We arrived at Kroger and Edward immediately dragged me towards the fruit aisle, putting in all kinds of fruits in our cart. Strawberries, blueberries, bananas, mangoes, and apples.

"I like to snack on these after the gym." he winked as he placed more apples in the cart.

"Have you even been to the gym these past weeks?" I laughed.

"No, actually. You wanna come with me?"

"Sure. Let's go today!" I said, overly excited. Edward chuckled and kissed me on the cheek as he got behind me, placed his hands on both sides, and started to push the car.

"You know, we probably look like a really cheesy couple with the way we're pushing the cart."

"Well, we are a really cheesy couple." he laughed, before the reached out and grabbed some tomatoes. We walked towards the coffee and tea aisle and I looked for the tea I wanted to try. After finding it, I placed it back on the shelf and turned to see Edward.

"Why aren't you getting it?"

"Because we're shopping for you?"

"Go ahead and grab two so you can keep a stash at my place so you don't have to carry around tea bags." he pointed out. I walked back towards the shelf and grabbed two boxes of strawberry tea with a smile on my face.

We ended up buying almost the whole store. Edward convinced me to buy ingredients for lasagna and also brownies, cake, and cookies. We payed close to $150, but can I say? We were shopping for two grown men.

"Can we make brownies tonight, baby?" he pouted as we were loading the groceries in his car.

"You know you don't have to ask me, right? And that I can't take it when you pout?" I teased. He placed the last bag inside the car and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me close to him.

"Same goes for you, love." he chuckled. There's that word again. Does he... love me? I know I love him, but does he love me back? I mean, there is only one way find out. But, I don't know if I should put myself out there yet. It's too early, I decided.

I kissed him quickly on the lips before settling myself in the passenger seat. The driver's seat opened and Edward smiled at me, before starting the engine. I intertwined our fingers and I felt him kiss the back of my hand and leaving it near his lips up until we reached my place.

"I'll be right back, babe. Give me ten minutes, okay?" I said, before I opened the door.

"Alright. Be careful!" he called. I looked back at him and winked and he blew me a kiss.

I knocked on the door, not wanting to interrupt if Rose and Em were in a... compromising situation.

"Come in!" Rose giggled. I entered and found Emmett and Rose on the couch, her wearing his shirt and him shirtless. Ew.

"I'm staying over at Edward's until Monday. I'm here to get some stuff." I said, covering my eyes as I made my way towards my room. I brought out my too bright pink overnight bag that my mom got me for my birthday about two years ago. It was just too pink, but it's all I had right now and Edward was waiting outside. Which reminds me, I have to go and call my mom. She'd be kinda upset if she found out I had a boyfriend that she knew nothing about.

I grabbed my laptop, one pair of jeans, one pair of shorts, a few tops, my work clothes for Monday which consisted of a black high waisted pencil skirt and a white button up top, one bra, and panties. I didn't bother getting any sleep clothes because both Edward and I knew I preferred sleeping in his clothes, or none at all. I snatched a pair of black pumps and I exited my room with the bag slung over my shoulder.

"I love your bag, Bella!" Emmett guffawed. I flipped him off, making him laugh harder.

"See ya, Rose!"

"Have fun!" she called back, just as I closed the door.

I walked towards Edward's Volvo, my ears being filled with classical music as I opened the door. He was on his phone, and he looked stressed. He looked over at me, placing his phone on the cup holder, smiling tightly. I placed my bag on the back seat before I sat down and faced him.

"What's wrong, baby?" I asked, reaching over and rubbed the crease in between his furrowed eyebrows.

"Work," he sighed. "They're asking me to go over there. Something about the new company branch in Chicago."

"But I thought Saturdays and Sundays were your free days?"

"Yeah, that's what I told them. But they've been demanding more of my attention since my boss is thinking of promoting me to VP."

"Then go, Edward. This is obviously very important to you."

"No, Bella. You're important to me. We already planned what we were going to do today; I don't to upset you." he almost whined. I cupped his cheeks and pressed my lips to his forehead.

"Baby, it's okay. I understand, I really do. And, I'm not upset."


"No, Edward. Go ahead. I'll be fine."

"You're amazing, Bella."

"Oh, I know." I giggled.

"Will you be there when I get home?" he looked at me, his eyes swimming with uncertainty.

"Of course I will. You know that." I said, resting my forehead against his. We stayed that way until his phone buzzed once more. He sighed heavily, kissing me quickly before starting the engine and driving back to his place. I tried helping him bring the bags when we arrived, but he refused, filling his arms with multiple bags, claiming he lifts heavier weights in the gym.

"Leave them on the counter, I'll do it later." I said, walking to his bedroom and plopping down on his bed. I have to admit, I didn't want him to leave at all. I was moping, but this was work. He had his priorities, just like how I had mine. He had work, just like how I had mine. Most of all, he had a dream, just like how I had mine. The only difference between us is that he was doing something about his dream while I settle with something I don't entirely enjoy doing.

He entered his room, already freshly showered and stripped down to his briefs before pulling on slacks and a button up shirt. I was lying on the bed watching him, but deciding to stand and help him tie his tie. I fixed his collar, before flipping and looping his tie to a perfect one. I looked up at him, wrapping my arms around his waist as I inhaled his scent as he pressed his lips to my head.

Once again, his freaking phone buzzed.

"God damnit, I'm going to kill who ever is calling you." I growled.

"Be my guest," he chuckled without humor. He reached into his pocket before answering. I walked back towards his bed, removing my shoes and snuggling in his duvet while looking at him pace and pull his hair in frustration.

"I have to go, love. I'll see you later, okay? Call me if you need anything, okay? I will answer in a heartbeat." he said, kissing my forehead.

"I will. Be safe. Please." I smiled up at him. I kissed him passionately, pouring all my emotions that I didn't have the courage to say. He kissed me once more before heading out.

I stripped out of my clothes and pulled on Edward's used shirt from this morning. It still smelled like him and I loved it. I grabbed one of his boxers and padded towards the kitchen. I unloaded the groceries and grabbed my laptop and a banana before lounging on his couch. As I settled down, my phone vibrated.

Miss you already. -E

Miss you more. Kick butt, okay? -B

Can I kiss yours first? -E

Come home then -B

I wish. What are you doing? -E

Being lazy, lol. You? -B

In a meeting. I'm still in day-off mode, though. :( -E

The faster you get through that meeting, the faster you can come home. -B

You're right. As always. -E

I know -B

Ok, have to go. Miss you -E

Miss you too. Come back soon -B

Will do. Mwah xoxo -E

Really? Xoxo? Haven't you heard of emoticons?! -B

:* :* :* :* :* -E

Better? -E

Definitely. Now, go concentrate. -B

Yes ma'am :) -E