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Hey, you know they're all the same.
You know you're doing better on your own, so don't buy in.
Live right now.
Yeah, just be yourself.
It doesn't matter if it's good enough for someone else.


Jeni woke up aching.

Her head ached from a vicious hangover -she couldn't remember anything before Olga beat her up-, her body ached from getting the crap kicked out of her, and all in all she felt like running something over with a bus. Repeatedly.

Preferably the annoying as hell alarm clock going off next to her.

"Freend Jeni!" Excitement bubbled in Kory's voice, which, Jeni thought ruefully, was too damn bright for six in the morning. "Please, please, please get up!"

"Eff off." Jeni rolled over and buried her head in her pillow, dirty pink strands poking out like daggers.

"You weel meess breakfast!"

"Sucks to be me. Sleeping is better."

Kory sighed loudly and pathetically, frantically buttoning up her Astael blouse. "But 'oo must! Eet ees important!"

"So is global warming but I'm not getting up for that either."

Rachel pressed two cold fingers to her temples and inwardly groaned. Shrugging on her Astael blazer, she walked over and yanked the blanket off of Jeni's body. Jeni yelped and spewed curses as the chilly morning air hit her body. "Get up." Rachel said tiredly.

Jeni glared but obeyed, and twenty minutes later the three girls left their dorm.

"What's your first period?" Rachel said suddenly as they neared the cafeteria.

"Art class, why?"

"Sit at the table nearest to the wall." Kory told her seriously. "With the artists."

Jeni cocked an eyebrow. "Seriously?"

"Do I look like I'm joking?" Rachel said, a hint of a smile at the corners of her mouth.

"You never do." Jeni smirks slightly and places her hand on the door. "Well, ladies, shall we descend into hell?"


The table nearest to the wall is nearly full when Jeni reached it. It was the loudest in the entire cafeteria, and yet it was the smallest group. There were only six people there when Jeni took a seat; two tall, redheaded boys that were obviously twins, a dark haired girl with a tattoo lacing up her arm and around her neck, another blonde boy who practically exuded energy, a blue-haired boy with a piano repertoire book open in his lap, and a brown-haired girl calmly eating her oatmeal.

"Well, hel-lo," One of the twins said, checking her out. "Who're you?"

"Jeni." She said shortly, stabbing at her waffles with her fork. "Who're you?"

"I'm Hugh Grant." He pointed at himself. "That's Quincy Grant- he's my twin and he's very nearly too gay to be a man." He pointed at the boy next to him.

"Your dickhead is showing, Hughie." The dark-haired girl threw a pen at him.

"That charming sugar queen is Miss Agatha DiMuro- I'm keeping this pen, by the way, Aggie dear." Hugh wagged the pen at Aggie gloatingly.

"You can keep it in your pants; it's not like there's anything notable down there." Aggie tossed an apple between her hands threateningly.

"Anyway," Hugh said pointedly, "That's Cole Harrison, Griffin Hale, and Sam Olsen." He pointed in turn to the blonde boy, the blue-haired boy, and the brown-haired girl.

"How come Hugh gets to make the introductions?" Sam flips a sheet of hair over her shoulder and spoons some oatmeal into her mouth. "I mean, it's not like he's got stellar social skills or something."

"It's my stunning attractiveness." Hugh ran a hand through his shaggy red hair. "If Quincy wasn't my brother, he'd totally be attracted to me."

"Sorry." Quincy winked at his brother. "But you're not my type."

"You're too much of a girl for him." Aggie said through a mouthful of egg. "Quincy's into manly men."

"I assure you I am very much male." Hugh leaned over the table flirtatiously, staring straight at Aggie. "Want me to prove it?"

Aggie leaned back. "Depends. Got anything to prove?"

"As much as I love watching the attraction between you guys, and believe me, I do," Quincy interjected. "Because it totally reminds me of the Ridley/Link relationship and I love that. But I feel like we're neglecting our newest member."

"True dat, true dat." Hugh nodded vigorously. "So, Jeni, pink-hair, Jenarooni, Jeni-of-the-pink, Jenikins. What's your deal?"

Jeni raised an eyebrow.

"You don't get relegated to us unless you have some sort of musical talent and you've pissed off someone important. So what'd you do?"

Jeni smiled slightly. "I draw."


"And I might've decked Olga in the face."

Six collective jaws dropped. "Is that why you look like a walking bruise?"

Sam scrunched up her face. "Wow, Hughie. Do you know what tact is?"

