Chapter Ten

Rei had to admit the infuriating man did have a way with his Katana, but as good as he might be with it he was no match for Jadeite's powers. After Kunzite had stalked off inside laughing that maniacal laugh of his the remaining generals had split up and attacked full force. Wufei and Jadeite had quickly closed in a deadly dance of blades but despite Rei's best efforts to protect the pig headed man he was taking a serious ass kicking. Each chance he got Jadeite would use his powers causing Wufei to endlessly dodge unnatural attack after attack as well as his deadly blade.

Suddenly an idea came to her. Tackling Wufei out of the way of yet another nasty energy attack Rei swears as they become entangled in a bush.

"Get off me onna," Wufei growls as he tries to rise all the while keeping an eye on the enemy approaching them.

"Give me your sword." Rei pants as she reaches for one of her scrolls, still crouched half in the bush. Wufei looks down at her in surprise. Her cheeks are flushed and there is a singe mark on her skirt from the near miss.

Seeing the serious look on the raven haired women's face as she mutters in concentration over a scrap of glowing paper he swears, then with ease Wufei reverses his grip on his weapon offering it hilt first to her.

She doesn't even glance up. Suddenly the scroll she holds lights up with the intense flicker of a roaring fire.

"Yessss!" Grinning Rei smiles up at Wufei. Her hair disheveled, her eyes wild she places the scroll on the blade of the Katana. The entire sword begins to wreath in flame. "Shall we?"

Wufei stares in suspicious, amazement, "What did you do?"

"Well as good as you may be with your sword," Rei mutter's begrudgingly, "it wasn't making much of an impression on Jadeite was it.." Smirking now, "So I enchanted it." She looks quite pleased with herself as she says the last.

Suddenly with an instinct gained on the his own battle fields Wufei turns, crouching and bring up his sword instinctively as he does. Jadeite's triumphant laugh dies as his attack is deflected off of Chinese man's weapon. Stumbling he steps back as it flies back past him hitting the stone wall behind him, sparks flying.

"Never mind, you'll tell me later onna." Wufei grunts pleased with this new turn of events. "Stay here." As soon as the last words are out of his mouth Wufei knows he should have saved his breath.

"Bite me." Rei growls stalking past him towards their target. Around her clenched fist flames coil and twist eerily.

Wufei just grins, following his fiery woman back into the heat of battle.

Usagi is still standing in the same spot frozen as Mamoru slowly approaches. The other generals have attacked keeping the Senshi from helping their princess as planned. Mamoru frowns, how did he ever think such a pathetic excuse of a princess was good enough for a warrior prince like him.

"Usa!" It's that annoying blonde, her second in commend, trying to snap her out of it. Pathetic.

Tears are falling silently down Usagi's face, somewhere deep down inside she knows she needs to fight, move, react, but she's so tired. She's watches Mamoru's slow confident descent down the school steps. He was always so sure of himself. Would there be anything left of the man she loved this time? Or was it all pointless.

He's almost to her now, reaching a hand towards her face.

Wiping a tear from her face with a thumb while she stands stone still he frowns in disgust, "You always were too emotional."

His words crack the numbness, stinging deep, "Mamoru…"

His hand is on her shoulder now, slipping it rest on the nape of her neck. "Don't."

His other hand is on a dagger at his waist.

It hurts so much, feels so hopeless but she knows she has to try, she knows he's not himself. Twisting to the side she is gone like a breeze out of his reach. But not far. Pulling away from his touch cuts her, it's too much.

So she still had a bit of back bone, stupid girl. Frowning Mamoru advances again, "Do you really think you can fight me Usa." He murmurs, and pounces.

Only she's not there anymore, breaking from the numbness she's moving quicker now though still making no move to attack.

"Remember!" Usagi breaths, moving by instinct now she continues to dodge her prince's frustrated attacks. Defensive now, but refusing to do more. Unable to try.

Minako feel's as though her heart is breaking as she watches her princess and her former prince. As Mamoru steps out of the school the Senshi of love she can tell that Kunzite has finally perfected his manipulations. She can sense no love, not anymore, not for his wife, their princess. A single tear falls as she searches his heart, desperate to be wrong, and feels the emptiness, the darkness, there.

"Usa!" The cry is desperate. He's closer to her now and still she stands frozen like ice. But there is no time, Zoicite is ruthless.

