Please Note! The rating for this story has gone up with this chapter, I estimate it at T, for mild/suggestive sexual themes ;)

Unusual Taste

Misaki tiptoed quietly up the stairs, keeping a sharp eye on the closed door to Usagi-san's office. The whole apartment was silent and he couldn't risk Usagi-san catching him now, not while he was slowly but surely edging his way along the corridor towards that room, the one with all the bookcases containing Usagi's literary works – from both pen names…

Misaki felt his heart thrum in his chest at the terribly embarrassing thought of being caught in the act of research – of the romantic kind.

Yes, he had summoned up his courage and was marching fearlessly (or, perhaps more realistically, stumbling nervously) on a quest to pour over Usagi-san's BL novels and discover a fantasy that the two of them had yet to fulfil but which he might actually dare to bring himself to do without dying from embarrassment.

The reason behind this sudden generosity on his part: in a few days time it would be their five year anniversary together, and Misaki not only wanted to do something special and memorable for his lover, but he also wanted to finally tackle head on his anxiety about openly showing his romantic feelings to Usagi-san, who always proclaimed his affection for Misaki prolifically and did on occasion appear a little sad or disappointed when no confession was returned.

Sneaking into the room, he quietly shut the door behind him and settled down to a few hours skim-reading Usagi-san's enormous output of romantic Boys' Love novels. What he found as he read them, however, was the emergence of a rather surprising, unusual fantasy… Gulping, he closed his eyes for a moment and tried to visualise the scene in his mind. Could he really do this?! It just seemed such a strange desire for one to have…

He would try…for Usagi-san.

And so, on the night of their five year anniversary, after Usagi-san had taken Misaki to a fancy restaurant and been told off for all the extravagant gifts and gestures he was lavishing on the younger man, they finally returned to their home. Tense and nervous as he was, Misaki was determined to go ahead with his plan.

Cheeks stained red, he pressed his slightly clammy hand into Usagi-san's larger one and tugged him towards the stairs. Usagi-san's eyes lit up and he grinned, his eyebrows raised in surprise at Misaki's uncharacteristic forwardness. However, his surprise only deepened further when Misaki deposited him on the bed and disappeared into the bathroom, instructing him to stay where he was and not move, for Misaki was about to fulfil his greatest fantasy.

And Usagi-san's mouth did drop open in shock and delight when Misaki emerged some minutes later. He had clearly gone to a great deal of effort and expense, since he'd had to buy a much larger suit than he already owned. His face blushing madly with heat and embarrassment, Misaki turned on a slow, romantic song on the stereo with the remote and began to gyrate his hips as his fingers fumbled with the tie around his neck.

Usagi-san couldn't take his eyes off the sight in front of him. Misaki twisted and turned seductively in front of him, taking care not to trip over his larger than normal feet, as piece by piece his paws tugged his sexy suit down over his furry shoulders and past his shaggy rear and bobble tail – until finally, crouching in all his glory before a deliriously excited Usagi-san was a bear-costumed Misaki on all fours, emitting a low growl as he peered up through the costume's eyes at his bear-obsessed lover's obvious arousal.

Usagi-san licked his lips and finally unfroze his limbs, tearing his own clothes off in his desperation to get to his sweet, willing Misaki. A sudden thought sprang to his mind as his hands fumbled with his trousers.

"Uh, Misaki… How do we…?"

Misaki tore his eyes from Usagi-san's busy hands and looked up at the man's face. Without a word, he turned around and presented his rear to the other man, revealing a button-up flap at the back. Usagi stared in astonishment – where on earth had Misaki found this costume?! Hell, he didn't care. In seconds the flap was open, the button pinging off into the room, and he was ravishing his beloved, green-eyed fur-ball.

"Happy anniversary, Usagi-san," Misaki moaned when he was finally able to catch his breath.

A.N. Well, certainly an unusual taste on Usagi's part, but we all know how much he loves bears ;) This idea was sitting in my head for a little while, so hope it wasn't too odd and that you enjoyed it.