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Chapter One: A small wonder

Thorin paced in front of a huge mahogany door that separated him from his sister, Dís. Her screams over the last few hours had put him on edge.

"Sit down, laddie. You aren't going to help her by wearing yourself out." Balin said to his pacing friend. He frowned when his words of wisdom either went unheard or unheeded.

Dwalin shook his head at Thorin; he had seen him less nervous at battle, surely his sister giving birth to her first child shouldn't be that nerve-wracking.

Thorin had, in fact, heard Balin's latest advice, but his friend's voice seemed miles away. He really wasn't caring about Balin or Dwalin right now; Dís was the only thing on his mind. Was she ok? Were there complications? Why had she been in there so long? Would the baby be healthy? What would Dís and Irík call their child? Why did the healers allow Irík in the room and not him? Would the child be a lad or lassie? Would he like being called "Uncle"? Many thoughts like these cascaded through Thorin's mind, mixing and melding together till one thought was barely distinguishable from another.

Just when Thorin finally debated on whether to sit down, Dís' scream was cut short and there was an eerie silence. Thorin ceased his pacing, listening for any sound coming from the room. If Dís' screams were unnerving, the silence was even more so. Long, agonizing seconds passed before the three men standing in the hall heard a high-pitched wail.

"Congratulations, laddie." Balin said patting Thorin on the back, "You have a little niece or nephew now."

A few minutes later the doors opened; Irík was beckoning them to come in, his mouth was twisted up in a lopsided grin and his green eyes seemed to shine with excitement. "Come in, come in. Dís is ready to see you. Where is Frerín? Well, it doesn't matter he is always late anyway. "

Thorin congratulated his brother-in-law before Irík showed him into the room.

Dís was lying on a large bed, her nut-brown hair was sticking to her damp forehead in sweaty ringlets, but she wore a smile Thorin had never seen before. Surprisingly, the room was large enough for five healers, Thorin, Irík, Dwalin, Balin, Dís and a plethora of furniture to fit without feeling crowded. Apparently being royalty helped Dís once again.

Thorin was at Dís beside before he even knew he had walked in. He kissed his sister's forehead and smiled at her before his attention was drawn to the small bundle in her arms.

"Thorin, meet your nephew, Fíli." Dís tilted the child toward Thorin so he could get a better view. The boy had fair skin and light blonde, peach-fuzz hair. Before Thorin could comment, Frerín strode into the room and up to Dís' bedside saying,

"Ah, so this is my new little niece or nephew."

"Nephew." Irík replied, "His name is Fíli."

"Fíli," Frerín nodded his head looking thoughtful, "I like it. Very good name, that is. Fit for the courageous warrior he will no doubt become."

Dís grimaced, looking lovingly at her son, "Don't speak of that quite yet, brother."

Frerín offered to hold him, and Dís gave the sleeping babe to her younger brother. Dwalin and Balin came closer to admire the baby, now that the family had had a chance to see him first.

"How are you doing, Dís?" Thorin asked, turning back to his sister while the others discussed young Fíli's future.

"I am well enough, tired, but well. I am glad my son has brought a smile to your face. Goodness knows there's little enough to smile about."

Thorin was surprised to find that he was smiling. "Don't worry about such things now, Dís, enjoy your son and husband."

Dís smiled up at Irík who was sitting next her on the side of the bed. How blessed she was to have such a family, a loving husband, two protective brothers, and now a beautiful son who would bring smiles to all of their faces.

Fíli began to cry and Frerín quickly passed the babe to Thorin. Fíli had decided to open his eyes, and Thorin almost lost his hold on his nephew in shock. Fíli's eyes were blue- sky blue. Not brown like Dís or Frerín, or green like Irík, but nearly the same shade of blue like Thorin's eyes.

Thorin smiled, and found himself beginning to hope again- smile again. He was indebted to his young nephew, Fíli, for that.

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