"Saayyyy," said the Mask, looking around himself. "Some-thing definitely feels different...hmm, maybe it's the threads, the pants certainly don't feel all there."

That's when he noticed that he had no pants on, letting loose a high-pitch screech ("I'M INDECENT!") before rushing off into a nearby clothing store and coming back with some yellow fabric (all within record time of two seconds). As he came back, he spun in a miniature twister and was now changed in a worker woman's attire, sitting on a sewing table with a sewing machine, sporting gray hair in a bun.

"I tell you, kids nowadays and their smaller clothes are getting ridiculous," he said in a womanly voice. "Sooner or later there won't be anything left to cover them up, and then where will they be?!"

One more second passed before he spun again, now fitted with yellow pants to match his suit.

"Muuch better! Hmm, something still feels off. I can't put my finger on it. *notices hooves* HEY! No wonder I can't put my finger on it, I have no fingers to put on! (He pulled out some white rubber gloves and put them on his hooves, blowing into the thumbs so as to inflate them and moving them like he really had hands) Muuuch better!"

"Stanley?" Twilight asked apprehensively. "Is every -"

"Sshh," he said, rushing to Twilight before putting a hoof on her mouth. "Uno momento, purple horsie."

He dug his hoof into his inner jacket pocket and pulled out a full body-sized mirror, placing it in front of him and looking at his equine self's reflection.

"Well, this is a new one," he said, face close to the mirror. "I've been left stuck in other forms and styles before, but not like this. Time for a species change."

He spun again, attempting to have a change of form. The result: he now wore a suit similar to Stanley's suit back in their home world and sported bunny ears, but otherwise remained as a pony.

"Say, what gives?! I can't change back! Hm, maybe there's something in the manual?"

"Stanely? What about -"

"Let's see," he said, now reading from a giant book titled The Mask and You. "The Mask has the power to change form and species whenever he or she desires."

"Stanley -"

"However, should the wearer of the Mask have their own species changed through powerful magical means prior to wearing Mask, then Mask's forms will be limited to current species, aside from momentary transformations."


"Sooo, that must mean that Stanley got turned into a horse with some grade-A hocus pocus, meaning that I can't pull of the same -"

"STAAANLEYY!" Twilight finally yelled, making the Mask wince before going up to her face (and conveniently back in his yellow suit and hat)

"You know, I CAN YELL LOUDER THAN YOU! Now, what do you want?"

Twilight, momentarily dazed from the loud volume of the Mask's yell, glared at him and pointed a hoof behind him. He turned and saw the green flames all around the town, burning down buildings and chasing after other ponies.

"Oh. Weeell, that's a problem. Have you ever considered calling the fire department?"

"Ugh," she groaned in frustration. "I already told you, Stanley! This is enchanted fire! Only magic can put it out! And you said -"

"Hold up there, sister!" he said, putting a hoof on her mouth again. "First of all, I'm not Stanley! I am the Mask! Second of all, did you say...magic?"

Twilight nodded, prompting the Mask into spin-changing his wardrobe again. This time he was in a cheesy magician's outfit, blue sparkly jacket with blue sparkly pants, donning a white cape and a white top hat while holding a magician's wand. Finding a little flame gremlin, he waved his wand ("Alakazam!") and shot magic sparkles at it. Said sparkles made the thing go *poof* and disappear. Turning to a burning house, he took off his hat and waved his wand over the opening ("Abra Kadabra!"). Out shot a torrent of water that filled the house from the window, flooding it and putting out the fire. In the process he flushed out three ponies that were trapped in the house, one stallion and two fillies that were a little disoriented from the ordeal. He rushed to the next house and spun-changed into a fire-fighter with a fire hose (connected to an unseen fire hydrant, I'm assuming) before sticking it into the side of the house and turning up the pressure. The result: the house got filled with water and began to bulge, putting out the fire inside while making everything in it that wasn't bolted down float, such as the furniture and a plant. That's when he noticed five little fire monsters rushing towards him, ready to light him up. In defense, he went do the door and opened it ("Oh, want to get in? Here, let me get the door for you!"), letting out a torrent of water that obliterated the fire monsters and released most of the furniture and three occupants: two ponies and a cat ("Now ya'll remember: don't play with matches!") He rushed to other houses and put them out in similar fashions, spin-changing several times and putting out monsters and houses in many bizarre ways before he finally had the last of the flame monsters running.

"Weeeell, that wasn't so hard," he said, watching the rest of the fire beings retreat before changing into a army general's uniform. "Looks like we got em on the run, private!"

"No," Twilight said in horror. "They're not retreating, they're regrouping. Look!"

True to what Twilight said, the remaining fire monsters gathered into one group, combining and turning into one bigger flame monster that kept growing. The result: a two-story bipedal green-flame monster that began to attack every pony and building it could, demolishing most of the buildings it could reach while also lighting their remains on fire. Some of the other unicorns Twilight had organized before Stanley had reached her approached the monster and attempted to use their magic to put it out, shooting magic bolts at it or levitating water before throwing said water against it. While it was obvious that the efforts were at least putting it in pain, the thing just shrugged it off before it attacked them all, scattering them before it resumed its rampage.