"She beat the crap out of me, so I probably do look like hell." Jeni shrugged. "What about you?"

"Beck plays the snot out of the piano but has an irritating habit of refusing to loan notes out, Sam and her violin have some kind of freaky blood connection which may or may not be the reason she refused to date some guys that apparently have a lot of influence here."

"Grayson's crowd." Beck sneered.

"True, true, they're all dickheads." Hugh continued. "But anyway, Cole plays the bass and got into a couple bad situations, some stuff that the Powers That Be didn't really appreciate. Aggie's a calligraphic miracle…but she's Aggie, and that's enough to get her put on all sorts of watch lists. As for my loyal brother and I, well, we draw. I did Aggie's tattoo. And of course, wherever I go, hot chicks follow and apparently I flirted with the wrong one. Quincy…Quincy's Quincy. That's enough for most people."

"What is it with the people here?" Jeni snapped, her head pounding venomously. "I didn't ask to get sent to a KGB breeding ground!"

"Yeah, well, you did anyway." Aggie snapped back. "You're one of us now. Deal with it."

"And with that," Cole said tentatively, "I'm pretty sure the art bell is about to go off."

Aggie stood up and slung her bag and Hugh's satchel over her shoulder, walking away without a backwards glance at the table nearest to the wall.

Hugh glanced meaningfully at his brother, Beck, and Cole, and with a "I told you she wants me," he bounded after her.

"C'mon, Jeni." Sam said kindly, standing up as well. . "it's time to put on a smile and brave the masses."


Kory hated her hair.

It was thick and red and beautiful, but it made it legitimately impossible to hide. It was like a stop sign on her head, signaling her location to anyone with eyes in like three miles.

It hadn't been an issue in France, where she'd had nothing to hide. Her father was a prominent politicion, her mother was a well-known humanitarian, and she, could go where she wanted when she wanted and she didn't care if people recognized her.

But now that she'd made a fool of herself over that connard Richard and the imbécile Headmaster was making her tutor with him, she wanted nothing more than to disappear.

"Hey, Red!"

She knew that voice, but she prayed silently that she was mistaken and that it wasn't who she thought it was as she increased her pace.


Faster, faster….

A large hand clamped down on her shoulder and she inwardly cursed.

"What do you want, Reechard?" She said, annoyed with him and with her stupid French accent.

"Take it easy," He said calmly, a concerned look in his eye"I just wanted to know If you got the letter too."

"I did. What of eet?" Kory began walking again, hoping to lose him. But years of being on the soccer team meant that he had no problem keeping pace with her.

"Well, we're going to be spending a lot of time together, right?" He went on. "Here, let me take your bag."

"Unfortunately, and I'm perfectly capable of carrying it myself." Her accent was getting thicker by the minute.

He grabbed the bag from her and slung it over his shoulder. "You know, you could try to be nice. I know it's not either of our cups of tea, but we're stuck with it."

Kory was endlessly grateful that he'd taken her bag because she was struck by the desire to hit him with it. He stared at her, seriousness and amusement flickering in his eyes. "Kory, I know you're still probably hurt over how things went down last year, and I'm sorry. But I can't change it and neither can you, so maybe we should just let it go."

Kory brushed a strand of escaping red hair back behind her headband and glared up at him. "Per'aps you 'ould be able to, but it was not your heart that was broken, was it?"

True regret appeared in his eyes, and Kory almost felt bad. Richard wasn't as bad as some of his friends; he was actually quite gentlemanly, when it came down to it. He was generally quiet and brooding, less of a playboy than Roy or Garth, and Kory knew she was using underhanded tactics by making him feel guilty.

And then Roy strode up to them and Richard became a different person.

"Grayson!" Roy bellowed, clapping him on the back. "Getting music tips from your freshman?"

All traces of regret, amusement, or anything other than arrogance left Richard's eyes. "Music tips? She understands music?"

Kory flushed, indignation flowing through her. Of course she understood music! She was French, after all!

"Course she does, Richie." Roy raised an eyebrow. "She wrote you a song, didn't she?"

"'Ow do you know about that?!" Kory screeched, resisting the urge to strange them both.

"You didn't exactly try to hide it." Roy smirked.

Kory blushed furiously as Richard raised an eyebrow, staring at her quizzically.

"You wrote me a song?"

"Oh, that's not just it. She wrote you a song in your favorite key. E-flat major, right?" Roy laughed. "Your freshman had it bad, Richie."

