The next two days were spent effectively getting to know everyone. Bella found most of their new allies to be quite antisocial, but if she could talk to them on their own, they were much more likely to be sociable. Carlisle explained this was because vampires weren't exactly pack creatures. The Cullen coven was one of the largest ones known besides the Volturi, and these nomadic vampires preferred to keep to themselves, despite their loyalty to their friends. They didn't stay inside the house, and most of them had to go elsewhere to hunt, out of respect for the Cullens' permanent residence in Forks.

And yes…They hunted humans.

It was a fact that burned Leah up inside and was difficult for Bella to come to terms with. If it weren't for Esme, Leah probably wouldn't have been able to stand all the red eyed vampires hanging around. To be honest, it was hard for Bella to be okay with it too. But they didn't have much choice.

It helped that Alice explained most of the nomads targeted people that were less than moral themselves. The Denali sisters in particular liked to hunt rapists and pedophiles. Marshall and Garrett targeted violent men and women that could range anywhere from dangerous alcoholics to near psychopaths.

However…Some of the nomads weren't so picky. It seemed the general consensus was that hunting good humans was less than desirable, but if it came down to starving or not starving…None of them were going to go hungry if they didn't have to. This was what made Leah burn when she looked at their red eyes, and it was only out of love for Bella and a grudging respect for the Cullens' lives that she did not shift and go snarling after every single red eyed vampire.

It probably helped that none of the nomads went after children, teens, or pregnant women; starving or not.

As it was, Leah spent a lot of time hanging around Esme, as if to remind herself that not all vampires were heartless bloodsucking murderers, which delighted Esme. Bella loved to watch Esme light up when Leah came around. The Cullen matron was truly a mother at heart, and getting to take care of the Quileute native brought her happiness.

Speaking of Quileutes…

Alice still had no idea when the wolves would come, or what they would do when they did. All she knew was that they were gathering en masse and hovering somewhere around the La Push reservation. She said two packs had joined Sam's and she also said that it couldn't be long before they mobilized with such a large gathering of human hunting vampires around.

Yes, the nomads knew there were werewolves in Forks, Washington. Yes, they knew the Cullens had had some trouble with them.

No, they didn't know that the Quileutes were practically gearing up for war.

And no, Bella still had no idea what Carlisle expected her to do when they came, and come they surely would. She still had no idea how to voluntarily activate her gift.

As it was they still had time, time that Carlisle, apparently, wanted to utilize experimenting with Bella, which is what they were doing on a fateful Wednesday afternoon. Bella was perched on the table with Carlisle standing before her, a knife in hand.

"Are you sure about this, Carlisle?" Alice asked worriedly, hovering off to the side, eyeing the knife warily.

"I'm not so sure this is a good idea, sweetheart," Esme added on Bella's other side, similarly staring at the knife Carlisle wielded.

"Both of you worry too much. She recovered from those werewolf wounds just fine," Rosalie waved them off, standing in Emmett's arms. They were both only here to watch out of curiosity. Edward was somewhere off with Tanya and her sisters, and Jasper was absent as usual, probably off somewhere with Garrett in the woods.

Bella didn't say anything, just watched Carlisle nervously, tapping her fingers on the table. She'd finally given into Carlisle's insatiable want to discover more about her unusual transformation into…Whatever she was.

Which I probably shouldn't have, she thought as Carlisle smiled beatifically and twirled the knife expertly.

"Rosalie is right. This is just for experimental purposes. The knife probably won't even be able to break her skin, if my theories are correct," Carlisle said and held out his hand for Bella's arm.

"And if they're not?" Bella raised her eyebrow as Alice made an indecipherable noise and grabbed her other hand. Bella was pretty sure it was more for Alice's benefit than her own.

Carlisle took her hand gently and said, "Then the damage will be negligible as I'm not aiming to cut deep, anyway. It'll be just a scratch at best."

Well wasn't that all fine and dandy for him?

Bella tensed as did Esme and Alice when Carlisle, with no further hesitation, pressed the tip of the stainless steel knife into the top of her forearm and pulled downwards.

Nothing happened. Her skin indented under the pressure, but Bella didn't feel a thing, though she winced all the same.

"See," Carlisle gestured to her arm as he pulled the knife back. "Nothing doing."

Alice exhaled a heavy breath and Bella couldn't help but smirk in amusement.

"Yeah, see, Alice? Nothing doing," Bella teased her lover, and Alice rolled her eyes with a smile.

"You shut it," Alice replied loftily and butted their shoulders together. Bella grinned and kissed her lightly on the lips, ignoring Rosalie's scoff at their display of affection.

"Hot," Emmett grinned, his eyes glazing slightly. Rosalie slapped him on the arm.

They both ignored them. Bella was slightly distracted by Alice licking her lips, as if she were getting another taste of Bella upon them. Being back with Alice after so long had practically magnetized her to the girl; not that they weren't always magnetized towards each other, but lately Bella had been noticing that it was stronger than ever. She shook herself out of it, however, when Carlisle started talking again.

"Now, let's try something a little…Sharper," Carlisle hummed, and he walked over to the counter where he'd rolled out a set of knives when Bella had tentatively agreed to his experiment.

"I'm pretty sure you were a mad scientist in another life, Carlisle," Alice mused as he carefully lifted a small knife with a glimmering tip.

"Yeah, and he's a mad doctor in this one," Emmett laughed as Bella made a face at Carlisle's newest choice in instrument.

"What's the difference between that knife and the other one?" Bella inquired curiously as Carlisle chuckled at his children good-naturedly before taking hold of her hand again.

"This one's got a diamond tip," Carlisle informed her.

Esme made a noise similar to the one Alice had made earlier, but Bella only tilted her head, confused.

"Diamond is the only mineral capable of piercing a normal vampire's skin. As you've demonstrated skin much stronger than any human's, I'm guessing it's going to take a lot more to pierce it. But my question is, is your skin even stronger than ours?" Carlisle explained his thinking.