"Well that's depressing," he said, rubbing his chin. "Any ideas, Purple?"

"I-I don't know! This has never happened before! I don't know what to do!"

"Hmm...one moment there, Purple. I'll be right back," he said before rushing to a random point in town. "HEY, NARRATOR!"

(Huh? Me?)

"Yeah I'm talking to you! Got any ideas?!"

(Ideas? Why should I tell you anything? You and Stanley are the heroes, not me.)

"Weeeell, this is a kid's show. You really wanna make all them kids out there have nightmares of giant flaming monsters destroying their homes and chasing after them?"

(Huh, you have a point...I dunno, maybe a tidal wave from the top of the hill to put out the flames and the monster?)

"Tidal wave...oooh, that gives me an idea!"

He rushed over to the outskirts of town, now dressed as a construction worker outfit and holding several supplies in his arms, such as wood, bricks, a jackhammer, and even copious amounts of duct tape. Spinning in his trademark twister, he began to construct a giant brick wall that surrounded Ponyville (all in record time of ten seconds, too). That done, he zipped up to the top of a nearby hill, clad in his magician garb, and waved his wand. The result: a giant red fire hydrant. That created, he spun-changed into a firefighter's outfit and pulled out a giant ax.

"HEY BARBECUE!" he yelled, getting the monster's attention. "TIME FOR A BATH!"

He swung the ax down on on the hydrant, unleashing a giant torrent of water that shot into town, creating a giant tidal wave that hit the monster and, despite its struggling, put it out. What it also did was flood the town, putting out the rest of the fires and making everypony and everything that wasn't bolted down to the ground float up to the rooftops. The Mask observed his work and, taking the cap that he cut off, slammed the hydrant shut. He then proceeded to duct tape it shut, resulting in it being cocooned in duct tape. That done, he rushed back into town and, now clad in an old-fashioned men's bathing suit, jumped right into the water with a big splash. When he came up, he was sitting on a floater ring with a ducky head.

"Yup, nothing like a nice swim on a hot day."

"Mask!" yelled Twilight, swimming towards him. "What have you done?!"

"I did what you asked and put out the fires and monsters, all while making a nice, town-sized pool. Not bad, eh?"

"That's exactly the problem now! You've flooded the town! How are we supposed to fix the damage if we can't even get to our houses?!"

"Hmm...you have a point there. OKAY, EVERYBODY OUT OF THE POOL!"

He dived into the water and turned his head into a drill, spinning it against the ground and drilling a tunnel leading out of town that drained the water out, creating a giant whirlpool that swept around everything and everpony that was still in the water. Twenty seconds later, the town was completely drained. While everypony else was busy with recovering and wondering what had happened, the Mask, now in yellow suit, stood to the side and observed his work.

"Looks like everything's alright," he said. "All those waterworks sure made me hungry. Hmm, I wonder if this place has any good pizza?"

"Hey!" exclaimed Pinkie Pie as she suddenly popped up next to him. "You're the one who saved the town with the water!"

"Well, I don't like to brag...oh, who am I kidding? YUP! That was all me, definitely me! Did you enjoy the show, kid?"

"Did I?! First you went all magician-y and zapped the monsters away, and then you became a firefighter and put the water out, and then you became a baseball player and knocked the monsters towards the unicorns so they could put it out, and then you were a bullfighter, and then you were a kung-fu guy, and then you flooded the town and turned it into a giant swimming pool! I kinda wish we could have swum for a little longer, though."

"I know, right?! The only reason why I drained it was because the purple unicorn told me to! Honestly, sometimes I think no one appreciates what I do for them."

"Oh, I'm sure they appreciate what you did. Look behind you."

The Mask turned around and saw, to his surprise, other ponies approaching him. There were at least twenty or so coming towards him. Most smiled while others stared in wonder. One particular pony with gray hair, light amber coat, and glasses approached him, grabbing his glove (did I forget to mention he still had those on?) and shook it.

"Thank you for your heroic deeds," she said with a smile. "While there will be some extra water damage, Ponyville is now safe thanks to you, Mister..."

"Mask," he said with a smile. "The Mask, if you will."

"...well, thank you again, Mr. Mask. Is there any way we can repay you?"

"Weeeell...you wouldn't happen to have a good pizza place, would you?"

Back in Edge City, Skillit was frustrated. He couldn't find any trace of the mask anywhere. Currently he was sitting on the top of Edge City bank, contemplating on what to do while his shadow hovered next to him.

"I don't understand," he said to his shadow. "Why can't I find it? Stanley admitted that he didn't have it on him, so I chucked him into the portal. I looked all over his apartment and couldn't find it. I even looked where his friends live, still nothing...unless...unless he lied to me! He still has it on him! Oh, I'm going to kill him! C'mon, Shadow! Time to pay old Discord a visit!"