Okay I know, I am sorry guys. Some serious stuff happened and I couldn't write. So I hope I can make it up to you guys by this long chapter. I have another one right after this since I didn't want to overload this chapter. So here it is, hope you guys enjoy.

Love TheSmexyDoctor

Her hands were tied above her head and her legs were securely wrapped around the waist of the man who placed her here. His large hands gripped her hips painfully tight, his eyes dark and almost frantic; she struggled against him but she paused when his eyes landed on her again. She knew she shouldn't be doing this but she had to see, she had to know what it was like. He licked his lips slowly while his hands traced slow circles on her hips.

"You're mine, do you understand that? Don't let him confuse you; you were made for me and only me. Let him go find someone his own age."

She nodded slowly and bit her lips in anticipation, he roughly slid inside of her causing her to moan and curse loudly into the dark room.


"So tell me again why you can't come over tonight?" John whined as he stood outside of Clara's school, student swamped the area as the rushed to get home; Clara smiled and hugged him closer to her.

"I told you that I'm hanging out with a friend of mine, we need to get ready for the Rome trip." John pouted and tried to put on his best puppy look, Clara chuckled lightly and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him lightly on the lips.


"I can't do that." John groaned dramatically and held her tighter, but ultimately nodded solemnly. "But you'll call me after they leave right."

"I'll call you during, I have nothing to hide."

John grinned. "What if she was one of my students?"

She was about to say something when John spotted a handsome young boy came into the picture and grinned at Clara.

"Hey Clara."

"Hey Liam."

John froze in Clara's arms; this was the friend that had told him about. Liam turned towards John and smiled brightly. "Hi! You must be John." John felt a surge of pride run through him, if he knew his name that meant Clara told Liam about him. He slightly relaxed; suddenly he didn't know why he was worried in the first place. John shook Liam's hand and smirked.

"John Smith and you are?"

"Liam Harkness, my friends call me Jack." John's eyebrows knit together in concern because the night she told him about Liam she had said his last name was McNally, why would she lie?

"Nice to meet you Jack, well I need to get this one home. She has a friend coming over."

Clara chuckled uncomfortable and began to walk away with John. Liam waved them off and called after them. "See you at your house Clara, and hope to see you soon John!"

John shot a look down at Clara, who gripped onto the strap of her bag wishing she had rode her moped today. In the car they were silent, John was paranoid before about this guy and now he was frantic. He still couldn't understand why she lied to him about his name and why she didn't tell him that he was the friend coming over.

Inside the car was silence besides the sound of his turn signal, he sighed loudly. "Why do you look so pissed?"

He glanced over at Clara and sighed. "Why did you feel the need to lie to me about his name? And why didn't you tell he was coming over?"

Clara shrugged.

"God Dammit Clara!" The car swerved across two lanes of traffic and parked haphazardly on the side of the road.

"You know full well why you didn't tell me, Your not stupid and nether am I . So don't act stupid and don't fucking treat me like I'm an idiot!" He slammed his hand against the steering wheel; Clara jumped from the noise and watched as he usual cheery face darken with anger.

"I don't know why I lied John, I'm sorry! I just know how most guys get when their girlfriend gets a friend that happens to be a guy."

"Do I look like most people, and why would you think I would get automatically angry? Girls can be friends with guys."

Clara scoffed. "Bullshit, when I mentioned that it was a guy I could practically see the wheels turning in your head; 'oh is he a threat?' and 'Does Clara have a thing for him?' John I may be young but I'm not stupid."

Silence fell over the car again; the only sound was the whizzing of car passing by. John sighed, she was right. He let death grip of his steering wheel go to turn in his seat, he bowed his head slightly and gave a sad smile.

"I'm sorry Clara, I didn't mean to get all grumpy face on you."

She smiled lightly before unbuckling her seat and kissing him on the lips.

"I'm all yours John. Don't forget that." He nodded and kissed her deeply before getting startled by a car honking at the show, he sighed.

"I should get you home."

After John dropped her off he still felt his insides burning from the jealousy that this…boy was going to spend time with his girlfriend. John threw himself into his paperwork but he was distracted, his mind kept coming up with scenarios of thing that could be happening right now; he threw his pen down and ran his hands through his hair. He had no reason to be this upset, but he was, because Clara was right…John saw this kid as a threat. And John was never one to let a threat overtake him, so he grabbed his keys and decided to show this boy who he was messing with.