Oh, I don't know, Carlisle, Bella thought sardonically. But I'm sure you're going to keep slicing me until you find out….

Bella glanced at Alice, who could only shrug, before she turned back to Carlisle.

"Alright," she drawled. "Go for it, I guess…"

Why had she agreed to this again?

Carlisle nodded, and then pressed the tip of the diamond tipped knife into her arm. Bella felt a sharp sting and hissed in a breath as he drew it lightly along her skin. She fought the urge to recoil because it didn't hurt that bad, really. It was just the principle of the matter.

Following the path of the knife, a line of dark red, darker than normal blood beaded up, but almost as soon as it did, her skin resealed as if there had never been a mark at all.

"Whoa," Emmett whistled.

What the hell? Bella blinked rapidly. That's-That's insane!

"Remarkable," Carlisle breathed, pulling away as Bella quickly pulled her arm back, examining it, unnerved.

"Your powers of recovery are even faster than ours, though you are capable of being harmed by the same things, I would say," Carlisle declared as Bella's eyebrows shot up.

Alright, that was kind of cool, Bella thought to herself, impressed as she rubbed a finger over the place where Carlisle had cut her, where there was no hint of a blemish at all. She looked back up quickly when she realized Carlisle was asking her something.

"Bella, when you have fought and been injured before, such as when you fought with Jasper, what did it feel like when you endured heavy impact?"

"Uh…What?" Bella frowned, moderately confused. "You mean like, when he punched me and kicked me and all that?"

"Precisely," Carlisle said as Rosalie rolled her eyes.

"What else would he mean?" she muttered to Emmett.

"Rose," Esme hissed, but Bella ignored them, used to it.

"Well…It hurt?" Bella replied slowly, not sure what he was trying to get at. "It felt like he'd cracked my ribs, honestly, but I think the adrenaline kept me from thinking about it too much."

"Did you notice any marks in your skin afterwards?" Carlisle pressed.

"No. I mean, I was kind of…Distracted," Bella blushed and Alice rubbed her arm up and down as Rosalie snickered.

To say this was a sore subject would be an understatement.

"Of course," Carlisle nodded understandingly. "So you didn't get the chance to take a look at where he'd struck you? How long did it take to stop hurting? Were you able to breathe normally?"

"Easy, Pops," Emmett chuckled as Bella's eyebrows shot up.

"Um…No, I didn't get a chance to look at it, it took about five minutes to really go away, and yes?" Bella ticked off each question on her finger, ending on a question as she tried to answer everything Carlisle had asked her.

Carlisle hummed and rubbed his jaw. After a moment, he chanced a glance at his wife, who sighed.

"It's up to Bella," Esme shrugged.

"What's up to me?" Bella asked curiously, as Alice huffed beside her.

"Carlisle wants to know if he can hit you," she scowled. "And the answer is no, father. That's too much. We already let you cut her like some frog up for dissection!"

Bella wholeheartedly agreed with her girlfriend.

"I don't want to hit her, Alice," Carlisle frowned. "I just want to know how her body handles impact in relation to a normal human's and slash or a vampire's."

"By hitting her," Rosalie deadpanned.

Bella wasn't so sure about this one. She didn't fancy taking a punch from a vampire. After having been human around them for so long, if she wasn't out of her mind with instincts, she still felt like a single punch from a vampire would take her head clean off her shoulders.

She shifted nervously on the table and rubbed the back of her neck uncertainly, looking to Alice for help.

No, Alice mouthed, shaking her head pointedly.

"Oh for God's sake," Rosalie scoffed. "This is ridiculous. We've already seen that she can take a hit!"

"That's not the point, Rose-" Alice argued and then whap.

Bella yelped and whipped around to snarl at Rosalie, who had just socked her hard right in the arm.

"Rosalie!" Carlisle, Esme, and Alice all shouted simultaneously as Bella grimaced, rubbing her arm and glaring at the unapologetic blonde.

What an absolute bitch, Bella scowled. That really hurt!

"Not cool, Rose," Emmett growled to Rosalie, who rolled her eyes.

"Sorry," she shrugged, not sorry at all.

"I'm going to seriously kick your ass one day," Alice told her sister honestly, seething next to Bella.

"Alice, language. Rosalie, behave yourself," Esme snapped, pointing to each of them in turn.

Bella fought not to roll her eyes.

Behave herself? Yeah freakin' right! It's a little too late for that, Esme.

"Let me see your arm, Bella," Carlisle sighed after casting his daughter a warning look.

Bella just shook her head, exasperated, and considering poisoning the next deer Rosalie hunted down. She allowed Carlisle to take her arm gently and examine it.

"Jesus, Rosalie, look what you did!" Alice huffed as Bella winced a bit when Carlisle prodded at the spot, where a large purplish mark was evident, like a faint bruise. But even as they watched, the mark faded away rapidly, and the ache in Bella's arm faded rapidly along with it.

"It doesn't hurt," Bella told them, surprised. A second ago it had been throbbing like a bitch, courtesy of Rosalie. Just like that, the pain had disappeared.

"Well, I didn't really hit her all that hard," Rosalie rolled her eyes.

That was a downright lie. She had full on whopped Bella, and when everyone glowered at her she put up her hands defensively.

"That's incredible," Carlisle murmured as he pulled back. "That would have cracked any of our arms and taken at least twenty seconds to heal over…"

"So what does all this mean to you, Carlisle?" Bella inquired, wanting to know what the point of torturing her was in the end. She rolled her shoulder even if it didn't ache and cast a wayward glance of annoyance at Rosalie.

"It means your powers of recovery are better than any vampire's. I would presume that you can take somewhat more of a beating as well because of that," Carlisle explained.

"That's good," Alice said happily, playing with Bella's fingers and giving her a bright smile.

