Chapter 1- Pasta~!

The story starts while Italy and Prussia are alone at Germany's house. Of course I had to start it all off with them eating pasta! I don't think I could start any other way! At this time, Germany is at a meeting with Austria and Hungary. It doesn't have much thoughts to history, but I used some of it to my advantage. So, don't attack me with a history textbook, please.

Prussia's POV

Oh Mein Gott! How the heck did the situation turn to this! I was in the midst of freaking out inside my head as Italy took a bite of pasta and ate it, clearly enjoying his meal. "Yum!" Italy exclaimed. I was getting really nervous. How long have I liked him, now? I tried to remember as I clenched my fist, trying to hide any emotion other than being severely awesome. I couldn't think of anything, so I asked, "How's the pasta, Italy?" I must've sounded like an idiot because I hadn't even touched my plate of pasta, my plate of pasta that Italy had prepared. It was something I was afraid to try because I thought that I would fall for him a bit more than I already had. Man! It was so un-awesome how someone who couldn't figure out a hand-grenade could make me feel so defenseless. It wasn't that I thought he would hurt me (I'm too awesome to be beaten), but I thought that I would do something that would ruin the good friendship that Italy and I had. It was a friendship that I held dearly to my heart, not willing to let it go... In the most awesome way possible!

"It's good! Here, try some!" Italy's loud voice grabbed my attention away from my thoughts as he held up a fork of pasta to my mouth. Verdammt! That's cute! I thought to myself. Italy being so cute was not helping my nerves. Anyways, I tried the pasta and chipped out a good comment on the pasta. "Yay! I made it, too!" Italy exclaimed as if I never would've guessed that the awesome country before me was the one that made the awesome pasta. Italy held another fork of pasta towards my mouth for a moment before I accepted the gesture, taking another bite of the pasta.

"Mmm. So good," I said.

"Thanks," Italy looked down a bit, thanking me for the comment.

You all know I'm the awesomest guy, but not the smartest, so I ended up asking, "By the way, Italy, how did you learn to cook so well?"

Italy must've been thrown deep into thought by my question because he looked down a bit and I swear I saw his cheeks grow a little pink as he began speaking, avoiding eye contact with me, "I-I guess I learned from Grandpa Rome!" "Uh... So, I heard that there was a good tomato harvest this year!" I said, only sounding slightly enthusiastic. I really didn't want to sadden Italy by making him think of his grandfather.

"Y-yeah... S-so," Italy managed to stutter a few words to reply to my horrible attempt at changing the subject. I kinda wished that West would come in and start yelling at me. It would be easier to deal with than my stupidity. Sometimes being awesome makes people blind to how stupid they are. Italy looked kinda pale, and his cheeks were getting really pink. Is he alright?

Italy's POV

Eh! Prussia asked me a question that made me think of Grandpa Rome! It kinda makes me sad because I really miss Grandpa Rome, but I know that Prussia wouldn't be mean enough to remind me of Grandpa Rome on purpose. Even though I know that, I couldn't help but to become sad. I didn't expect him to try to change the subject in such a way. Tomato talk. Haha! Prussia can be really funny sometimes!

I was really nervous, so I kept glancing at Prussia and then back down at my pasta. Prussia startled me a bit when he asked, "Are you okay, Italy? Is something wrong?" I could feel my cheeks getting hot as I looked at Prussia's worried expression.

"N-n-no! N-n-no-nothing is wa-wrong..." I stuttered so much I sounded like an idiot in a horror film. Prussia seemed even more worried and spoke again, "Italy? You don't seem like it... Ha.. You kinda look like a tomato... Ah.. Are you sure you are okay?" My face keeps its red hue as Prussia leans a little closer. "Y-y-yeah. I'm f-f-f-fine..." I felt so strange. Why the heck couldn't I just speak normally!? I've liked Prussia a lot for a long time, but I've never been this nervous! I looked at the floor, avoiding eye contact with Prussia. Prussia spoke yet again, "Italy, if you are unwell, you don't have to hide it. I won't think of you as weak." I looked up at Prussia and looked back down, shaking a little, "R-really... Nothing's wrong... I-if anything... I-I'm q-quite..." I mumbled the rest of my sentence. I don't know why I couldn't say it out loud. I just didn't say it loud enough for anyone besides myself to hear.

Prussia furrowed his brows, unable to hear what had mumbled, "Huh?" My next few words came out as no more than a hushed whisper, "I'm quite.. happy..." I looked at Prussia, and he smiled, speaking, "I'm glad to hear that you are happy, but why would a happy person seem so unwell?" "W-well... I'm not unwell... I'm just... R-really happy and... You-re here s-so..." I quickly faced the floor and Prussia chuckled before speaking, "Well, I'm glad to hear that you are okay." I faced Prussia but didn't make eye contact with him, "No..." I mumbled something again. Prussia lifted m chin and looked directly into my eyes and softly said, "If you aren't going to let me hear what you have to say, can't you at least face me while you do so?" I looked at Prussia, I felt like I was going to cry. I probably looked like I was going to cry. I think it's time to say this. I've got to say it now. I can't avoid this any longer. I looked directly into Prussia's red eyes and spoke, "You don't get it... I... L-lo..." The doorbell rings, interrupting what I was saying, and I walked towards the door to talk to the person behind it. Startled by the doorbell, Prussia stood and stayed where he stood as he watched me answer the door.

I closed the door when the man who had visited left. I walked past Prussia, still not making eye contact, and I went into the kitchen with the dishes, assuming that we were finished the pasta. Prussia walked towards me and asked, "What were you trying to say earlier, Italy?"

Here goes nothing. I thought.

Prussia's POV

I stood just two feet from where Italy was, and Italy was facing away from me. I could only see Italy's back as Italy said, "I said... I..." He began speaking a little softer, "L-love you..." Oh Mein Gott! Oh Mein Gott! Am I hearing correctly!? Did Italy really just say that he loves me!?

"Eh.. I l-love you too, Italy." I replied.

Italy quickly turned around and looked at me- taking a step towards me. Italy looked up at me and asked, "R-really?" I couldn't help but to blush when I looked at Italy and said, "I wouldn't lie about that, Italy." Italy closed the space between the two of us and hugged me. I was surprised for a moment, but quickly wrapped my arms around him.

That was awesome!