He is quiet. Not a word from him, I didn't actually believe Harry when he raved about how Malfoy's actions are making him suspicious. Harry is known to be overly dramatic, but Malfoy's actions make me think otherwise. Has he finally matured enough to turn his back on Blood purity? I highly doubt that, but where is the old snobby pureblood boy I grew up with, he most certainly doesn't keep his gob shut when we pass by him. Something has gone wrong over the summer and as Harry suspects he could be one of them.

"Mione, you okay? You seem a little pale and what's …" Harry noticed that I haven't touched the lunch and I have been staring at the Slytherin table for too long, at a particular blond who hasn't touched his food as well. "Why are you staring at Malfoy like that? " Malfoy just happened to see us looking at him. He stole a glance at me and looked away immediately. I couldn't recognise him; his features didn't show the same disgust as in second year. It was almost as if he is not Malfoy at all, some imposter with polyjuice potion.

Just as I lowered my gaze to my plate, I heard abrupt shuffle and raised my head to see him get up and nearly run towards the exit. His right arm clutching the left as if it hurt severely. I glanced back to Harry, but he was busy chatting to Ron about upcoming Chudley Cannons match with Ireland. Ginny was also talking away to a girl from her own year. No one would notice that I'm gone.