Bella smiled back, as always.

So I'm not completely screwed when the fighting starts, she thought. I just have to try not to get my ass kicked too much.

"Cool. Are we done now, Carlisle?" Bella asked, hopping off the table in relief. She'd had about enough of being used as a punching bag and a carving board.

"One last thing, Bella," Carlisle put up a hand.

"Carlisle," Alice complained as Bella halted with a sigh.

Of course there's one last thing. There's always 'one last thing'.

"Honey, maybe you should-" Esme tried to intervene but Carlisle gave them all a pointed look.

"This will be quick, I promise. And it won't hurt at all," he promised to a skeptical Bella.

"This is the last thing?" Bella demanded, running a hand through her hair as Alice scowled.

"I promise," Carlisle nodded somberly.

Ugh…Why not? What could be worse than being cut and punched? Bella thought resignedly. If it'll get Carlisle off my back, I might as well.

"Fine," Bella agreed reluctantly. "What is it?"

At this, Carlisle walked over to his set of knives and opened a pouch that had previously been shut. He then reached in and pulled out a long, thick needle, with a glittering, diamond tip.

Ice dropped into Bella's stomach and she suddenly regretted agreeing to this.

"What's that? Carlisle, you're not injecting me with anything are you?" Bella drew back as he approached her, ready to slap it away if he tried anything.

Mad scientist, indeed.

"Of course not, Bella. This is to take your blood. Your blood did not look like any human's when we cut you earlier. It was too dark. Not to mention so much of vampirism centers around blood, and your body has clearly blended in a new and unusual way with vampirism. I want to see how your blood differs. And…"

Carlisle hesitated.

"And what?" Alice asked, eyes narrowing in suspicion.

"And…I want to see how your body might be affected should any vampire choose to bite you."

"Hell no!" Alice barked immediately. "No one is biting her-"

"Of course not, Alice. Why do all my children have so little faith in me?" Carlisle scowled at his adoptive daughter.

Alice shut her mouth, lips pursed as Bella squirmed uncomfortably. She really wasn't a fan of needles. She wasn't terrified of them like some people, but she didn't like them either.

"We're simply going to mix venom with a sample of Bella's blood and see how it reacts," Carlisle explained before he reached out and took Bella's hand lightly. "Flex for me, Bella. I need a vein."

Bella sighed, wondering for the hundredth time why she was going along with all these experiments. Probably because she was so curious about what she was as well.

She acquiesced Carlisle's request and flexed the muscles of her right arm, making them bulge. A second later a few veins stood up in response, and then Emmett let out a wolf whistle that had her blushing.

"Nice guns, Bells!" he laughed. "We should totally arm wrestle later or something and see how strong you really are. You may recover faster, but I bet I'm still stronger!" he boasted with a grin.

"He's right, Tiger. Nice biceps," Alice whispered softly in her ear, lips brushing the shell.

Bella's blush burned twice as hot and her breath hitched as her stomach tightened. Her inner vampire purred hungrily for Alice and she swallowed.

God…It had been a while since Alice had talked to her in that bedroom voice. It had been a long time since they'd been alone in a room together, a long time since she'd been able to feel that warm coil in her lower stomach that Alice always caused, which unlike when Bella was wholly human, was tinged with something darker, greedier.

Bella had a sudden flashing of images of her and Alice, naked, writhing, with lips and tongue and teeth and fangs-Everywhere-

Whoa there, Bella. Calm yourself.

She could feel Alice smirking next to her as if she knew exactly what was going through Bella's head, and Bella didn't even notice Carlisle had stuck the needle in until she felt a slight pinch. It brought her out of her own head, but the slow burn of arousal in her gut stayed. She swore she could smell Alice even more than she could a moment ago, and she smelled delicious.

Thank God for vampiric senses.

With some effort, Carlisle pushed the needle in deeper, but Bella hardly felt it. She watched in morbid fascination as Carlisle pulled the plunger back slowly, drawing thick, dark red liquid –her blood- up through the needle and into the tube. When it was full, he pulled back, and the small dot where the needle had penetrated Bella sealed up instantly.

"There," Carlisle smiled. "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

Bella shook her head and flexed her hand briefly before turning to kiss Alice on the cheek when the pixie rubbed her hand comfortingly. All she could think about was how good Alice's cool skin felt rubbing along hers and the way she felt beneath her lips.

By the gleam in Alice's golden eyes, she knew Alice knew exactly what she was feeling and thinking.

And she agreed.

Something reared its head inside Bella and growled with desire so forcefully that she had to take a deep breath to fight it off. It was that same feeling she'd had when she first awoke and she had kissed Alice as if possessed, unable to resist the urge to be all over the other girl.

Don't, Bella warned herself, rubbing her hands together and trying to ignore the way her body seemed attuned to every little thing about Alice. It didn't help that Alice seemed to be deliberately trying to cause this reaction in her, whispering in her ear like that, and sliding her arm around Bella's waist in that painfully familiar way until she wrapped long fingers around her hip tightly, pulling Bella snug to her fit little body.

God, she thought, shivering. Is she trying to kill me?

When she glanced at Emmett, he was smirking lecherously, as if he knew exactly what was on her mind as her body and Alice's fit together in that way that always made her deliriously excited, like her stomach was trying to jump free from her body and her hands ache to touch.

It really had been far too long since she had been with Alice, so close, yet so far…

"Now," Carlisle said as he popped the tube away from the needle, which he discarded in the trash before holding the vial of Bella's blood up to the light. "Who would like to volunteer their venom?"

"I will," Alice replied immediately and let go of Bella so fast that it made her dizzy and something inside her snarl in protest. It took quite a deal of effort to reign that in and she shoved her hands deep into her pockets to keep from grabbing Alice and yanking her back like some crazy person.

Emmett and Rosalie both snickered at her while Esme hushed them. Alice seemed not to notice, but Bella knew she did. Alice noticed everything about her.

