Meg (squidwardchan on Tumblr) and I have been emailing back and forth for months now, as Dave and Kurt, respectively I've moved my postings of it to here, because it's too much of a bitch to try to get on Tumblr.

Some background: There were four handwritten letters before this. At the time, Kurt had mentioned his new job at Vogue, and stealing said workplace's stationary for personal use. Dave had mentioned his college stay in California, and his dad's possible promotion to New York. Other than that, this is generally following Kurt's storyline throughout season 4, starting from around February.

Enjoy! I'll update when their inboxes fill up~

(Kurt is in bold, while Dave is in italics.)


First and foremost, I apologize for taking so long to respond. It's been, what, a month now? I suppose I could have called, but I really wouldn't have had the time anyway.

The stationary thing reminded me: if it weren't for the ridiculous cost of postage, I would have sent you a letter with on NYADA stationary… Not that I've gotten in, or anything. Even though I did. It was due to an incredible miracle on my part, but I'm so ridiculously happy for it! College is so, so busy, but it's really a great experience so far.

As for your dad, that's really amazing! I'm sure he'll love New York, and I'd be happy to show both you and your father around, as well as catch up.

Speaking of you (a phrase that possibly sounded better in my head), congratulations! It's really neat, actually. And I'm with your dad on this. I'm really proud of you, David.

And I'm afraid I'm… way off on the Valentine's day note. I was actually in Lima for that weekend, but I was occupied at the almost wedding of Mr. Schue and Miss Pillsbury… Remind me to fill you in on it in person, because if that wasn't the textbook definition of trainwreck, then I'm not sure what is.

Though, unfortunately, I wasn't laden with a date. I nearly asked someone from NYADA, but I thought it was a tad too soon, and awkward, considering he would know absolutely no one. We have been spending a fair amount of time together, but I wouldn't call it love. More, the seduction of that is the British charm, and the accompany of an accent. I don't see it moving far into the future, but it's nice, for the most part. He's an incredible friend, at the least, so even when things inevitably fall out, I feel like we'll remain great friends. Maybe I'll introduce you two. I'm sure you'll get along, seeing as I've seen his Doctor Who collection.

That's all rambling, I'm sorry. What about you? Any man in your life that I could possibly bring into interrogation to deem worthy of dating? ;)

Hey Kurt, um…this is definitely different lol. I think I've gotten so used to writing letters by hand that I don't know how to respond to an actual email. Weird, right?

Anyway, I'm really happy to hear from you even if it took a while. I get how life can sneak up on you like that, so no worries. But wow, Mr. Schuester and Miss Pillsbury getting married? Somehow I'm not surprised that a trainwreck happened there. Next time I see you you're gonna have to fill me in on all the details.

Yeah, dad's really excited about the whole thing. I think he's getting tired of California, honestly. It's been almost a year and he's still complaining about the time change haha.

A new guy, hmm? Sounds really cool. I know I'm not really the best person to be giving advice, especially when it comes to this, but go for it at your own pace and all that. He's British? Better snatch him up before I come to New York. ;) Just kidding. :p

Yeah…um…no real luck on the guy front. At least not anything past casual. I've kinda been working on myself the past year, really. Kind of itching for something more than a make-out session behind the back-end of a bar, though. :/

Maybe we'll see each other in Lima? Dad and I are supposed to visit my granddad there next month for spring break. Would love it if we could meet up, but I totally understand if you can't. New York and school is a big job. :)

I know what you mean; I nearly typed a letterhead just now. And as much as I do love handwritten letters, both for the romance and personality behind it, I think us actually deciding to do this will be beneficent. Especially considering I'm currently in class :P Shhh, I'm a good student.

And I suppose that makes sense. Not that being single can't get lonely (which I hope you're not), but with everything that has happened, it was probably a good choice on your point. At any rate, I do hope your luck changes! Maybe I'll grab some numbers before you head up here. None of which belonging to my British heart, thank you very much.

Next month? I'll see what I can do! I'm sure something will come up. Regionals, or the like. I'm sure I can spare a few days to be with you :)

Ha, you so would. Romance and personality? Damn, I didn't even realize I was pulling a 'Notebook' on you. ;)

In class and emailing me? I'm flattered. I'm trying to finish up an analytical essay right now and if it were a choice between talking to you and doing the essay, you know I'd choose you any day. Well that sounded corny.

