**Thera is a slight RAPE scene towards the end of this chapter!**

The next morning Elena pulled on a hoodie and jeans, covered her face in make up and took her daughter to daycare. She had to plan a birthday party! Quickly!

Just as Elena began to pull out of the driveway Damon jumped into the car.

"Get out!" Elena yelled.

"Mommy? Why can't he come with us? I want him to meet my fwends!" Clare smiled sweetly at her father.

Later at the party store Damon began to ask questions about his daughter.

"What is her favorite color? Food? Animal? Story?"

"Purple. Pancakes. Unicorn. Repunzel." Elena growled. "We have to go next door. I ordered her cake special."

Back at the house Jeremy and Bonnie hung purple streamers and silver balloons everywhere. Damon covered the table in a purple tablecloth and laid out paper plates, cups, napkins, and silverware. Alaric and Caroline strung up the unicorn piƱata, Elena set out cute princess costumes at each chair. Soon Elijah called.

"I'm headed home with them all." He said and hung up.

In through the door came 5 screaming children. Clarrisa and Gracie and 3 of their friends.

Elijah spun Elena around the kitchen to the silly Disney songs playing in the background.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you." He whispered. "You know how possessive I get."

Elena gave Clarrisa a diamond, encrusted, heart shaped locket.

Jeremy and Bonnie gave her clothes for her first year of schools.

Klaus and Caroline gave her 20$ just to spend.

Alaric and Gracie gave her dress up things, and Damon gave her a small Luis Vuitton backpack, saying "that way you'll be the most stylish kindergartener ever."

Later after the girls had been sent upstairs to lay down, Jeremy suggested a game.

Elijah suggested alcohol.

And soon all the adults but Elena were playing 'I never.'

"Elena! Baby... Come have a drink!" Elijah yelled across the room.

But Elena refused. They had other people's children upstairs and being drunk sounded very irresponsible.

Elena had gone up to the room to put on shorts and a tank top because it was so hot in the house. She washed her makeup off, relieved that the bruise around her eye was mostly gone. No one would notice with how drunk they all were. But her arms were another story. One had a bruise around her biceps where Elijah had squeezed to hard, and the other had tears in the skin from his nail ripping through her. So she pulled on a light jacket, grabbed a blanket and went to lay in her hammock.

When the sun began to rise around 5 in the morning, Elena woke up and entered the house. Sighing she started cleaning up. Within 20 minutes her kitchen was spotless, and she was looking for breakfast ingredients. Pulling out the necessities for pancakes, she didn't realize that someone else had entered the kitchen, or that her shorts had ridden up and were showing a fair amount of her ass.

Damon smiled and snuck up behind Elena. Wrapping his arms around her. She jumped!

"Damon!" She looked up into his perfect blue eyes and began to drown. She licked her lips and wrapped her arms around him. "Kiss me!" She told him.

Damon bent just slightly and pressed his lips over hers gently, but soon the kiss overtook them both and her tongue was in his mouth. His in hers. He began to lift her up, his member brushing against her hot center. She moaned aloud. He pushed something off the counter and the resounding crash brought her to her senses.

"You're going to wake someone up!" Elena snarled. "I am engaged! How dare you try and take advantage of me.!"

Damon leaned in close. "You asked for it baby." He whispered. His hands running down the lengths of her arms, stopping dead in his tracks when he felt the dents in her skin.

"Elena! What happened?" Damon demanded.

"Umm nothing. I'm fine... Where's my..." Elena stuttered as she looked around the room.

Elijah had just walked in.

"...jacket." She finished.

Damon let go of her arms and rounded on Elijah. "How dare you put your hands on her like she's something you can play with!"

"Like you're one to talk! You left her."

"I would never hurt her like this Elijah! Never! You're a sick twister motherfucker." Damon growled as his fist flew through the air. A crunch echoed through the air and blood began so spurt out of Elijah's nose.

"Don't fucking touch her!"

"Damon! Leave!" Elena screamed. Fear taking over her heart. Afraid of what Damon thought of her now. Afraid of Elijah's anger. Terrified of the sleeping girls upstairs finding out what had happened. "Please Elijah. Just let me go make sure that all that children are still asleep!" Elena cried as she ran out of the room.

When she reentered the kitchen, she was greeted by a smiling Elijah. He had blood all down his face, staining his clothes. The gleam in his eyes scared Elena, but she slowly walked to him as he beckoned her forward. When she was in his reach his hands laced in her hair and his lips crashed into hers.

"Remember what I have on you Elena. Think of what will happen if you make me any angrier." Then He slammed her face into the countertop...twice, and threw her to the ground. He tore her shorts off and shoved her thong aside...

"Elijah? Please! I don't want..." Her sentence was cut off by her scream, which he muffled with a dish towel as he thrust himself inside of her over and over. Ramming his member into her pussy, with a malicious grin on his face.

"You are mine. You are stuck with me. Unless you want everyone to know your dirty little secret! You do as I want, when I want." With a final thrust he came inside of her.

"Now clean this mess up and don't let anyone see your face." And he left for work.

Elena pulled her shorts back on and grabbed a towel. She wiped her blood of the counter and floor, then mopped up any that remained. She texted Alaric and told him she wasn't feeling well and that he would need to take all the girls home.

She called Damon. "Umm I'm not feeling well, maybe you could take Clare to see your parents? They haven't seen her in a while."

As soon as she knew that all the girls were gone and Clare was safe away from Elijah, she called Caroline.

Caroline showed up about an hour after Elena called with vodka, painkillers and new makeup.

"You can't keep letting him do this to you Elena! Leave him! You don't need his money. And you shouldn't let Clarrisa around him!" Caroline ranted. Elena cried.

"She's with Damon right now. I have to marry Elijah. He knows Caroline. He knows what I did! And Clare will be safe. I'm going to make him take her away from here. Far far away. Damon will protect her. From Elijah, and from me."

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