Vampiric instincts really were a bitch.

"Alright, Alice. Come here then," Carlisle said as he placed the vial with Bella's blood down on the counter and picked up another –empty- vial. He also walked over to the fridge and pulled out a baggie full of blood, to which Bella's nose wrinkled.

It made no sense to her why animal blood was so appealing but human blood still made her want to wretch. Carlisle theorized it was because everything about her was based on humanity, and humans didn't eat each other (well, usually). Other animals were their more natural prey.

The Cullens themselves all eyed the blood bag except for Carlisle, who cut it open as if it were nothing, a perk to being a doctor where blood was a common occurrence. Thankfully no one lost their mind because it was both frozen, not fresh, and they were all well fed. Bella watched, curious to see what milking a vampire's venom entailed, and also digging a nail into her thigh to ward off an unreasonably powerful sense of arousal.

What is wrong with me? She thought. It's like Alice is all over me and I just want to be all over her, too…

Alice stood before her father and opened her mouth wide. Carlisle took the open bag and slowly up ended it over Alice's open mouth, squeezing out a few droplets onto her waiting tongue.

There was something absolutely fucking morbidly and disgustingly erotic about it all.

Bella wanted to be those droplets on Alice's tongue, sliding down her throat, wanted to be the reason Alice made that soft noise of hunger, the reason her buttery yellow eyes darkened to amber.

Stop being a freak and get a hold of yourself, Swan!

Bella shifted her thighs and licked her lips, crossed her arms, tried to pretend like the only thing she wanted right now wasn't to jump Alice's bones. The pull in her gut was so much stronger than any human form of desire. She was grateful Rosalie and Emmett were too preoccupied controlling themselves with human blood in the room to notice her struggle.

After a moment, Carlisle pulled the bag away and then lifted the vial to his daughter's top row of teeth, where Alice's fangs were fully extended. If Bella looked hard enough, she could see something clear pearled at their tips, glistening.


She thought she knew what the blood was for. The blood excited Alice's vampire enough to stimulate the urge to produce venom, as if she were biting into the warm neck of a human and not being hand fed from a baggie.

Alice made a quiet rumbling noise when Carlisle gently slipped the opening of the vial under one of her fangs and then pulled back slightly, exerting pressure against the tip.

Drip, drip, drip.

Slowly, bit by bit, Alice's venom dribbled into the vial, just like one would milk a snake. After a bit, Carlisle switched to her other fang. When the vial was nearly half full, Alice jerked back and snapped her mouth shut. She didn't make a sound, but her eyes were dangerously dark now.

Milking a vampire for venom did not, apparently, come without risk.

"Drink," Carlisle commanded, handing Alice the baggie full of blood as he turned away with the vial of Alice's venom.

While Alice up ended the bag and began to drink from it obediently, gulping it down effortlessly in a way that should not have aroused Bella so much but did, because she could see it satisfying Alice's hunger deeply and she wanted to be the one satisfying Alice, Carlisle walked over to the counter and began to fiddle with a microscope he'd set up there.

This is ridiculous, Bella thought, biting the tip of her tongue.

"What are you doing, Pops?" Emmett broke the slightly uncomfortable silence.

"Preparing to mix the samples," Carlisle replied distractedly. He took an eye dropper, squeezed a bit of Bella's blood into it and then deposited it on a glass slide as Alice gasped and then crumpled up the now emptied baggie before tossing it in the trash, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

Bella watched, fascinated, as Alice licked lips that were a shade redder than normal, clearing them. When Alice turned back to her with a smile, her eyes were still dark. There was a glimmer in them and she didn't break eye contact with Bella, which made Bella's fists clench so hard she thought she might break her own hands.

She's doing it on purpose, Bella realized as she saw a glimmer in Alice's eye that made her stomach jump. She's trying to get a reaction out of me!

Bella was not the only one who had missed her lover.

Their intense stare off was broken only when Carlisle made a noise of surprise. While they weren't looking, he had dripped a small amount of Alice's venom onto the slide, mixing it with Bella's blood sample.

"That's incredible!" he gasped, twisting the dial on the microscope quickly, presumably zooming in. "Esme, come look at this, quickly!"

"What? What is it?" Rosalie demanded as she and Emmett both stirred curiously. Alice turned away from Bella, who felt her chest rumble in protest.

I need to get out of here, she thought. I don't know if I can keep control of myself right now. God, why is she so irresistible right now? What's the matter with me?

"My word!" Esme breathed as Carlisle moved aside and she took his place, looking through the microscope at the mixed sample. "It's-It's-"

"It's what?" Emmett inquired loudly, eyes alight with curiosity.

"Her blood is assimilating the venom!" Carlisle told them excitedly.

"Isn't that the exact opposite of what's supposed to happen?" Rosalie cocked her head in shock, and then quickly peered into the microscope when Esme waved her over.

"It is!" Carlisle laughed, excited by this medical phenomena. "Come quickly, everyone take a look!"

Emmett swore when he had his turn to look before he pulled Alice over to see. Alice took a long moment staring through the microscope, her lips parted in apparent wonder.

"Carlisle, how is that possible?" she asked her father when she'd pulled back, eyes wide.

"I have no idea," he chuckled. "How is anything Bella's body does possible? Bella, come see for yourself!"

Bella shook herself out of her stupor of arousal, tearing her eyes away from Alice, who smirked knowingly, and slowly approached the microscope. Hesitantly, she leaned over it and pressed her eye to the glass.

"The dark red is your blood. The clear blots are venom," Carlisle told her as Bella spun the dial, readjusting it so the image wouldn't be blurred. "Watch closely when they mix!"

Bella squinted a little as she watched miniscule droplets of clear and red mixing. Her eyes widened as she watched the tiny red platelets seem to absorb the venom in a burst of blackness that rapidly became the familiar dark red of her own blood a moment later. Over and over, until all the venom had been destroyed and nothing but blood was left on the glass slide.