But nah, I'm not really lonely so much as I just…idk. I want something like that, you know? Someone who appreciates me and who I can appreciate and love and all that jazz. You know the deal. Maybe it'll happen soon; maybe not. Hoping it's sooner rather than later, to be honest.

And that'd be cool! Well maybe not the whole numbers-from-strangers thing. You don't have to do that for me, Kurt. Seeing you's good enough for me. In a manner of speaking obviously lol

Oh, of course. I'll let you know when it's raining here next, so I can fly you out accordingly.

Do your essay! At least this class is fairly boring. I love music, but I could care less for the "appreciation" aspect. Especially when I'm surrounded by about forty Rachel Berry's of alternating genders. But if it makes any difference, I'd still choose talking to you over some ridiculous paper.

I know what you mean. After everything happened a few months ago, it was hard for me to get back into things (fittingly, my Notebook DVD has been worn down). But my friends have definitely helped, so I suppose it's better to be lonely then be alone… if that made any sense at all. But trust me, I'm sure someone like you will have no problem catching some boy's heart when you've thrown yourself into the game :) Not to strike any cords, but I've seen what you are capable of. And honestly, I would have never expected you as a complete romantic. Give a guy a look and they'll be swooning straight into your arms ;P

I'll just keep the numbers in the back of my mind, then. Maybe Adam has a cousin, who knows. But I agree! It will be great to hang out.

Though speaking of, if you happen to come alone, do expect to sleep on the floor. The couch has been overtaken by a certain Spanish spitfire, and if you want to deal with her, go straight ahead.

And yes, that was an order to stay at the Hummelberry residence. I won't have you wasting any money in some dirty, run down New York hotel. Deal with it.

Ha, well if it makes you feel any better, I managed to pull through the essay. It was pretty straight forward but I'm a big procrastinator and writing isn't really my style as much as say, math. I try but I can't quite get the words to come out right.

And I'm glad to hear that you're doing better after all of that. Honestly, Kurt. You deserve the world and the world is lucky to have you so…:p. Yeah. There's that.

Lol yeah, I've given several guys some looks before but none of them were swooning into my arms. ;) Most just tell me to fuck off. It's more comical than hurtful at this point though lol. Glad someone thinks I'm cool though.

And holy crap, really? God, I haven't seen Santana in ages. She um…we talked after everything that went down last Feb but we never exchanged numbers or anything. Maybe I need to catch up with her. Might be good for us both.

No way, Kurt. A house full of me, you, 'Tana, Berry and whoever else is just too much for me haha. I don't think my brain could handle the massive amounts of hair product and drama. Well, all of theirs. Not yours. :)

Ew, I forgot you were the math wiz. I'm far better in English, because I have a knack for being able to skirt around the point, but manage to tie things together at the end. Math? No way. Literature is an open book (ha), and math is all memorization and formulas I'm still nearly certain no one uses outside of rocket science. I'm sure you would have been a great help in high school, so if we live to the creation of the time machine, remind me to befriend you sometime after Algebra 1.

Thank you, Dave. It was hard, but manageable, and I'm honestly just glad it turned out for the better :) And hopefully the same applies to you, soon.

Also, I insist. Really, desperately insist. And I will use fore if necessary. I need some sort of sanity in this household. Everyone's constantly calling each other out, people are wandering around naked, and I'm honestly surprised none of us have managed to burn the place down.

Save. Me.

Sorry for not responding last night, life happened as you know lol. But wow, opposites attract, right? Lol no but I guess we just think on different sides of the brain because to me, memorizing and learning formulas is a lot easier than jotting down fifteen pages of creative writing. I can try, don't get me wrong, but that doesn't mean it'll be good.

And haha I bet. So many people in that place and now with Santana? I can only imagine how crazy you're going. I guess I'll have to make an exception and come and save you or something. ;)

Oh, completely understandable. I may or may not have slept into a peaceful lull after everyone was out, either to class or to go be Santana somewhere. And I may or may not have just woken up a good half an hour ago.