"I-Eet ees not what eet seems-" Kory stammered.

"You sure?" Richard asked, crossing his arms. "Because it seems like you're a bonafide stalker extraordinaire."

Kory bit back angry tears. "You-you connards!"

"Speak. ENGLISH." Roy taunted her.

"YOU DICKHEADS!" Kory screeched, grabbing her bag rather forcefully from Richard and running down the hallway to her third period English class.

Richard watched her go, guilt rising in his stomach. Roy laughing in his ear didn't help.

"You're a dick, Roy," He muttered.

"Aw, take the tampon out of your butt, Richie, you're just as bad." Roy clapped him on the back again. "Now c'mon; Vic wants us to check out Kitten's new skirt. Apparently it's shorter than Napoleon."

Richard hesitated but eventually followed him, still feeling guilty and still seeing the horrified, embarrassed look in Kory's eyes.


"So, how was your first day of class?" Wally said conversationally as Jeni stalked by where he sat in front of her eighth period Calculus class.

"I look like crap, I feel like I've just been repeatedly bulldozed by a monster truck, Mr. Wilson is definitely a closet pedophile, I'm pretty sure my math teacher cares more about his boyfriend than our class, and Dr. Light almost burned my eyebrows off in science." Jeni didn't lose a beat as she strode on, Wally jogging at her side.

"Make any new friends?"

Jeni glared at him. "Maybe."

He beamed. "Good! You have comrades! Maybe together, we'll be able to introduce you to social skills!"

"You're so weird." Jeni glared at him. "Are you on drugs?"

"The only thing intoxicating me is you, Jeni," Wally said, pasting a sappy look on his face. "Now go drop your stuff at your dorm and throw on something durable."

"Why the hell would I do that?" Jeni turned to face him, the sunlight glittering off of her silver tattoos.

" 'Cause, my dear Jeni," Wally looped his arm through hers. "The real fun's about to begin."

Jeni raised an eyebrow.

"Remember how I got blacklisted for 'disturbing the peace'?" Wally smirked at her. "What I'm about to show you? It's the reason why."


"See, if you use ze reciprocal and simplify the problem before you multiply, you save yourzelf a lot of work," Kory said kindly, erasing the boy's mistakes with her pencil as she explained.

"Oh!" The boy, a seventh grader named Jack, beamed. "Thanks!"

Kory ruffled Jack's hair and smiled. "It was a pleasure."

Turning to the next student, a girl called Marigold, she was hit by a wave of cold air and Old Spice cologne.

She straightened and glared. "You're late, Grayson."

"Grayson?" Richard hung his coat carelessly on the back of the nearest chair. "Uh-oh. Who peed in your orange juice?"

"You know exactly why I am upset, you fils immature de pute." She hissed.

"Not in front of the children, Kory," His eyes twinkled devilishly at her. She huffed and turned back to Marigold. As she patiently taught the little girl how to convert fractions, decimals, and percents, she caught Richard looking at her broodingly almost every time she glanced up.

"See, Mari, seven times four is twenty-six, so seven-twenty-fifths as a decimal is .26." She said gently.

".28." Richard said clearly from across the classroom.

Kory glared at him. "What?"

"Seven times four is twenty-eight, not twenty-six." Richard's eyes glinted with amusement. "Check your math skills."

Kory glared at him, her mouth gaping a little before flipping her hair over her shoulders and pointedly ignoring him. When the bell rang half an hour later, she almost cried out of sheer joy.

"Thank you, Kory," Marigold beamed as she left. Kory smiled back, gathering her things and reaching for her calculator, only to have a large hand take it before she could.

"Give me back my calculator, salaud," Kory growled at him, angrier as she could remember ever being before.

"Pas avant que nous parlons," Richard spoke back tauntingly.

Kori groaned. "And you speak French too. Iz zere anyzing you can't do?"

"Well, I'm an jerk when I'm with my friends," Richard sighed. "I'm sorry."

Kory stared at him coldly. "I am zure you are, but zat does not change anything."

He stared back at her, conflicting emotions in his eyes.

And then he looked away and sighed. "Of course it doesn't. Sed quantum volo prorsus fecit."

And with that, he tossed her calculator at her and walked away.


"What IS this place?" Jeni said in awe, taking in the scene with wide eyes.

"This is the resistance." Kole smiled slightly. "I know that sounds all cliché and spy-movie esque, but it's true."

Wally slung an arm around her shoulders. "Welcome to the Underground, Jeni."


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