"Carlisle, it's like my blood is…Multiplying or something!" Bella gawked and drew back to stare at him in confusion.

"Excellent observation, Bella!" Carlisle clapped a hand on her shoulder.

Bella's hackles rose, and she wasn't sure why. She didn't know why she was so on edge, but her arousal for Alice had not weakened, and some part of her wanted to growl and shove Carlisle away.

Keep it together, Bella…

"It looks as if any platelets the venom managed to destroy were immediately replaced by more of your blood cells," Carlisle explained to everyone's surprise. "Not only is your blood destroying all traces of the venom, but it's replacing what it loses! I'd hazard a guess to say that even if a vampire managed to bite you again, the effects would be voided as quickly as they came!"

"That's insane," Rosalie muttered, glancing at Bella with the first hint that she was actually impressed since they'd begun.

"You're like a freaking super hero, Bells!" Emmett laughed and clapped his own hand onto her shoulder.

Bella couldn't stop herself.

"Don't!" she snarled and shoved his arm away roughly.

Emmett staggered back a few steps as everyone froze in surprise.

Bella felt awful instantly even as her chest heaved. Her mind had jumped into that familiar storm with little to no warning the moment Emmett touched her. She hadn't meant to do it and the wounded look on Emmett's face killed her.

"I-I'm sorry-I didn't mean to, I don't know what came over me-" Bella breathed, clenching and unclenching her hands.

She couldn't bear to look at any of them, embarrassed, her stomach aching with a humiliating arousal, an insensible rage.

"I don't know what's wrong with me," she whispered helplessly and folded her arms tightly around her middle. She was so on edge and afraid of what she might do, felt so out of control.

"I sure do," Rosalie said, her tone thick with amusement. "And Alice does, too…"

Bella whipped her a look at the suggestive tone, and slowly Emmett broke out into a grin before he crossed his arms.

"Oh, I get it. Don't worry about it, Bells, we've all been there," he smirked as Rosalie snickered.

They'd all been where?

"Okay, I think that's enough for today," Esme said quickly as Bella grimaced in confusion. "Alice, why don't you take Bella upstairs while the rest of us clean up down here?"

There wasn't anything to really clean up. Carlisle's experiments hadn't been messy, but the hint was clear.

Take Bella out of here before she loses her shit, basically.


Bella swallowed hard when Alice suddenly filled her field of vision, all big, bright eyes and porcelain skin. Bella's insides twisted and she let out a heavy breath as Alice gently took her tightly wound arms and pulled them apart.

"Come on, sweetheart," she murmured in a voice like dripping honey.

Bella shuddered and allowed Alice to tug her forward, lace their hands as she led her out of the kitchen.

"Have fun!" Rosalie called cheerily after them.

"Rose," Esme hissed.

They slipped into Alice's room silently. The moment they entered Alice's hand slipped out of Bella's as she drifted weightlessly towards her bed before she turned around, standing before it, waiting, as Bella shut the door behind her.

"Alice," Bella breathed, just to feel her name with her tongue, an indefinable, unfathomable tension rising up inside her like a tide.

The moment Bella chanced to meet her eyes, she was lost.

She was across the room in three quick strides, lunging for Alice, a blur.

As always, Alice met her halfway.

They crashed together and Bella growled raggedly, an animalistic thing as their lips met hard in a flash of tongues and teeth. A gut wrenching bolt of desire shot straight from her lower gut to her the core of her sex, an unbearable need. She gasped as Alice kissed her back just as fiercely, clinging to her face, pulling her closer as Bella clutched at her waist, mindlessly reached down to grab for her ass.

The moment she found purchase on that firm back side, Bella snarled and pulled Alice against her body roughly, delighted by her mewl of pleasure.

"Fuck, Bella," Alice hissed and threw her head back when Bella attacked her neck.

Bella was out of her mind.

She latched onto any piece of available skin, tasting Alice, a flavor that burst on her taste buds and left her dizzy as she licked and sucked harshly, hungry to leave a mark though she never could. Alice arched into her and she groaned gutturally, lost to a storm inside her head that was entirely new and different than ever before, a giddy, hazy thing that rained desire for Alice through her whole body like a shot of heroin through her veins.

Every moan Alice gave made her more and more delirious. Without warning, she pushed forward, eager to pin Alice down to something, to get horizontal so she could rut like an animal against her, to find some form of release for the desire building up inside her before she exploded.

They slammed into Alice's bed wildly, a tangle of limbs and growls and moans, and a loud crack shattered Bella awake.

Fuck-No, was that Alice? Jesus, what did I just do?

"Alice," Bella gasped, rearing back, gazing down at her lover in the shambles of what had been Alice's bed a moment before.

"I'm fine," Alice breathed, her eyes wild and utterly black, endless, depthless with desire. They pierced through Bella as Alice immediately lurched up and latched onto the side of her neck like a-well, like a vampire. Bella inhaled sharply, groaning as Alice brought the arousal rip roaring back, a fresh wave of wetness coating the insides of her thighs as the pixie sucked firmly on her pulse point.

"Fuck, Alice, what's wrong with me? I don't know what's wrong with me," Bella whimpered out, and then growled loudly when Alice's hands swept across her breasts, squeezing briefly before reaching down to cup her ass and pull Bella's core tight against her stomach. Her thighs spread around Alice's waist and she practically came right then and there.

Jesus Christ, she thought, fighting with all of her mind not to lose herself to that determined storm again.

She was afraid, of how strong these feelings were. She had no idea what she might do if she lost complete control, terrified that she might hurt Alice in her frenzy.