In the meantime, I suppose I'll just have to keep you around. How well educated are you on the subject of taxes? ;)

Please do. I'll give you anything, just keep me from killing them. Though, bring ear plugs. Or headphones. Or an industrial strength home stereo speaker system. Fairly self explanatory, as there are no walls in the apartment. Rachel has some new boy toy, and they get along a bit too well for my liking.

On the other hand, I might pull an Easy A on them eventually. A taste of their own medicine, if we must. You're welcome to help; I'm sure your voice carries well.

I've done that before. One time during a summer break I stayed up until six in the morning and slept until six at night. Lemme tell you…not a pretty sight.

If there's one thing math-related I genuinely don't want to do, it's my taxes. Dad helped me do mine this yr and I genuinely wanted to slam my head into a desk. Can I be 10 with no adult worries again?

Berry has a boy toy? The hell happened to her and Hudson? Well, not that I'm surprised really. They broke up and made up more times than I changed my clothes.

And…heh. Easy A. Don't you dare tell anyone I said this but I uh…I kind of loved that movie. And you're right, my voice carries real well. A little more than you'd think. ;)

I usually hate sleeping in, but some days I feel like I just need it. Noon may be a bit much, and I can tell you there is no way I'd be able to do it until six.

I won't even get on the subject. Takes and being an adult is awful, and I wholeheartedly agree with wanting to be a child again. As much as I enjoy the freedom and wisdom and such, I need breaks!

Yeah, Brody. He's attractive, but he's got the Jesse St. James complex, and by that I mean I'm fairly sure he's gay to some extent. But I know what you mean. At least I can semi-follow what's going on now. Some open relationship, I'm assuming.

Oh, trust me. It's a favourite of mine. Even Finn liked it when I practically forced it down his throat.

On the topic of your voice, though. (And don't try to weasel out of this, David Karofsky. I have people everywhere that will track you down) I heard not too long ago that you can in fact sing. Sources shall remain nameless, but let's just say your seemingly alone shower concerts did not go unnoticed by quarterbacks. So now I'm just curious as to why you didn't embrace it, and/or why you didn't bother to ever consider a duet with me. I'm hurt :'(

Brody? The hell kind of a name is that? No offense but I'm imagining him now and he looks like a doucher in mind. Maybe a hot one, but still. Guess I'm just upset that Berry can snag two guys at once and I can't even get one to look at me twice lol.

Kurt really…I suck. And everyone sings in the shower. Even my grandmother (okay maybe not the best visual image). I know you're joking and all but I just…it's not my thing. I feel like a huge idiot when I do it and not in a comical way either.

And really, there was no way of embracing that shit while I was still in high school. I could barely handle it the one week I was in glee club, let alone years of it. I know it's something you love so I won't trash it, but it's not really my thing.

But…say…if I get to New York and we're alone and Buble is playing…I might just make an exception.

I keep making exceptions for you for things I never even thought of in the first place. You should feel honored. ;p

That's a major appliance, that's not a name!

But in all honestly, he is a bit dull. He's sweet, for the most part, but Santana has seemingly convinced us he's a drug dealer on the side, and I wouldn't put it past him.

If you say so. Even if that is contradictory to the information I've gathered, but I suppose we can't all be as confident as myself ;) And I get why you didn't choose to do anything with it in high school, though I know plenty of other guys that can sing. Heck, half the talent shows were usually completely overrun with assholes and their guitars. But I don't believe it was something to hide, considering the supposed talent you have. (Which I will confirm when you come up here)

And I do! I love it! Maybe I'll get you to pick up my dry cleaning, and clean the drains… Anything I can get through my methods of persuasion


Lol, Santana would be the one to say that. But about the whole singing thing…I just would feel awkward doing it in front of people. High school was pressure enough but now all I would feel is straight up embarrassment. Though honestly, I think I'd be more worried about how you'd react than anything else.

And hahahaha NO. I can barely remember to do my own chores and whatever, let alone yours. You're on your own, mister. I'm not that whipped. ;)

Well, everyone has stage fright. Though I think it'd be hard to convince you that even I am still nervous to do anything, as true as it is. So being the out and proud, resident countertenor wasn't the easiest. Obviously.