Clara was sitting in a weird angle and her back was beginning to hurt, she glared at Liam who decided that he was going to play with his laptop on HER bed. "Jack, may I ask how the fuck you talked me out of my bed?"

He peered over the side of his screen and beamed. "Because I'm charming?" Clara threw a pillow at him, which hit him square in the face. Liam set his laptop aside and sat up on his knees and tossed a pillow back at her, she rolled/fell out of the way.

He made his way off the bed and flung himself to floor and on top of Clara, he tickled her but Clara pushed him slightly right as her dad opened her door.

Her grinned taking the scene before him all-wrong. "Sorry, should've knocked first; glad to see that pervert gone."

"He was just here yesterday!"

"Hey I'm not judging you, you can move on how ever fast you want darling."

Liam sat back on his knees confused to what was going on. Clara sighed and watched as her father smiled and closed the door Liam smirked.

"What was that all about?"

John stood outside her door, fuming over things that hadn't happened. The world around him seemed to have a reddish tint and the air around him felt like it was crackling with electricity; his fist knocked on the door.

Thomas answered the door and his smile instantly disappeared. "What do you want?"

"I'm here to see my girlfriend."

He laughed causing John's irrational anger to heighten. "She's upstairs with Jack…Liam…What ever that kids name is."

He stepped aside and let John run upstairs, outside of the door it was silent except for a creek here and there from her all too familiar sounding bed. He took a deep breath and opened the door to see Clara lying on the floor in shorts and a tank top staring at the TV. Liam was fast asleep on the bed.

"John?" John turned his attention from Liam and looked into the confused face of Clara. He smiled sheepishly and quietly closed the door behind him; he sat down next to her on the floor.

"Sorry I didn't call, I just needed to see you."

Clara smiled lightly and grabbed one of hands that were hidden in his lap. She placed his hand on her cheek and looked into his eyes. She could feel him trembling against her cheek and the whites of his eyes were a lot wider than normal. He was terrified; she looked over to Liam and sighed.

"John, Jack and I are friends, nothing else. Did you come to check up on me?"

John stayed silent but let his nod slowly, Clara sighed and John let his eyes fall to a spot on the carpet. She grabbed the bottom of his chin gently so he looked into her eyes.

"John I'll say it as many times as you need to hear it but you need to believe me. I love you John, I think I have as soon as I met you."

John nodded. Liam blinked as he silently pretended to sleep. He grinned to himself and sat up, which startles John and Clara.

"You have nothing to worry about John, I'll behave."

John's anger returned instantly but Clara places an arm on his forearm. He couldn't believe this kid; either he has a light sleeper or he purposely listening. John stood up and pointed at John.

"If you so much as make a move on her, I'll make sure you'll be eating with a straw."

Liam grinned. "That a threat?"


"No, it's a fucking promise." Liam smirked but ultimately nodded. John kissed Clara, full of passion and headed for the door. Liam burst out into laughter.

"Jack it's not funny I've never seen him so pissed." Liam waved her off. "I'm serious Jack, we need to call this off."

Liam glanced out the window before grabbing Clara into a tight hug. "It'll be okay he'll never find out."

From downstairs outside of Clara's window John watched as Liam pulled Clara into a hug and place his lips against her forehead. John's blood boiled at the sight of her smiling warmly at him. His jaw felt like it would snap at any moment form the sheer force his was gritting his teeth. Something was going on and he was going to find out what.

Rome was beautiful, Clara's hair blew in the wind and she constantly grinned honestly beginning to hurt her cheeks. Tiffany grabbed Clara's hand and led her to a shop window where most of the other girl's stood. She could hear the sounds of the senior boys rough-housing in the sidewalk behind them. Liam had another boy in a headlock and he winked at her causing Tiffany to squint. "Wait a minute! I thought you and Dr. Smith were a thing, there's no way you dumped him. OOOO are you doubling up?"

