"Dr. Smith we would like to extend our greatest thanks, you've been a great friend and we hope you make it in the world of teaching annoying teenagers."

His friends clapped, some patted him on the back and others really didn't know whom this party was for. John Smith, well Doctor John Smith now; had made probably the dumbest decision in his life. But when a prestigious high school in Leadworth offered him a high paying job in his field who was he to tell them no. So off he went, his first real teaching job (Tutoring for college girls who just wanted an excuse to be alone with him didn't really count.)

Moving to Leadworth was the hardest part, it wasn't as busy or packed like London was and it gave him a weird tickle in his stomach. His apartment was great, cheap but not rundown. It felt like a home was meant to feel; he set down his bonsai tree that his friends bought him and threw himself onto his new couch.

The next morning he sat behind his desk in his new classroom; it was empty at the moment but in five minuets they would be here. He smirked.

Clara sighed as she left the principals office, the teacher aid handed her a blue slip so she wouldn't get in trouble for being late. (Which happened a lot…mostly on purpose.)

Clara Oswald (Oswin to her close friends, tha' smart ass bitch to the chavs who for some reason hated her.) was indeed smart but the kind of smart that made you feel that anything wasn't challenging was just a waste of your time. So that meant that she was bored a lot, which landed her in the office a lot.

She now had to switch history classes since she failed her last one. She told them that it wouldn't be any different she would still be disinterested; school just wasn't for her. She looked at the blue slip and scoffed how could she be late if she was literally down the hall from the room. She slowly made her way inside and sighed but the air got caught in her throat.

A handsome man with messy brown hair and grey eyes stood by the board, he looked like a GQ model with his light blue dress shirt and grey vest. His sleeves were pushed up to his forearms, which were already coated with chalk. He flashed her a five hundred watt smile.

"Hello! You are the first one in my class!" She wanted to laugh but was taken off guard by the fact that she actually was early to class.

"Yeah I guess so." She went to sit down.

"Wait! Don't sit yet!"

He ran to her desk and pulled out a whoopee cushion from the chair. With wide eyes she pointed to the object.

"What's that for?!"

He smiled like he held the secret of the universe. "To even the playing field, on everyone's chair there is one."

Clara raised an eyebrow, she stood closer to her; she could feel his breath on her face.

"It's perfect really; I assign everyone seats, have everyone sit at different intervals and then everyone can see that everyone farts…I mean everyone is basically equal here from this moment. No one person is better than the other."

Not only was he hot, he was also brilliant and it was in that moment she decided to give a shit in this class.

As more students walked in she tapped him as he was writing on the board.

"What about me?" He looked around before whispering. "You were my first, you are already special. Plus I can tell you are going to be fantastic."

And after that he stopped the influx of students with a blow horn. "Nobody sit yet, I'm going to assign you seats…. sort of!"

He pointed to Clara. "What is your name?"

"Clara Oswald."

"Well Clara, you will sit there." He gave her a big smile and her heart melted even further. She stood by her whoopee cushionless seat.

One by one he assigned him or her seats, each taking turns getting laughed at and laughing at others.

"Okay so this was a demo, Name is Dr. John Smith. You may call me Dr. Smith since it is my name. Everyone inside this class is the same in my book, a fresh start if you will. As you can tell I do this a bit different but you will learn just as much or dare I say better than any history class you have ever taken.

They all nodded, mostly impressed at how cool he was. Clara shook her head; this year (her last one) was to be a doozy.

The bell rung signaling for them it was time for their next class. Clara grabbed her things but was halted when Dr. Smith stopped her.

He held up a file as he slid halfway onto his desk, his hand lightly opened and closed the file. Her stomach dropped; she knew that they would have told him about her. So much for a clean slate.

"Do you know what this is?" He spoke quietly, she nodded.

"Well I meant what I said, everyone is equal right now. This file doesn't matter to me. So keep fired up and I promise that you will love this class." He tossed the file in the trash.

"Normally, I would recycle but eh what the hell."

She laughed; John handed her a slip just in case she didn't make it to class on time. Not that she cared; it wasn't his class so none of it mattered.