still clutched in his right hand, when some stupid little prick had run past, snatching the wallet and racing away up the path. In his haste, he had jostled Misaki and now both Misaki's ice-cream and Usagi-san's, which had been in the same hand as his wallet, were now melting and trickling away on the hot tarmac.

Misaki panted heavily, feeling his sweat tickling his neck as it ran down and soaked into his t-shirt. The thief, ('disgusting, nasty, little shithead!' Misaki swore in his head), was fast, but Misaki didn't slow down, even as the stitch in his side screamed for him to stop. There was no way in hell he was going to let anyone take advantage of his Usagi!

The thief swerved onto the grass, and Misaki quickly changed course to match him, leaping over a large rock in his path. He was gaining on him, he mustn't give up! Spying a small group of people ahead, he dragged an extra large gulp of air into his lungs and raised his arm to point at the scoundrel's fleeing back, shouting 'Thief!' as loudly as he could while still breathing in enough oxygen to feed his aching muscles.

The group was slow to react, but a couple of them must have played the odd match of rugby. Just as the thief was about to dart past them, they launched themselves forwards, grabbed his shirt and pulled him to the ground.

Panting, Misaki finally came to a stop beside them and yanked Usagi-san's wallet from the brat's tight grip. When he finally returned to Usagi-san's side, chest still heaving, he was startled to see that instead of being angry or upset that his wallet had been stolen, the tall man was actually beaming, a look of surprise and intense happiness on his face.

Before he could stop him, Misaki suddenly found himself enveloped in a strong pair of arms, the precious air filling his starved lungs now squeezed out in one great gasp. He wriggled furiously, just as embarrassed at the thought of being hugged so tightly in public as at the thought that Usagi-san's fine, expensive clothes were being soiled, pressed so closely against Misaki's hot, sweaty body.

Still, he couldn't stop his cheeks from glowing at the warmth of Usagi-san's smile.

Let that be a lesson to them all, he thought silently. Mess with my rabbit, you mess with me!

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