Clara chuckled and walked towards another shop. The last five weeks were hectic, her and John tried to spend time together but something always cut their time short. Mostly the fact her and Liam spent a lot of time together, much to John's dismay. But despite all of that John calmed downed considerably about Liam, and part of Clara wondered why he's jealousy took such a drastic turn. John was almost pleased whenever he saw Liam, like they were friends.

"Clara you want the rest of this?" Liam stood in front of her with a half eaten hotdog. The boys were snickering and since Liam as captain of the soccer team she knew something was up. "What's wrong with it?"

Tiffany swooned behind her, Clara stood with the hand on her hip. Liam grinned and held up three fingers.

"Nothing, Scout's honor."

Clara sighed. She was hungry and she didn't want to waste it but she knew his cocky American ass was going to try something. So she took it anyway but threw it in the trash beside her. She smiled sweetly as his soccer friends stopped chuckling behind him.

"So what was wrong with it Jack? Or do I have to tell them your weakness." Liam frowned and sighed. "Just was gonna say 'How do you like my wiener in your mouth.'" His friends cracked up but Liam shot a look over his shoulder.

"Well…" She trailed a finger down his chest. "I like em a bit bigger." He grinned and watched as she and Tiffany walked away.

"You are hitting that aren't you Jack?"

Liam smiled. "Yes, have been for a while now."

Clara made it back to the hotel room that she shared with Tiffany. "So are you and Liam really a thing?"

Clara sighed. "No Tiffany, we just…hang out."

"Sure you do, I heard that gay guy from homeroom said you two were hooking up in his car."

"What gay guy?" Tiffany scoffed. "The only one, that Ianto kid."

Clara sighed, of course Ianto Jones would know. He's the whole reason Liam and she met. Clara threw her bags into the corner, and sighed as she looked at her cellphone. John hadn't messaged her or called at all since she got here. A knock at their door threw Clara off guard and Tiffany went to answer it.

"Clara its Liam."

Clara stood up and hung on the doorway and let the door close behind her.


"My room 9ish?" Clara sighed. "Fine."

She went back into the room. Tiffany grinned. "You guys are totally fucking."

John hated plane rides, he wanted to drive the TARDIS there but knowing his car is would either take forever or it would take him in the wrong direction (car had a mind of its own). Plus time was of the essence here because getting to Rome before nightfall and without Clara suspecting that was coming was tricky. He has called the principle up right before they left and asked if they needed one more chaperone, and since it was short notice he'd fly himself there. The principal agreed and John got on the next flight to Rome.

When he landed John noticed that Clara hasn't texted him, the jealousy he buried or better yet hid from Clara resurfaced and he practically flew to the hotel they were staying at. It was about 10pm when he arrived and checked in. He ran down the halls and up the stairs until he reached Clara's room. He knocked and Tiffany answered shocked.

"Dr. Smith?"

"Is Clara awake?" Tiffany gave an uncomfortable smile. "Yeah but she's not in here."

"Oh she in the lobby?"

Tiffany shook her head. "She went to Jack's room about an hour ago." His world tilted and his hearing cut out, heat in his stomach rose to his head and arms felt tingly.


"Uh Jack's room. Liam."

"I fucking know who! Where the fuck is she!?" John whispered harshly since most were either asleep or awake and he didn't want to get kicked out. Tiffany pointed three or four doors down and John stomped his way over there. At the door he heard moaning and it set his blood on fire, he grabbed one of the master keys he was given to keep the kids from locking themselves out and he opened the door.

"Oh sorry Jones should've told you I was having company-"

Liam froze from his thrusting and stared into the eyes of a very angry man. John dropped the master key and fought with himself to not reach over and rip that boy to pieces.

Clara was tied up by her hands a blanket was covering the both of them but Liam was hovering over her. Clara turned confused as to why Liam stopped.


John looked at the ground worth a frown, he felt like destroying the kid but he couldn't so a frustrated tear fell from his eye. "I didn't want to be right, Lord knows I didn't want to be right but I knew."

Liam began to untie Clara but John yelled. "No don't let me bug you two, I'll be going. Just wanted to surprise Clara and tell her I'm here to finish out the trip." He threw a pair of theater tickets to the ground. "You two go." And he slammed the door behind him; finally untied she threw the covers away from them. They were both wearing jeans still and she had a strapless bra on.

