split myself in two




Elijah makes love, tracing words onto her skin and breathing life into her body, giving her angel wings and letting her fly. He caresses her and holds her and worships her.

Klaus fucks, pins her to the bed, makes her toes curl, the fire in her belly burning her from the inside out. His hand holds both of hers above her wrists, bruising and re-bruising her wrists as they heal. He twists her and spins her and hits the right, oh my god, please don't stop.

Elijah kisses her sweet, swears that no one will ever hurt her, looking dead into her eyes, passion and a sweet warmth she's never seen swirling in his irises.

Klaus devours her mouth, drawing blood, swears he will rip out the hearts of anyone to bring her harm.

Caroline digs her nails into Elijah's back, dots swirling in front of her eyes, back arching of off the bed. "Hush now," he whispers as she finishes, brushing her hair from her face, tucking a few strands behind her ear, "sleep, my sweet Caroline," and she does, curling into his side.

Caroline presses her face into the pillow, hiding her scream as Klaus yanks her head back, growls, "I want the world to hear you say my name," into her ear, and they do. She's sure that anybody six feet under could hear her gasp, scream, moan.

It is only after she's gone to the highest of heights with each of them that she whispers her love for them, always the same, "I love you. Both of you."

And she does, she does. Together, they are one man, one giving her what the other cannot. Klaus is the animal her vampire craves, Elijah is the gentleman princess Caroline wished for.

Her heart is not split between them. It had only grown to fit them both.