"There's nothing wrong with you Bella," Alice hissed to her ear, nipping at the lobe as Bella clutched at her hair tightly, loving the feel of silky chopped locks, writhing. "This is-It's natural, newborns have really powerful libidos, and you-Ugh, the things you do to me, Bella…"

"I can't control myself, Alice! I-God, I don't want to hurt you," Bella mewled, barely sensible as Alice shoved forward and launched them back out onto the floor where Bella landed smack on her back with a snarl.

Bella wasn't sure how she kept from going full on vampire crazy at how hard her instincts flared due to that move, but somehow she managed it.

"I can promise you, you won't hurt me, Bella," Alice purred against her lips as Bella arched her back, locked her legs tight around Alice's waist and oh-Oh.

Alice rocked between her legs, rolling her lithe ballerina hips expertly until Bella's head fell back with a thump, her sex spasming hungrily.

"I-oh shit-I want, I want-" Bella whimpered into her mouth desperately, barely even knowing what words were coming out of her own mouth as Alice's rhythm made a play at her sanity.

The only reason Bella didn't know what she wanted was because there was so much that she wanted. She wanted everything from Alice, about Alice, inside of Alice. These instincts demanded closeness, a joining, sex, fucking.

"Bella," Alice hissed and cupped her cheeks tightly, forcing their eyes to connect until both their chests were vibrating with rugged growls, breasts pressed together, soft on soft. "Tell me what you want. Tell me what you want, Bella, and I swear I'll give it to you."


It took every ounce of willpower and brainpower for Bella to suck in a breath and find a way to let Alice know what she wanted, what she needed.

"I want you," she breathed. "I need you, Alice. God, I want everything, I don't fucking care. I want you to do everything to me, anything you want, anything. I just-I need you so much right now, but I-I can't control myself and I-I can't."

Her voice cracked. Bella's body vibrated wildly, desperately.

I need her so much. Alice, please. Please help me. I'm going out of my mind.

"You don't have to, Bells," Alice whispered to her lips in a sexy husk, licking the corner of her mouth and still just rocking her hips into Bella until the brunette gasped for air, absolutely pulsating with desire between her thighs. "Just let it go, baby doll. I'm gonna take real good care of you, Bells, don't you worry."

Bella shook her head, whimpering.

"No, no, if I lose control, I m-might-I don't even know, Alice. I'm scared," Bella gasped, though it didn't matter because she was losing this fight anyway.

She could not bear the thought that she might ever hurt Alice. She never knew what might happen when she lost control of herself to these instincts.

"Don't be baby, don't ever be scared. You don't have to control yourself with me. Trust me. Let it go, Bella, let it all out. Come on, Bella, let. It. Go."

Breathlessly, because Bella didn't know what else to do and she was rapidly becoming overwhelmed, and because she trusted Alice, her best friend, her lover, with all her heart, she nodded weakly, her cheek brushing Alice's lightly, tantalizingly.

With that, Alice purred, kissed her cheek, leaned back and ripped Bella's shirt off, taking her bra with it.

Bella lost herself immediately.

She snarled up at Alice, baring her fangs, chest heaving as she was suddenly exposed, but Alice pinned her wrists to the floor with a rumbling purr, flattening their bodies together, dragging the cotton of her shirt against Bella's exposed nipples.

"Uh uh," Alice murmured roughly against her cheek, gliding her teeth against her skin as Bella shuddered wildly and bucked, some wild desire to get free and back on top taking over her, so she could do something about the unending ache in her walls, all that wetness coating her folds. "I'm in control now, baby doll…And if you want me to take care of you, you better accept that fact right now."

Something roared defiantly inside Bella. She had no control of herself anymore. She bucked wildly, straining against Alice's grip, but the pixie kept her pinned almost effortlessly and never stopping rolling her hips. After struggling wildly for a few long minutes in which Alice just kept kissing at her neck relentlessly, holding her down, that defiant something inside of Bella gave in as the ache in her sex became even more desperate.

When Alice kissed her, Bella whimpered submissively, grinding her hips up into Alice pleadingly. The desire for dominance gave way to the desire for fulfillment. She'd have done anything Alice wanted, anything at all just to be touched.

"Good girl," Alice breathed to her ear, letting go of Bella's wrists so her hands could slide down over her breasts, grasping with delicious pressure that made Bella throw her head back and give a throaty, wanton moan.

With her hands free, Bella instinctively reached out, wanting to touch Alice, feel every inch of her. She clutched at Alice's shirt and with a hungry growl, she tore it open from the back so she could drag her nails down all that soft, marble skin, clenching at the feel of it. Alice gasped and hissed in surprise before grasping her chin and murmuring, "Bad girl" to her lips, though the scowl on her face belied her pleasure at being clawed.

Her voice would always be Bella's undoing, as if she were not already undone at the seams. Alice leaned back and threw the remains of her shirt away. She was not wearing a bra and Bella's body jolted at the sight of her breasts with white hot desire, and all she wanted was to envelop them in her mouth, but it was not meant to be, because Alice was on a mission.

Alice tore her own shorts away with all that super strength and then yanked Bella's free from her body as well, leaving them both utterly naked, stopping Bella's heart in its tracks.

Alice's hungry, glittering black eyes took in her spread legs, her heaving chest, her slightly parted lips, and Bella would have begged if she had the voice to do so, because she had no fight left in her. This ancient, primal desire was eating her up from the inside.

She needed Alice. Now.

"Goddamn, Bells," Alice breathed, before she growled, locked their eyes, lunged down and kissed her hard. In the same motion, she pushed one of Bella's thighs out wide and plunged two fingers into her aching, slick sex, forcing a single, conscious thought through her brain.

Oh my fucking God.

Bella cried out into her mouth, gasping for air, for Alice's air, for any exhale she could give as Bella's walls clamped down immediately on Alice's digits, feeling every ridge, every knuckle slide inside of her and begin to piston with slick, obscene sounds.

Every stroke was fire on her insides, and when Alice pushed a third finger into her, the sensation of fullness shoved her over the edge without warning.

