It was the beginning of another normal day in Edge City. The traffic was loud; the air pollution lightly covered the sky; business moved on as usual. And the people were going on with their lives. Venders were vending, mailmen were delivering, cops were patrolling. Everything was as normal as it could be. Of course, every now and then they had to watch out for the Mask, their green-headed sometimes-a-hero-and-sometimes-a-pest-but-always-i nteresting civilian. Of course, very few of the citizens of Edge City knew the Mask's real identity. Contrary to what many believed, underneath the green face was a normal bank worker. And his name was Stanley Ipkiss.

Speaking of whom, our story starts with Stanley having just woken up and gotten dressed. Of course he was a little worn out from his adventure as the Mask the night before, one at a limbo party hosted by the mayor and somehow involving dancing hippos, a few giraffes, and one cannon of his own creation that he christened the Party Cannon. Nevertheless, here he was now, struggling in his seat to get his last shoe on.

"Alright, c'mon!" he grunted at the shoe, struggling to get it on. "Today's the day that makes or breaks my promotion, and I'm [b]not[/b] going to be late because of a stupid shoe!"

After finally getting it on, he got his briefcase from near the door, plucked his keys from where they were, and was about to walk out the door when he noticed his closet door was open. Propped up on the top shelf was the Mask, a dark green, wooden mask of apparent Nordic origin. As he saw it, he suddenly had the strange feeling that he would need it. But for what reason, he didn't have a clue.

"Well…it's not like it would hurt to be prepared," he mused, thinking about bringing it. "Ah, what's there to worry about? It's not like I really need it…yet. But then again, it's not like I actually got rid of Pretorius, Kablamus, or Skillit, and wouldn't they love to get to me while I don't have it on me… *gulp*"

And so, deciding not to risk it, he took the Mask and stored it in his briefcase before walking out the door. As he closed it, he silently sneaked passed his landlady's door. He was already trying to get to work on time, and he didn't need any of Mrs. Peenman yelling in his face. About two minutes later, he had successfully left the apartment complex without running into her. He sighed in relief as he stepped into his junk car, putting his key into the ignition and starting it up…or rather, trying to start it up. He turned the key and heard the engine attempting to start, but no luck the first time. It wasn't until the third turn of the key that his poor excuse of a car started and he was able to pull onto the streets, pops and clunks coming from the car as it made its way towards Edge City Bank.

"C'mon, don't fail me now," he said to his car as it sputtered towards his destination. "If I don't get there on time, I can kiss that promotion goodbye."

It took him around thirty minutes, but he finally made it to the bank.

"Finally, I made it," he said, getting out of the car and walking up the steps. "Okay, I just have to walk through those doors, get to my desk, and make sure my workspace is orderly and set. Then Charlie would have no choice but to –"

"Oooohh Stan-leeeeeeey," said a young voice behind him.

"Huh?" he said, looking behind him. "…oh no. Not you! Not now!"

Floating in front of Stanley was what one could describe as a dark imp version of Peter Pan, sporting dark green leotards, a tattered cape of the same color, spiky blue hair with streaks of white in the front, yellow eyes, and pale blue skin. He had a mischievous look in his eyes that said he didn't mind shedding blood for entertainment.

"Yes me, yes now!" he said with a smile and chuckle, revealing pointy teeth. "The one and only, Skillit! How's it going, Stanley?"

"W-w-w-what do you want with me, Skillit? I-if you want the Mask, then the answer is still no!"

"Oh, you caught me! I was gonna ask you nicely…but then I remembered, where's the fun in that?! So I decided to go with Plan B."


"Yup, Plan B. But first, you wouldn't happen to have the Mask on you…would ya?"

"Uh, ah, the Mask?" Stanley asked, trying to avoid looking at his briefcase. "Oh, it's, uh, um, at home."

"Great! That makes Plan B easier."

"And, uh, what exactly does, um, Plan B involve?"

"Well, you remember that book that opens those portals to the Shadow Land that allow me to come here every now and then? Back when I was throwing out those old toys I didn't want anymore? Well, I found an old spare to it, and after doing some looking around in there, and I found an old spell an old friend of mine named Discord gave to me, one that leads to his world. And…well, how does this sound to you? A world filled with torture, chaos, madness, misery, and defiance of the laws of physics."

"Chaos and torture?! *gulp* That doesn't sound good at all."

"Eh, maybe not to you, but hey! It's a great vacation for me, or was back before I met the Mask."

"Wh…what's your point?"

"My point? Well, here's Plan B for you: I open a portal to that world, toss you into said portal, and then I go look for the Mask and give it to someone more deserving. And since you don't have it on you, what can you do to stop me? So, without further ado…"

Skillit then pulled out a giant book from thin air and started reading from it.

"Through the power in these old verses, open twixt the universes. Through doorway to chaos and misery, dump my enemy and grant me victory!"

"Wow. I gotta admit: that was better than the last one."

"Hey, whatever works works."

Suddenly a white and blue portal of swirling energy opened behind Stanley, who looked at it in surprise. Before he could run away, however, Skillit grabbed him and, saying "say hi to Discord for me," he tossed a screaming Stanley through the Portal, smiling as it closed behind him.

"Finally, he's gone! Now, to find the Mask and have some real fun!"