WAR GAMES - Sequel to The Survival Game


He was the only thing on my mind. I hadn't even thought about anything but him since I escaped the Capitol.
There was a very good chance I wouldn't make it out of here alive, and even if I did, I would certainly be captured. But I couldn't think about that now.
I had to save him, I had to save my friends too, I had to save my district.
I kicked of my heels from the Capitol dinner and ran through the fields, my long dress flowing behind me.
As I neared the fence, I prayed I wasn't too late. They had to be alive I could feel it, but for how long...

Sorry its short, new chapter coming in the next day or two... I've given the rating t+ as its going to be too much for a t but not enough for an M but we'll see how we go and I'll give plenty of warning