But come on, not even a duet? I could only imagine what you are… I've always wanted to sing with a baritone, so if you tell me that's spot on, I'd probably bend and drop to my knees in an instant.

Please? I won't let Rachel hear, because god forbid the first time you sing in front of someone you're immediately greeted with "I only have a few notes"

I don't even know what the hell a baritone is so I can't really say but um…my singing voice is low? Like Elvis-type low? You're the one who knows all this stuff lol.

A duet…..maybe. Only I get to choose the song and when/where it takes place. No breaking out into a power ballad in the middle of a coffee shop, okay?

Well take me now, Mister Karofsky, because you are definitely a baritone. And I'm not the only one, be quiet.

But that's no fun! You'll chose something boring, compared to the pre-noted list I happen to have in my back pocket. I promise the coffee shop scenario will not happen, however I do intend to get a duet of MY choice, too. I've waited too long for an Erik to my Christine, a Collins to my Angel, and the Frank to my Liza.

Mister Karofsky? That sounds nice, I like that. Call me that anytime. ;)

You better be glad I have Google or else I wouldn't have recognized any of them but Rent (I can hear you now, shuddup :p). And boring? Really? I have a damn good 5,569 song playlist on iTunes that would beg to differ. We could bust out into some Def Leppard or Foreigner.

Or better yet, I can do a mean rendition of Cherry Pie if you'd ever like to see it sometime. ;)

(I think I've extended my wink-face quota for the day, haven't I? lol)


Don't argue with me, David. My offer stands, so if you must pick a song, I get one as well. The alternative is helping choreographing a dance to go with it.

And I'm holding you to that Cherry Pie as well. And I'd definitely love to see that music video recreated :P

And not really. I enjoy it, as cheesy and suggestive as it is.

Damn it, Kurt, must you be so demanding? You know I can't resist.

Ha, yeah. I was mostly bluffing but now that you mention it…;)

Good, because I definitely wasn't planning on stopping my usage of them anytime soon. Imagine if I was actually doing it in real life every time I posted it on here. That would be more strange than any smiley face ever could be if you ask me.

So…you got any plans tonight? Not that I'm wondering for my own sake, just curious.

I've got you wrapped around my finger, muahaha.

Though yeah, real life might be a bit of an overkill. That, and I've seen you wink before, and I honest to god hope that it was more of an exaggerated wink than anything else. Otherwise, we might have to have a talk about it, and I'll give you a few pointers :P

None that I'm aware of. I think I might just stay in and hide from the wrath that is Rachel. We've kicked Santana out, after her never ending tirade against Brody. (I wasn't as peeved, but she took my damn pillow, so now it's war.) Either that, or I seek refuge with Adam, but I think he's busy at the school tonight. Though I suppose anything is better than sitting here listening to Ken and Barbie whine and complain, and then have whiny and complainy sex.

What about you? I only just realized it's Friday.

Yeah….I can barely wink, I know. Maybe you can give me a few pointers sometime definitely.

What the fuck? That's Santana for you. But honestly…I'm kinda worried for her now. Wonder where she's gonna stay next. I mean, New York's a big place but I'm sure she can handle herself. If I was there you could always seek refuge with me lol, but seeing as that's not an option, just know I'm here for emotional support via the Internet. Corny but yeah, the truth.

Ken and Barbie. Good one.

And does Netflix and cram-session count? May or may not be watching Rise of the Guardians tonight. May or may not be inviting you to Skype it with me. ;)

I wouldn't be shocked if Rachel cooled down eventually. After all, I'm still iffy about Brody now that things have been found, and I wouldn't put it past her "Spanish Senses" or what not that she is actually right. She claimed to be bunking with Lena Dunham (something else I wouldn't doubt), but she'll be fine. I sent her a text making sure she was okay, but all she did was reply with "Can't talk, getting my mack on", so I assure you she's doing well. You could try talking to her, too. I'm sure she'd be happy to hear from someone else.

Thank you. They are very plastic-y, nowadays.

That absolutely counts, and I'd be happy to accept :)