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Hey, guys! I'm back, and I bring with me the first chapter of Society and Its Discontents. It's named after one of Freud's works. I started with a theme, I might as well keep it up.
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Society and Its Discontents
Chapter One

"The voice of the intellect is a soft one, but it will not rest until it has gained a hearing. Finally, after a countless succession of rebuffs, it succeeds." — Sigmund Freud

"I thought you hated making people wait, un!"

Sasori gave a sidelong glare at the phone lodged between his ear and shoulder, hurriedly straightening his tie. His house was still a mess, and if anything, it had gotten worse. Papers littered the floor, and Sasori kicked a book to the side as he headed into his bedroom.

"I know, brat. Just...give me...a minute!"

The doctor struggled to get his slacks up and around his waist, fastened and secured. Life was so much harder when a phone was involved.

"I've given you lots of minutes, Danna. Where are you?"

His face twisted into silent face of rage as he shook his fist in the air. His lateness was bothering him too; he didn't need to be reminded.

"Give me fifteen more."

His sentence was short and curt, and his didn't wait for a response before shutting his phone and shoving it in his pocket.

Ten minutes later, Sasori was still behind. He was clean, yes, dressed, sure, but he was still in pursuit of his wallet and keys, and he briefly pondered whether he should brush his hair.
"No time." he mumbled as he rifled through papers. "Late."

Three minutes later.
He had found his keys and found his wallet. He also found the dried egg on his car.

Five minutes late.
The egg was gone, and he was on his way at last. Six minutes later, he was there.

"Finally." Deidara huffed. A strand of his forelock fluttered out of place. The teen was standing outside his apartment complex, his "formal" clothes looking out of place in his slum-like surroundings. Even his posture and expression were incongruous with his outfit; the slacks and button-down shirt didn't quite match the air the teen gave off as he leaned against the building. The stick of a lollipop stuck out of his mouth.

As he walked up to the boy, Sasori was silent. A hand was casually tucked in his pocket as the other straightened his tie underneath his sweater. A small smile tugged at his lips as he approached his date; the teen looked nice today. He was dressed nicely, he had brushed out his hair... The doctor noted a slight fragrance around his body. The scent made his mind heavy. He liked it.

"Are you wearing cologne?" he asked, touching the blonde's cheek. "You smell lovely."

Deidara gave him a stony glare, but softened at the man's touch.

"You're really late, Danna."

"I know."

The two men began to walk to the car when a loud crashing sound snapped their heads back to building.

"What was—"

Sasori's question was answered —before he could even finish it— by the sound of frantic door unlocking and the frame of a young man nearly falling out of the door. The older man tilted his head in confusion, and Deidara's palm met his forehead.

"Sennnnnnpaiiii~!" the teen screeched, running towards the blonde. "Wait! Wait!"

Sasori looked at the boy. The voice sounded familiar, but if he knew him he wouldn't know it. His face was covered which an orange mask with a spiral pattern. It only had one eyehole.

"Damn it, Tobi! What is it, hn!?" the blonde's hands were held in front of him, palms up and slightly twitching with aggravation. His whole body seemed to scream "WHY" at the interruption.

"Senpai forgot~" the boy said, holding out his hand to drop something in Deidara's palm. Deidara looked unamused.

"You couldn't have given me that BEFORE my date got here!?"

Tobi took a step back, waving his palms submissively. Sasori would have killed to see the expression underneath his mask.

"Heheh...well... I just wanted to see your date, senpai... I wanted to say 'hi'..."

The masked kid turned to look at the red-haired man, waving with one hand before turning back to Deidara.

"You're dating a boy, senpai? I didn't know you liked that. Did he go to school with you? What grade is he in? What's his name? Do you—"


Deidara's shout sent the kid running back to the apartment, leaving the blonde standing there with clenched fists. He breathed deeply for the next minute and half, biting his lip until his body relaxed. Sasori tapped his shoulder for attention, smiling.

"Dei," he murmured. "Don't we have somewhere to be?"

The blonde looked up, almost in a daze.

"Oh..." he muttered. "Yeah, we do."

The doctor's smile widened as he took the teen's hand, walking him over to the car. In a lower voice, he made a joke.

"I'm not going to have to treat you for anger issues, am I?" he whispered. Even in his dazed state, Deidara cracked a grin.

"I don't know," he replied with a one-armed shrug, smirking at the redhead. "At this rate, you might."

Sasori rolled his eyes, opening the passenger door for the blonde.

"Yeah, let's hope not, brat."

"Whatever, Danna."

The teen got into the car and the doctor followed suit, closing his door behind him. He turned the keys in the ignition, starting up the car. As the engine revved to life, the blonde couldn't help but chuckle, earning him a questioning stare.

"What's so funny?" the doctor asked, adjusting the air in the car. Deidara shook his head.

"You don't leave your keys in your car in this neighborhood, Danna."

Sasori frowned.

"I was only out of the car for a few minutes, I was right there—"

Deidara cut him off.

"Danna, this is a Porsche."

The doctor thought about it for a moment, then laughed.

"I suppose you're right." he conceeded. "Now then, we shouldn't keep the restaurant waiting..."

Deidara waved his arm.

"We? We!? You were the one who was late!"

The doctor chuckled as he pulled out of the parking space, his date fuming in the passenger seat. Their night was sure to be an eventful one.

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