Bella snarled a noise that was not human, purely animalistic in nature, ripping her mouth from Alice's so she could cry out uninhibited as her cunt convulsed joyfully. And Alice just kept fucking her through it, curving her fingers into that sweet spot that made Bella want to cry with ecstasy. The sounds that poured out of her mouth were desperate, demanding, pitifully broken and hungrily ferocious. Alice ate them all up with her mouth, which became the haven for every one of Bella's moans, every cry.

Bella hooked one leg over Alice's waist, trying to spread further open for her, wanting more, more, more. It felt like it could never be enough, like she could never get enough of Alice.

Alice was not gentle. Bella didn't want it gentle, didn't need it gentle.

Every thrust of Alice's hand sent her palm slapping into Bella's clit, driving her up so high that Bella could barely stand it. Together they rocked, growling, hissing, clutching at each other in an ancient dance. Bella felt Alice's teeth scrape along her neck, the teasing brush of fangs across her pulse point, and the danger of it made her stomach jolt headlong into another orgasm.

The pleasure of it was so powerful that she couldn't help but scream in ecstasy, raked her nails down Alice's back hard in a futile effort to ground herself. Alice snarled in her ear so loudly that Bella could only whimper back pitiably, bucking her hips, insides molten around Alice's fingers, clenching with every thrust.

Alice still didn't stop.

Dizzy, swimming in the slurry of her own brain, Bella flung her hands out wide and dug her fingers into Alice's hardwood floor, drawing thick, deep gouges into it as Alice drew back so she could brace her free hand on Bella's lower stomach and keep pumping into her.

It gave Bella the view of her life.

She saw her own breasts heaving up and down, her stomach crunching in an effort to take everything Alice gave her, but most extraordinarily, she watched as Alice's long, pale digits stabbed into her again and again, heard the wet slap of skin on skin. The pressure of Alice's other palm on her stomach seemed to add to the relentlessly rebuilding pressure inside her sex and she let out throaty whimpers, moans, cries.

From the depths of her being, a single conscious, verbal word came to the forefront of her mind.

"Alice," Bella whimpered. "Alice, Alice, Alice!"

The sound of her name on Bella's lips seemed to possess Alice. Her sweet pixie growled lowly and the hand that had been pressing down on Bella's stomach suddenly flew up and grabbed her by the throat, squeezing just enough to threaten a lack of oxygen before Alice's lips came crashing down into hers.

"Yes, Bella, yes. Give it all to me. You're mine, everything you've got is mine. You're mine," Alice hissed, her eyes blacker than Bella had ever seen them, glinting with abandon.

Hers, Bella's subconscious whispered.

It was a declaration of the most primal kind, and it felt so good.

"Yours," Bella gasped out. "Yours, Alice, yours!"

This seemed to push Alice out of her own mind, and with a rugged growl, her tongue dipped into Bella's mouth before she pulled her fingers free of Bella's grasping walls. Before Bella could even lament the loss, Alice's fingers were flying back and forth across her clit, warmed by Bella's insides, a vibrating blur, inhumanly fast.

A hapless, high pitched cry jumped from Bella's throat as she came again, her body leaping against Alice's as the waves shattered her lower body, filling her up to the brim with utter bliss. She went floating high and away, into some beautiful, heavenly place, where the only thoughts she had were of Alice.

Oh my God, Alice.


Bella came simmering back down at the feel of something slick sliding along her thigh roughly, to the tune of Alice's desperate whimpers. Alice was humping her thigh as Bella panted for air. The vampire's hips were driving into her deliberately, searching for the release she'd given Bella over and over, with soft, kittenish noises that gave away her desperation.

The utter satisfaction Bella was experiencing warmly through her whole body was overcome by a desire that was just as powerful as before; the desire to take Alice the way she had taken Bella, to devour her, to give everything Alice have given to her right back.

Bella's eyes snapped open and she let loose a deep growl that shook her whole chest. Before Alice could do anything, Bella's arms closed around her and she flipped them in a dizzy blur. She slammed Alice back into the floor and did not head her snarl. When she looked down, she saw Alice had lost all sense of herself, too. Her lovely little breasts rose and fell rapidly and her big, beautiful eyes were wild with unbridled want and need, uncontrolled in a way Bella had never seen before.

Alice had let the animal within take control, just like Bella.

And she looked so fucking good like this.

Bella was struck with the overwhelming desire to consume Alice, every inch of her perfection. With no hesitation, she lunged down and latched onto one hard, vulnerable nipple, sucking it between her lips roughly, letting her teeth graze the sensitive tip. Alice's cry was heaven to her ears, but Bella wanted more.

A whole lot more.

Rumbling, Bella released Alice's breast and slid down, dragging her teeth on all that cool skin, her lips and tongue brushing a trail down to Alice's spread thighs. The vampire growled and reached for her hair, but Bella slapped her hand away, pinned her hips, expressing who exactly was in control now. Alice's eyes watched menacingly, still traced with defiance, but like Bella, she was so eager for release that she did not fight it. Bella latched onto the side of one gorgeous, creamy thigh, sucking at the wetness that had coated it because that's how soaked Alice was.

It was barely even a taste, and when Bella's eyes locked onto the center of Alice's need, her slick, open pink folds, desperate for attention…

She wanted to devour Alice.

So she did.

Bella lunged into her, covered Alice's mound with her mouth, lashing her tongue into her wetness, her mouth filling with her ambrosia like taste. It was heaven down there between Alice's thighs, which closed around her head instantly as the pixie gave a cry of delight. Her smooth skin slid along the brunette's cheeks, covered her ears and muffled her moans, much to Bella's displeasure.

But with her mouth filled with pure Alice, she couldn't complain much.

Bella's tongue dipped into Alice's core, hungry for more of her wetness. Her teeth scraped lightly along delicate lips, before she found the vampire's vulnerable little bundle of nerves and sealed it inside the warmth of her mouth, sucking fervently.

