The Tin Man was yelling and urging the crowd on. The Lion was trying to make himself as small as possible. The girl was trying not to get lost in the confused excitement. And the Scarecrow...Well...he was just...there, really. He was crouchin, half-hidden in shadow, with his back to a brick wall and the brim of his hat pulled down low over his ice blue eyes. He may've been brainless, yes, but he was capable not only of thought, but of quite intelligent thought, of internal musings, of reflections and imaginings. At times, some of it was dark, morbid, or even, yes, a little bit masochistic to a certain degree. But he kept it all to himself, locked up securely in his head. He was in the midst of such thoughts at the moment, and they were going a little something like this:

She'd made that one tin, that one a coward. And what about this one? What had she done to him, the Scarecrow? Made him brainless? No, she hadn't done that to him. He'd always been that way. Made him straw? He'd pondered how that had happened a lot over the course of the last few days and had finally come to the conclusion that, yeah, she probably was responsible for that. But did he hate her for it the way the other two obviously did? No, of course not. After all, it had saved him, hadn't it, kept him alive when he was dying? He was grateful to her for that.

He lifted his head a bit and glanced around. Oh, look. Glinda. What was she doing over there? Hm. How...bittersweetly ironic, he thought, of her to come to this. And now she was leaving, of course. Why should he expect any different from her at this point?

The Scarecrow got up and slipped away without anybody noticing. Now, was that...? Yes, it was! Perfect!

"Psst...Monkey...Hey! You, Monkey! C'mere! Hey, buddy...don't be scared, I'm not gonna hurt you, I promise. I just need you to take this to Elphaba for me, okay? Can you do that, please? Now listen, it's very important that she gets this, so I'm trusting you to get it to her safely, okay? Understand? Alright, now go, hurry!"

The Monkey turned and shot into the sky. The Scarecrow watched until the winged creature was no more than a mere speck, then turned and rejoined everyone else just in time to leave. He could only hope that the letter reached her before they did, otherwise that would be the end of everything for both of them.

Even though he knew it was no longer there, right then, Fiyero could've sworn that he felt his heart thundering rapidly in his chest as the moment of judgement crept closer and closer with each tick of the Time Dragon's Clock.

We will be together always...

...can't you see that?