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Percy Weasley ran through the battle of Hogwarts, wand at the ready. His heart was in his throat as he searched the crowds of battling Witches and Wizards for his family. He needed to find them. If he died here, he wanted to have made up with them first. He had to apologize.

The red haired man had wanted to turn back home the moment he had left but he couldn't. The fear of You Know Who kept him away. If the Dark Wizard was back, his family could be killed. Anyone could be killed. He'd heard stories of the First War since he didn't remember most of it and he didn't want to go through that again. He didn't want to believe.

Yet, his family did believe and he just had to get away from it all. He wanted to be oblivious to it.

He ran past bodies and weeping people, fighting and battling people. He didn't stop for any of them, his eyes searching frantically past them for any sign of the Weasley red hair. He had to find them. He had too.

There. A flash of Weasley red hair. He saw it. Percy broke into a run towards the source. He was getting closer. It was one of the twins. He could tell. Although, he couldn't tell which one. At least not yet.

Closer. He was almost to him. He could see that it was Fred. He'd always been able to tell them apart. Fred was in a battle with a Death Eater. He was just about to jump in and help when he paused. Katie Bell's body lay on the ground by them. A fellow Gryffindor. Another dead.

That pause lasted just long enough for him to see something that would change the outcome forever. A Death Eater pointing his wand at Fred's back, about to utter the deadly words. Fred wouldn't be able to block it in time.

Percy acted on instinct alone. His wand was raised and the next thing he knew, the Death Eater was flying across the castle and slamming into a wall, crumpling to the floor. Fred and Percy both blinked at Percy's wand for a second before Fred just nearly got hit with a curse.

The two engaged in their own duels, although Fred sent Percy a grateful smile which he returned. He could tell that they accepted him back.

Harry gazed at the scene in front of him with sad eyes. There were so many who had lost their lives in the battle. Remus, looking more peaceful than he had in a long time as he clutched onto Tonk's pale hand. Their son, Teddy, was an orphan now. Just like Harry was.

Colin. Tiny Colin. He wasn't even supposed to be fighting. He was too young, only sixteen.

Katie Bell. Harry had played Quidditch with her and there she lay, dead.

And Snape's body was still in the Shrieking Shack. Cedric had been murdered years ago. So had Sirius. Dumbledore had been killed a year before. Mad-eye was dead also.

The war had taken so many innocent lives and it was finally over. No one else was going to die. It was finally behind him. There was no more fighting. No more deaths. No more running. It was actually over.

He slowly walked through the crowds, looking at each body and seeing who he knew. Quite a few he recognized and quite a few he didn't.

Harry saw the Weasleys all gathered together. Ginny was hugging Percy, who had apparently come back. Ron was holding Hermione's hand as they spoke quietly to one another. The twins were hugging each other as if they'd never let go. It was then that Harry realized that they had probably been separated for a long time and they couldn't know if one of them would have died until after the battle. Mr and Mrs. Weasley smiled at their children, looking thankful that the war was over.

He started to worry slightly when he saw that Bill wasn't there before realizing that the Weasley's wouldn't be so happy if Bill had been killed. Either he had gone home already to be with Fleur or he was somewhere else.

"Harry!" He saw Ginny spot him and the girl ran full speed towards him, gathering him into a hug. "I thought you were dead. Hagrid was carrying you and everyone thought you were dead. But you're alive. Oh Harry, you're alive." She rambled, "You don't know how glad I am." She let go and smiled at him, happy tears running down her cheeks as she wiped them away.

Harry tried to grin at her but he was tired and the deaths were really sinking in."I'm alive." He responded awkwardly, "I'm not leaving you."

Ginny's smile widened into the biggest smile Harry had ever seen on her face and then they were kissing.

"Ooh." Fred said, appearing right by them, "Does this mean my little Harrikins and Ginnikins are back together?" He didn't appear nearly as childish with the tear tracks on his face.

Ginny looked at Harry hopefully and Harry hesitated before nodding. There was no need to stay broken up now that the war was over. He loved Ginny and hoped to maybe have a family one day with her.

"All right! We don't need to give you the talk again, do we?" George asked, appearing on Harry's other side. After Harry's shake of his head, he broke into a wide smile, Fred repeating him, and gathered them into a hug.

