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Chapter 4

"Anatomy is destiny." —Sigmund Freud

*Closest to relevant that I could find.*

Sasori awoke the next morning feeling oddly refreshed, like his body had finally obtained something it had been deprived of for far too long. Unlike the last few times he slept, he did not dream. He just slept. But sleeping had felt good, for the first time in his life.

Stretching his shoulders out and back, the doctor rolled over, his eyes falling on the blonde teen that was still asleep in his bed, tangled up in sheets. He was still almost entirely naked, the bedding being the only cloth on his body. Upon looking down, Sasori discovered that he was dressed in the exact same manner.

They had had sex.

"No turning back now..." he mumbled, getting up. He lightly kissed his lover's hair before getting dressed and leaving the bedroom to fix breakfast. If Deidara woke up and there wasn't food... Perhaps he'd eat the house.

He soon found that this likely wasn't a concern —it was only 8:00 a.m. Deidara wasn't up until 9:00 on a goodday; he'd learned this through years of scheduling.

The doctor was in a good mood as he prepared breakfast, slicing strawberries and mixing batter. A very good mood.

Sasori had managed to cook a large stack of pancakes by the time Deidara stumbled out of the bedroom, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He had evidently helped himself to the doctor's clothing, as he was now wearing a T-shirt that Sasori vaguely remembered being given a few Christmases ago. He head first for the coffee table, clumsily picking up his boxers and pulling them on. Yawning, he turned to face the kitchen.

"Breakfast?" he mumbled, looking blearily at the redhead. Sasori nodded.

"I just made it." he said, sliding a plate of pancakes toward the blonde. They were topped with whipped cream and strawberries. Deidara gave an affirming nod, forgoing the process of "getting a fork" and deciding to instead pull off a piece with his fingers. Sasori groaned, grabbing one from the drawer and giving it to the teenager.

A moderately silent period elapsed over the next several minutes, with Deidara hungrily shoving pancakes in his mouth while the older man laxly ate strawberries while leaning against the counter. When the teen got up for more, he took the opportunity to talk.

"After you're done, I'm going to take you home," he stated, taking a bite of a strawberry. "I've probably kept you too long already."

The blonde shot a disapproving glare at the doctor, piling another stack of pancakes on his plate.

"Aw, Sasori no Danna..." he pouted, scooping out a dollop of whipped cream. "Do I have to?"

"Yes. As soon as you're finished eating."

"I hope you've got more pancakes then."

"Just finish eating and get dressed."

Deidara ate the rest of his pancakes with an angry glare fixed on the redhead's face, furiously stabbing food and shoving it in his mouth without looking down. He ate like this until he accidentally stabbed himself in the lip with fork tines, leading to him finding himself in Sasori's lap on the couch, arguing that he could dab the blood away on his own.

"Danna! I can do it, hn!" he shouted, trying to snatch the tissue from the man. The redhead continued to dab at

the teen's lip.

"Says the one that bloodied his lip with a fork."

"See? I'm capable of more than the ordinary!"

"Oh, shut up, brat."

Sasori leaned in, his red hair tickling the blonde's face as he pressed their lips together, Deidara's lower lip staining his with the little blood that remained. The younger man trembled slightly, and the elder ran his tongue over the broken skin before dipping it into his lover's mouth. Deidara whimpered.

"Danna... Stop it... Hurts..." he murmured, trying to pull away from the doctor. He hadn't yet gotten release from the previous night, and even the little stimulation his was getting now was enough to make his cock ache.

He needed release so badly.

"What's the matter, Dei?" the redhead breathed, tilting the boy's body back on the couch. The blonde's erection showed prominently through his boxers, causing a light blush to dust his cheeks with the blood that wasn't already elsewhere. Sasori understood, and moved his hand to rub the teen through the fabric. Deidara involuntarily bucked into the touch.

"I still need to please you," the redhead purred, continuing to touch the teen. "That's the problem, isn't it?"

The blonde gave a frantic nod, biting his lip where it wasn't hurt. A small smirk crept onto the doctor's face —he liked seeing the teen squirm when he touched him. He liked seeing the power he had over the boy. The feeling of control it gave him. He liked it.

But it wasn't about what he liked at the moment, he thought to himself, pulling the boxers off of his lover. Curling his hand around Deidara's engorged member, he discovered the pre-come that had pooled where the teen's tip had been.

"We'll have to fix that then," he said, beginning to pump the length. He slid down to the floor, his head right next to Deidara's hips. Tentatively leaning in, he lapped the clear liquid off the blonde's skin, tasting it on his tongue and nipping at the hot flesh. He began to kiss and nip at the surrounding areas, his hand slowing moving along with Deidara's frustrated whimpers until he swiped his tongue along the base of the teen's cock. Quietly chuckling at the flush that tinted the younger's cheeks, the doctor traced it upwards with the tip of his tongue, triggering a low whine to pour from Deidara's lips.

"Danna..." he whined, his expression wanton and needy. "Please...please."

The redhead looked up at him through his lashes, the smirk still on his face. Looking the teenager dead in the eye, he opened his mouth...lowered it...and then, as if to mock him, gave a quick lick over the tip before pulling away again. The blonde's hips bucked and his chest heaved.

"Danna! Quit p-playing, un!" he stammered, the frustration showing in his voice. His legs were twitching.

Sasori laughed inwardly, leaning down and taking his lover in his hand again. He slowly swirled his tongue over the head of the member, tracing the slit and the edges of the foreskin. He began to stroke the shaft with his hand, and Deidara watched him through squinted eyes, moving his hand to stroke the scarlet hair. His hips bucked forward, and Sasori took him into his mouth. Reacting to the warmth, the teenager's hand snapped shut as he tried to grasp himself, knotting his fingers in the doctor's hair. His back arched, thrusting up into the redhead's mouth. Sasori bobbed accordingly, throaty chuckles vibrating his lips against his lover. He could feel the trembles moving through the younger body more and more as the teen neared his release, his thrusts becoming less and less coordinated. Finally, with one final jolt, the teen came in Sasori's mouth, gasping and grunting. His hands squeezed the doctor's hair and flesh, tense as he rode out his orgasm. After a few moments, the blonde fell limp, breathing heavily.

Sasori swallowed his lover's semen, getting to his feet. Wiping his lip, he leaned over and kissed Deidara's forehead tenderly, smiling.

"I suppose you can stay for lunch."


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