A/N: Sorry for the shortness of this chapter. It's mainly just to push the story along. I've decided to make Buffy a special type of witch, which Anya will refer to in this chapter and will be explained in another chapter, and that she joined the coven she had found to help her hide. The thing about the pack will be explained fully in a later chapter, possibly the next chapter, haven't decided yet, but it is a pack of werewolves. Anya has known where Buffy has been since she became a demon again right after Xander left her at the altar, explaining in a deeper way where she disappeared to the day that followed the ceremony. I think thats everything for now. Enjoy and comments always help to get my creative juices flowing.

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Chapter Two

"So all we could dig up on this Amducious guy is that he's also known as the destroyer and that his awakening would, or more likely might, bring about the end of the world?" Buffy asked into the phone.

"And that the ritual seems to be happening soon somewhere close to here," Amanda, head of the coven, answered.

"Then we need to keep dig- oh holy hell!" Buffy exclaimed as Anya materialized in front of her. "Keep our sisters looking? I have to go, a visitor just teleported in."


"Affirmative." Buffy closed her flip phone and glared at her unexpected guest. "To what do I owe the pleasure this time Anya?"

"It sounds to me like you are unappreciative of all the information I've given you about your so called friends and all the times I've kept them from finding you," the Vengeance Demon replied.

"I've just have an appending apocalypse on my hands so I'm kinda busy." The Slayer wasn't in the mood to placate Xander's ex.

"The Scobbies, a name in which they refuse to let go of, may have something on that. You should call Angel, find out what they know."

"That would give them a lead as to where I am. I'm not ready for them to find me."

"Buffy, you have your coven researching the same demon they are in Sunnydale. And if the demon rumor mill is anywhere in the ball park about how powerful this guy is then you will need the back up."

Buffy thought through her options. She had her pack and her sisters but her gut told her it wasn't enough. "Plant the seed. Get them to the local demon bar, goes by Loveshack, this Saturday. I'll take it from there."

"I'm not sure a public place is such a good place to meet with the-"

"M y coven sisters and the pack will not let me do this alone, they're too protective for that. Besides the Hounds are doing some covers this weekend, it'll give the time I'll need to assess their moods."

"You're the boss, Blood Witch."

"Tell them you have a lead, not that I'm here, nothing more than that, Anyanka."

The woman in question nodded before disappearing. Buffy, knowing she had to move fast to keep a handle on the situation called her alpha wolf first then Amanda, telling them to get the two intertwined groups to Loveshack for an emergency meeting. Sighing, Buffy left her home, wondering if she'd ever get to be Anna Kingston again.

Sunnydale – Angel's Mansion

"I have a lead!" Anya busted through the door without so much as a knock, nearly toasting Angel in the process. "Buffy has been spotted at a demon bar by the name of Loveshack near a small town in Ohio. She was apparently asking around for information about Amducious and said she'd be back this Saturday evening."

"How did she hear about Amducious? Our most extensive research hasn't turned up much," Angel replied in a cold tone while wondering what kept keeping him from killing the demon woman now in his home.

"Hell if I know," an irate Anya snickered in return. "I had to trick several demons into giving me this information, Mr. Broods-A-Lot, demons who will be looking for me once they realize I may have just helped get the inactive Slayer back into the fight. I've risked my life here and you can't even offer a bit of gratitude. It's a wonder why I'm still helping you people."

She had a point. Anya did have the most vast amounts of demon sources in her disposal, sources whom had enjoyed the disappearance of the active slayer, and would not appreciate her involvement in bringing said Slayer out of retirement. This was also the first lead they'd gotten since Buffy's disappearance and he knew if they didn't act fast they'd miss there window of opportunity. Sighing, Angel conceded to the Vengeance Demon. "Do you know where this bar is?"

"Yes. It's run by a half demon who goes by Tom Love and is near a city known as New Carlisle. I'm sure you can tell the gang and get there by the specified day. I have a few jobs to do between now and then so I'll meet you guys there." Anya paused, wondering what the ramifications would be if she left the final piece of information she had gathered on her scouting trip would be. "Oh and the location of the ritual is the same town Buffy has been spotted near. Toodles." And with that she disappeared before Angel could go into a fit of rage by knowing that the only person he has ever truly loved was right where he needed her not to be.