Before he realized it, all the Weasley's plus Hermione and Harry were gathered into a group hug.

"Wait till I tell Bill." Ron said, his face bright although Harry could tell he really wanted to get away from all the crying Witches and Wizards, "He had to go home. Fleur said she had something important to tell him." He responded at Harry's look as if he could read his mind. Harry nodded, wondering what Fleur was going to tell Bill.

As they separated Harry saw tears in everyone's eyes. It was bittersweet. The war was done and they didn't have to worry about their friends and family dying yet so many had.

Harry's eyes caught sight of Dennis crying over Colin's body and he felt deep sorrow. Colin, while very obsessed with Harry, was very brave and a great friend.

As he continued looking around, he saw Luna and Neville sitting together in deep conversation. Oliver Wood was kneeling down beside Katie with tears in his eyes. Members from Dumbledore's Army were huddled in a group, hugging and crying. Teachers were walking around and comforting other students.

It was hard to look at so Harry tore his eyes away from the scene and decided to see how Neville and Luna were doing so he headed over to them.

"Hey Harry!" Luna said in her airy voice, "I'm glad to see the Wrackspurts didn't get you."

Harry nodded to her, "Hey Luna, Neville. How are you guys?"

"I killed Bellatrix Lestrange." Neville said in a voice that made it seem like it was just not starting to sink in. "I don't even know how it happened."

Harry stared at him in shock before smiling and patting him on the back. "That's great." He said, knowing how much damage Bellatrix had caused Neville. "She deserved it."

Neville grinned slightly and Luna said, "You did really good, Nev." Neville's grinned widened slightly at the compliment from Luna and he blushed red.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione sat in the Headmistresses office at Hogwarts. McGonagall, who had taken over as Headmistress, sat in at the desk while Harry held a small child who kept changing his hair color in his arms.

"You want to come back for your seventh year?" McGonagall asked as she wrote on some parchment.

All three nodded, "Yes, we do." Hermione spoke for them all.

McGonagall nodded, "And, what are you going to do about Teddy? We've never had a baby in the school before."

They paused and Harry spoke, "We were really hoping you would know." He said sheepishly. "Andromeda said she was getting too old to care for a baby."

McGonagall thought for a minute, "I'm sure the Hogwarts Elves wouldn't mind looking out for him while you're in classes."

Harry grinned and shifted Teddy slightly. The baby's hair was a bright green at the moment but it turned colors ever so often. He wasn't near the level to master the ability. He was, after all, only two months old.

"Thank you, Professor." Harry said sincerely. He had been worrying about going back to Hogwarts since the Final Battle because he had to take care of Teddy.

"You're welcome, Mr. Potter. Term starts on September first, as always. Mr. Weasley and Miss Granger, you need to know that you can no longer be prefects as we already have out prefects for the upcoming year." The two mentioned nodded, having already known that. "I will inform the rest of the professors and I will see you three on September first." She smiled down at them and her gaze lasted a little longer on Teddy. Her face softened at the sight of him as they left the room.

"We're going in to see if it's a boy or girl on Saturday." Harry heard Fleur say as he flooed in, holding two month old baby in his hands. "I've been thinking of names but I haven't chosen yet." That had been the big news Fleur wanted to tell Bill. She was pregnant. Mr and Mrs Weasley had been thrilled when they heard they were going to have grandchildren. Although, they already thought of Teddy as a grandchild.

"Harry! Teddy!" Ginny said as she spotted him. She ran up and grabbed Teddy away from Harry. She was the mother figure in Teddy's life after all. Harry hoped that one day she would really be his mother, although she could never replace Tonks. "How was Neville?"

Harry grinned, "He's doing well. He's thinking of replacing Professor Sprout in a few years since she said she wants to retire."

"Really? He would be a brilliant Herbology professor." Ginny smiled and tickled Teddy causing him to giggle, "Was Luna over there?"

Nodding, Harry answered, "She always is."

Ginny smiled knowingly. Both Luna and Neville obviously had crushes on one another and everyone knew it except for them. "Anyways, Hermione and Ron are off at their date and the twins are coming around for dinner tonight."

Harry nodded to Ginny as the walked into the living room. Ginny talked about upcoming events, especially on Fleurs baby. Ginny had always loved children.