A cry spills from her lips as a bolt of energy breaks through her defenses knocking the blond Senshi to her knees. A sudden bang and Zoicite frowns, looking at his arm. Blood is blossoming on his upper arm, he growls. Quatre has to dive for cover behind the fountain as a bolt is hurled towards him. The force of the attack sends stone flying.

Usagi will have to protect herself, Minako cannot leave her princess' brother to fight a general on his own.

Usagi would never forgive her.

Her princess had been through so much, had fought for so many. She did not deserve this. Anger feeding her power Ami lifts her hands with a shout and shards of ice blast towards the smug general.

Hissing as a piece of ice pierces his defenses and embeds itself in his shoulder, Kunzite sends a wave of energy at the infuriating slip of a women knocking her back off her feet. Also sliding on the ice covered floor Hero drops to a defensive crouch stabilizing his balance. Aiming he fires.

A bullet grazing the general's cheek.

"Down!" Ami shouts as she struggles to shields them with a wall of ice as the general screams in fury.

It's clear the girl won't be able to hold up the enormous wall of ice for long, army crawling on his belly Hero makes his way to her. Noticing his presence Ami smiles wearily and holding up her hand creates a smaller wall just big enough for them to crouch behind just as her first defense gives way and explodes under the generals relentless attack.

"Well that was close," Ami says sheepishly.

"Hnn." Honestly Hero was just impressed she had managed to hold the first shield as long as she had. Though he wouldn't show it this new way of fighting was throwing the usually unshakable solider a bit.

"I don't think he liked that you shot him very much." Ami pants, smiling shyly. Only she could mange to act demurely in such a instance, sweat gathering at her hair line from her efforts to hold their defenses.

Staring at her for a moment Hero says nothing while his hands go through the well practiced steps of reloading his weapon. Nodding to her once, he leans out and opens fire again.

Usagi is growing weary and it is clear Mamoru is growing frustrated with her refusal to really fight. Jumping back to avoid a vicious swipe of his now drawn dagger Usagi feels her foot land badly. Twisting on a tree root her ankle gives, seeing her sway Mamoru lunges in with a cruel fist. Gasping Usagi falls in a heap at the base of the old maple that had tripped her. Her hand on her stomach she tries to catch her breath, dazed.

"Remember…" She gasps, not really believing anymore.

"Oh give up, this is pathetic." Reaching down for her Mamoru is suddenly brought up short. The unmistakeable click of a safety being released.


It a sharp pain he feels at the look on Usagi's face as she looks up at the two men above her. "Maybe you should try listening to your wife." The word wife tastes like bile in his mouth as he spit's the sentence out. Why couldn't life be simple, he really just wants to shoot him.

"Oh Duo…"

Turning to face him Mamoru laughed coldly, "Wife? HA! Seems to me she's moved on just fine, you her new prince in shining armour." Some people get angry in battle, but some people become cold. Duo moved like a blur.

Nephrite was trying to hit the man, but he never seemed to stay in one spot. Growling he let off yet another, and increasingly frustrated, attack.

Makoto had to admit she was impressed by Trowa's speed and agility. Despite his obvious disadvantage against Nephrite's powers he seemed determined to get in a few of his own. Gathering her own power in her hands Makoto shouted a warning and took aim. Nephrite tried to block but with Trowa acting as a distraction he still took the brunt of it. Risking a glance at her princess Makoto winced. Usagi was pulling her self up against a old oak tree, clearly favoring her left leg. And Duo….Duo was magnificent.

Mamoru was fighting with his cane in his typical flowing fashion, but Duo…he was like a shadow. Like death itself.

Sensing her distraction Nephrite took full advantage sending Makoto flying across the grass.

"Retreat!" The angry shout came from doors, as Kunzite himself came flying out his face showing his fury. Bullets hitting the great wooden doors as he moved to the edge of the steps.

"No!" they cry coming from Mamoru himself as he continues to fight grinning a mad smile as the other generals cautiously retreat towards their commander.

Seeing his new pawn locked in battle with Duo, Kunzite roared and sending a surge of energy towards the enemy. Duo so focused on his prey, spun at the force. Mamoru seeing his chance laughed and lunged.

"Moon Sceptor Elimination!"

"No!" using this power Kunzite appears next to Mamoru as he falls, Usagi's attack causing him to crumple to the ground. "We will be back Sailor Moon." he growls and then in a flash of light they are gone.