"Fuck! I knew this was going to backfire!"

Clara threw her shirt on and whirled on Liam. "You knew, then why do this! Everyone already thought we were fucking but no you wanted to make sure the roommate 'walked' in on us."

Liam punched the nearest wall. "You knew what you were getting into, I came to you because I didn't know what else to do."

Months ago Liam came to her stating that he needed help to make someone think he was straight and jealous in the process. Liam was in love with Ianto but he didn't want to get picked on by his soccer friends. So Clara agreed to "mess" around with him, it was also a way to test John to see if he loved her enough to stick through her having guys as friends but the way things were, John will never let her have guy friends or if they were over, stay together after this. She felt terrible and not the tears were beginning to well up.

"He's gonna leave me now."

She threw her sneakers on grabbed the tickets and ran out the door to her room to get her phone. She called his cellphone multiple times but got no reply. She tried to ask Tiffany where he went but John had stormed passed their room and scared Tiffany into not saying anything.

"He looked bad Clara, Tears everywhere. I never had seen a guy cry so much."

"Tiffany please stop rubbing it in." Tiffany threw up her hands in defense; Clara sat on the edge of her bed and sighed. She was never the girl to cry but she was feeling pretty close to doing so. How could she fuck things up this bad by trying to help someone? Even though she knew it was probably the worst plan ever.

"Fuck." She decided that she waited long enough and made one more call. She called her principal to see what room he was in since he had the master key and she was locked out. Once at his door a fear rose up in her throat and she hesitated at the door. She wanted to knock but was terrified at what would happen.

"Are you just going to stand there." John's raspy voice called out from behind her. She turned around and noted that he was deliciously shirtless wearing only his black PJ pants. In one hand was a bottle of Jameson and an ice bucket. His eyes were red and almost bloodshot; his usual neat hair was everywhere and Clara began to wonder how long it took for her to find him since she wasn't paying attention to time.

He brushed past her but held the door open with his foot; she stepped inside and noticed that his room was trashed. He sat on the edge of his bed and poured himself a drink; he sighed and fell back against his bed.

"Came to tell me that its over since you were too much of a coward to tell me earlier."

"What are you talking about?"

"You've been fucking him for weeks, I've been trying to be nice so you'd just tell me upfront but no just wanted to play games with me. That's all I've been the whole time is a fucking game."

He downed the small tumbler in one swig and set the empty glass on his bed.

"I haven't been fucking him."

"Oh so this was the first time? Con-fucking-gratulations to the happy couple."

"John I wasn't-"

"Stop fucking lying! I caught you!"

"Just fucking listen to me for a second!" Clara shouted causing John to sit up. He was surprised but he kept his anger pasted onto his face, he motioned that he was allowing her to speak.

"John I didn't sleep with him…ever."

"I fucking saw it…. I fucking saw it…" A tear fell and he quickly and angrily wiped it away.

"No you saw me helping out a friend, a gay friend." John scoffed. "So that makes it any better?"

"We were pretending, we were fully clothed. Well I had jeans and a strapless bra on." John took a swig from his bottle and chuckled, Clara sighed.

"You expect me to believe that?"

Clara was frustrated, how could she make him see that she didn't sleep with Liam. She sighed and unbuttoned her jeans and slowly slid them off.

"Whoa, what are you doing?" John's heart leapt into his throat; ever since Clara's new friend came into the picture they hadn't so much as made out. And it had definitely been awhile since they seen each other naked.

"I'm showing you that I didn't sleep with him."

Now standing in her underwear she moved closer to his sitting form, she grabbed one of his hands and kissed his palm.

"I would never hurt you." She took his large hand and slipped it past the waistband of her panties. John was puzzled, angry, and turned on when he felt her soft skin beneath his fingertips. She slipped his finger inside of her and she paused.

Everything was quiet for a while and Clara suddenly let out a moan as John slipped his finger deeper inside of her. He looked up into her eyes and grabbed her hips, He pressed his face to her stomach and sighed.

"I'm sorry…I'm so sorry I didn't believe you."


He lifted a small portion of her shirt so he could kiss the expanse of her bare stomach. He slowly slid his finger out of her and he hugged her close to him and cried.

"I thought I lost you."