"Did you have a good time at Uncle Neville's?" Ginny asked Teddy. Teddy made random baby noises and Ginny grinned at him. "He'll be talking in no time." She stated proudly. Harry wanted to tell her that he was only two months old but she was too cute so he just grinned at her.

Harry sat in a compartment on the Hogwarts Express with Ginny, Luna, Hermione, and Ron. The four month old baby was in Ginny's arms at the moment as they talked.

"It feels weird to go back to Hogwarts." Ron said as he looked up from the exploding snaps game he was playing with Harry.

"Last time I was at Hogwarts, It was the battle." Ginny replied as she rocked a sleeping Teddy, "So yeah, it is weird. It must be worse for you three though. You've only been there for the battle in the last year."

Hermione, Ron, and Harry all nodded their heads in agreement. "Yeah, and this time we have a baby to take care of." Harry spoke causing the other four to nod in agreement, even Luna who had become as an aunt to Teddy.

Once they arrived at Hogwarts, Ginny handed Teddy to Harry and they climbed onto the carriages after greeting Hagrid. They rode to Hogwarts mostly in silence except for the occasional gurgle from Teddy.

People from other carriages kept look into their carriage to see them. Some to see Harry Potter, some to see some of the warriors from the Battle of Hogwarts, and some to see Teddy, who confused everyone greatly. Although, most knew who it was. It was widely known that Harry Potter had taken custody of Teddy Lupin.

Once they arrived at Hogwarts and sat at the Gryffindor table, all the girls were looking over at Teddy and cooing. The boys were happy to talk to Harry, Hermione, or Ron because they were the Golden Trio. Harry noticed the teachers looking over at them from time to time also.

Harry didn't really listen to the hat's song because he was too busy gazing around the room and trying to ignore memories from the last time he'd been there.

He vaguely heard the students names being called but he didn't really listen. His gaze was shifting to students in the halls. Dennis Creevey, who looked very depressed, was the main one. Harry as worrying about him. In all the times he had known Dennis, the boy had never been depressed. Happy, all the time. Sad, yes. Angry, yes. Depressed, never.

The boy had lost his brother though.

His gaze came back to McGonagall in time to hear her start her speech, " I'm Headmistress McGonagall. You may know me as the Transfiguration professor and I still am that because we haven't found a replacement.

"Last year, Hogwarts was run by Death Eaters. This year, we have it back. While we have lost many lives in the process and many lives were changed, we are now safe from Death Eaters and their leader, Voldemort." Surprisingly, not many people flinched, "Our Muggle Studies and DADA teachers are temporary but we are looking for permanent ones. Please welcome Professor Walker and Professor White.

"A few other remainders. The Forbidden Forest is Forbidden. No student should enter without a teacher. It is very dangerous. Trust me. If you don't trust me, ask the Golden Trio who have come to Hogwarts to finish their Seventh Year." Harry, Hermione, and Ron blushed, "Furthermore, Filch has a list of all the banned items in the school. No magic in the halls. Now, let the feast begin."

Food popped onto the table and Ron grinned widely before piling food onto his plate. Harry was surprised when a bottle arrived on the table by Harry. He looked at the Head Table to see McGonagall wink at him and he grinned.

A lot of people asked him about stories from their earlier Hogwarts years and they answered some easily, some not so easily. For example, a first year Gryffindor asked Harry about the graveyard. He gave him a summed up version before apologizing and told him it wasn't a pleasant memory. Others asked questions about the troll, basilisk, Sirius, and other tasks in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Apparently, Rita Skeeter had written a lot of stories about Harry since the war.

After passing Teddy to Ginny, the red haired girl had introduced him to some of the girls in her year. Harry started a conversation with a third year boy about the Dragon task and how he did it. The boy, Benjamin Walker, was a huge Harry Potter fan and nearly fainted when Harry talked to him. Harry was strongly reminded of Colin.

After dinner, McGonagall stood again, "Now that we have eaten, I have just a few more announcements. Classes start tomorrow morning at eight AM and breakfast is at seven AM. First years will follow the prefects to your dorms. I shall see you tomorrow." And all the students stood as one to leave.

Ginny was still carrying Teddy when she left so Harry engaged in a conversation with Ron about reinstating Dumbledore's Army to teach the kids DADA.

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