Alice's thighs almost crushed her skull.

Alice arched her back, wailing, fisted Bella's hair in her hands, tugging, desperate to keep her right there. Bella growled into her at the delicious sting her scalp, and then moaned when Alice flooded her chin with her sudden orgasm, bucking into Bella's mouth.

But Bella didn't stop. She would never stop. She swore she'd never have enough of Alice. She kept licking, rubbing the tip of her nose against Alice's clit, reached up to clutch her tantalizing breasts as Alice crunched her abs up and gasped for air she didn't need, before she looked down to watch Bella eat her.

Something utterly possessive filled Bella as she devoured her lover.

Mine, she thought greedily. All mine. She's mine!

"Mine," she rumbled into Alice, sliding her tongue along her slit. "Mine!"

She looked up when Alice gave a heady moan, nodded her head wildly, whimpering something under her breath.

"Yours, yours, yours! Yours, Bella!"

Her words elated Bella's vampire. Their eyes locked at the same time that Bella bit down on Alice's clit, as if to demonstrate who Alice belonged to.

Alice's whole body shuddered violently and she clutched at one of Bella's wrists as she threw her head back and came again. Bella thought her arm might break, knew she wouldn't even give a damn if it did as Alice pressed her mouth against her hand, wound her legs around Bella's head and nearly suffocated her.

God, what a way to go.

She felt Alice's tongue slide between her fingers, felt her heart skip and growled into her again. Alice only moaned at the vibration, half sitting up as she rocked against Bella's relentless mouth. She felt teeth nip at her fingertips, before the pixie took her middle and ring finger into her mouth, sucking forcefully.

It was Bella's turn to moan, delirious and drunk off of Alice's taste. Alice never once broke eye contact as they filled the room with the sounds of their pleasure. Bella pushed her tongue into Alice, deep, as deep as she could get it, causing the vampire to gasp and release her fingers with a pop.

She tasted so good, all white chocolate and berries.

Alice still clutched at her hand like a lifeline, kissing and nipping and licking at her palm before she pressed her lips to Bella's wrist. Bella could practically feel her pulse thumping there, against Alice's mouth.

By the jolt that went through Alice, so could she.

Bella's heart hammered as Alice sucked at the skin of her wrist, purring, their eyes still locked. Alice gave another whole body shudder when Bella opened her hand wide, flexing it, making the vein stand up, full of blood, against her lips.

Suddenly, she knew what Alice wanted. She could see it deep in those dark black eyes, a hunger that was different entirely to the one Bella was satiating with her mouth.

And in her frenzy, Bella wanted to give it to her.

She wanted to satisfy Alice, fulfill her in every possible way.

Every way.

Bella's inner animal didn't give a damn what it took. She would give Alice everything, everything she had.

"Yours," she hissed up to her, eyes blazing into Alice's. "Yours."

Alice gave a whimper and drew back slightly, as if deep down she was trying to fight that dangerous desire, but Bella snarled up at her.


Alice gasped, her lips parting as Bella pressed her wrist to her mouth forcefully and took her clit back into the heavenly seal of her lips once more.

It broke Alice.

She saw oil slick eyes flash and a moment later there was a sting of pain as Alice bit into her wrist and orgasmed all at the same time. Bella gasped in, inhaling all Alice as the vampire gave a desperate cry against her wrist and sucked.

Bella felt her blood rush into Alice's mouth and mewled dizzily as she felt Alice clenching against her chin, but she refused to release her clit. Alice's whole body heaved upward as she drank from her, taking heavy drafts from Bella's wrist, consumed by a hunger that there was absolutely no stopping.

It did not matter that this could have been a monumentally bad idea, that they had no idea what her blood could do to Alice, or that -despite Carlisle's experiments- they had no idea what a direct injection of venom would do to Bella.

All that mattered was that Alice was absolutely shaking in ecstasy, doubly satisfied, and the noises she made as she drank from Bella, filling herself with her life-force.

Bella felt a sensation radiate out from her wrist and down her arm, a tingling feeling that made her utterly giddy as Alice practically smothered her between her thighs. The lack of oxygen and the feeling of her whole arm vibrating shoved Bella over the edge as she clenched her own thighs, throbbing her way through yet another orgasm.

It seemed to last forever. All she could do was hang on and watch Alice drink her blood, chest heaving, throat working as she swallowed, growling as she did.

After what seemed like forever, when Bella's vision was dim with pleasure and her whole skull was heady with a sensation that could only be likened to a heroin induced high, but was probably much more powerful, Alice released her wrist with a heavy gasp.

Her thighs also unclenched from around the brunette's head, allowing her to give a gasp of her own, taking in a much needed breath of air that wasn't pure Alice, as much as she enjoyed it either way. They both lay there, painting for air, Bella's arm tingling, her whole body feeling warm and thick, like she'd been wrapped in a blanket fresh from the dryer.

She felt utterly sated, content. A smile came to her face as those feelings of needing to have and take Alice faded away as she gazed up at her lover deliriously, giddy.

It didn't last long.

Alice, eyes clenched shut, still reeling from her orgasm and from drinking Bella's blood, the corners of her mouth dripping red rivulets, jolted hard. It startled Bella, but not as much as when her eyes popped open.

Alice's eyes were blue.

A striking, electric blue.

But it was her words that really hit Bella smack in the face.

"Bella, the wolves are coming!" Alice cried, sitting bolt upright.

Hmm? Bella's brain struggled to comprehend, to care. Why was Alice so upset, after what they'd just experienced? Bella felt completely safe and satisfied. In fact, she felt like taking a nap, curled up in her lover's arms.

Alice must have seen that she was still very out of it because she grabbed her by the cheeks, her blue eyes bright and wild no longer with lust, but with fear.

"Bella, the wolves are coming, and so is your father!"

Far away in the distance, there came the sound of howling.

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