Workshop Shenanigans

Summary: Frustrated by Byakuran's antics, Tsuna turns to Spanner for help. He tries to stay serious about it, really, but his partner's persistent in showing his affections. 4827. Accidental!10048

Knocking on the door, Tsuna didn't even bother waiting for an answer as he slipped into the workshop, shutting the door behind him firmly. As an after thought (even though he knows this little precaution won't really work), he flipped the lock across.

"Spanner?" he called, eyes darting about the room and he relaxed, just slightly, at seeing the feet sticking out from underneath the…thing…on the other side of the workshop.

Spanner rolled out, grease smeared across his face and a lollipop rolling between his teeth. He sat up, looking at Tsuna with half lidded eyes.

"Is there something you need, dear heart of mine?" Spanner deadpanned, watching with growing glee as Tsuna blushed and then bristled like an irate cat at the endearment.

"There is something you can help me with, love of my life." Tsuna shot back sarcastically, moving to sit next to Spanner on the floor with his back to the strange contraption. "And that something involves that ridiculous man you call your boss."

Spanner bit down on his lollipop, Tsuna wincing at the crack, and leaned into the brunette's side. He stayed silent for a long infuriating minute, chewing on the remains of his sweet but keeping the stick in his mouth. He let his hand drop down to curl around Tsuna's smaller one.

"Well, I refuse to see how this involves me, sweetheart." Spanner peered up at Tsuna, licking the corner of his mouth absently to get any residues of sweetness from his lips.

"He's your boss, Spanner!" Tsuna waved his free hand in a motion of exasperation. "And you seem to have the best control of him out of all of his others, Irie included. So I assumed you could do something." Tsuna's hand twitched around his. "Babe."

"So you didn't come here to spend time with your loving boyfriend?" Spanner questioned, peering up at Tsuna through his lashes. "I'm wounded, bun-buns."

Tsuna spluttered at that nickname, almost twitching away and unable to stop a smile from crossing his face. "We saw each earlier today when we spent all morning in your bed. I still have a wrench shaped bruise on my side."

"That wasn't enough." Spanner offered in blunt reply, hand slipping from Tsuna's to wrap around a petite waist. Tsuna halfheartedly complained about having his suit crumpled and ruined by the oil and grease that clung to Spanner.

"I'm a busy person, Spanner." Tsuna leaned into his side regardless while resolutely ignoring the hand that had edged under the hem of his jacket and shirt, warm and slightly sticky fingers resting gently against his skin.

"If you're so busy, how're you here dearest?"

"Because I can't get any work done while your maniac of a boss is still determined to get into my pants in the most ridiculous ways possible despite knowing we're together, kitten." Tsuna retorted, sounding more annoyed than anything.

"Oh, you mean these pants?" Spanner asked. Tsuna's attempt at jerking away from the hand Spanner had shoved into his trousers and boxers was stopped by the arm around his waist.

"Spanner," Tsuna hissed, "We've spoken about this!"

"You just said not in the office." Spanner replied, leaning across to kiss his cheek gently but he moved his hand nevertheless, settling the appendage onto Tsuna's hip instead.

"I thought it was implied other places outside of the bedroom were also included." Tsuna mumbled, adjusting his trousers just slightly, voice trailing into a mumble as Spanner just hummed in acquiescence, leaning into kiss him softly.

"This is my workshop. No one comes in here, and I heard you lock the door. I don't see a problem."

"We're getting off track, that's the problem." Tsuna murmured, "I can't get any work done because of Byakuran and I was hoping you could help me."

"You're disturbing me from my work too, little dove." Spanner whispered, voice low enough and affectionate enough that Tsuna pulled back to look him in the eye as he continued, "But I'm a little hurt that you're only here to see me to talk about someone else."

"Oh, Spanner," Tsuna sighed softly, reaching his hand out to rest on Spanner's cheek. He cupped his jaw as he leaned up to kiss his bottom lip almost carefully. "You can see me whenever you want, and I can see you whenever I want. As much as I want this to be a personal call, I think it's going to be business call instead."

"Are you sure?" Spanner hummed, bottom lip stuck out in the mockery of a pout. "I can make this call a personal call."

Tsuna laughed quietly as he muttered, "I wish you could but that won't resolve Byakuran's persistence."

"He isn't here, love. We don't have to worry about him if we can't see him."

"Is that how you avoid your responsibi – " Tsuna was cut off with a grumble of fake annoyance, Spanner leaning forward to kiss his answer away. His hands moved to delicately cradle Tsuna's face, and that was the moment Tsuna decided that they'd had enough arguing.

"Oh, you win, poopsie." Tsuna mumbled without an ounce of sarcasm, and Spanner eased his willing body onto his lap, Tsuna reaching to wrap his arms around the mechanic's neck. His fingers tangled in Spanner's hair and the collar of his overalls.

Spanner's soft laugh against his mouth was worth uttering the nickname.

Tsuna settled his weight gently on Spanner's lap and leaned against his front as he tilted his head into the kiss. His arched his back appropriately when Spanner's hand skimmed up his back beneath his jacket and shirt, fingers brushing against his spine.

This time, when Spanner's hand edged towards his trousers, Tsuna lifted his hips just slightly so Spanner could deftly undo both button and zip to slip his hand inside Tsuna's boxers at a comfortable angle.

"Just this once, Spanner." Tsuna warned, breath catching. "Next time, this is not leaving the bedroom."

"What isn't?" He responded, lips brushing the underside of Tsuna's jaw.

"You know what I'm talking about." Tsuna sighed. His hands moved to Spanner's shoulders briefly, lifting himself slightly so he could rock gently against Spanner's lap, face pressed to the side of his head.

"Mm-hmm…" Spanner's breath fanned across his collarbone, and Tsuna shivered gently before flinching softly as there was a frantic knocking on the door.

Spanner nipped at his jaw and then ever annoying but still endearing, pulled away, making sure Tsuna was presentable before gently moving Tsuna to the side and standing. He adjusted his overalls absently, pulling out a lollipop as he walked towards the door.

Tsuna swore under his breath softly and moved to stand up, brushing his hands down himself and tugging down his jacket to smooth out the wrinkles. Taking in a steadying breath, he walked after Spanner, still muttering curses to himself.

"Let me get the door. It's probably Byakuran." Tsuna nudged Spanner out of the way with his hip, Spanner retaliating by setting a warm, steadying hand on his side while Tsuna flipped the lock.

As soon as the door was unlocked, it burst open. Only by his reflexes did Tsuna not get brained by the solid steel that Spanner had insisted his door be made out of. Byakuran came flying through straight after, crashing into Tsuna and knocking him down. Spanner, behind Tsuna, was also knocked down and thrown to floor with a wince.

Tsuna was frozen, stuck between two firm bodies. Only when a slightly strangled noise reached his ears did he decide to turn his head, hands pressed firmly and almost nervously to Byakuran's chest.

He made a similar noise of horror and distaste at seeing that Byakuran's head had passed by his shoulder and that he and Spanner were sharing the most awkward of kisses, mouths mashed together.

Spanner's lollipop was abandoned on the floor some few feet away because of the impact.

Byakuran was shaking as if he wanted to break free and scream.

Tsuna just let his head fall back onto Spanner's shoulder and tried his best not to hysterically cry, wondering how this had even happened.

And then Byakuran made the situation worse by asking after he'd leaned back just slightly, "So…does this mean we can have a threesome?"

(Tsuna was glad Spanner had punched him before he did something drastic. Like murdering the man.)

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