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Tauriel greeted Legolas at the gate as the Mirkwood envoy returned. The dark haired child sat quietly in front of Legolas on the saddle. He was so tiny and fair skinned that Tauriel felt an instinctive siege of protectiveness. It was an unfamiliar emotion and she felt off balance because of it.

"Your father wishes to speak to you." Moss green eyes focused on the prince and refused to dart down to the elfling in front of him. Legolas discreetly twitched his eyebrow at her cold disposition but didn't confront her about it. "Thank you Tauriel. We shall see him now." Legolas dismounted and lifted Ellas into his arms.

Ellas kept his gaze fixed on Tauriel. A tiny hand reached out to her. Legolas and Tauriel blinked as Ellas opened and closed his fist wantingly at her. Slowly the captain walked into arms reach. His tiny hands quickly tangled themselves into her fine red hair.

"Pretty…" Ellas snuggled into Legolas' shoulder as his hands were still gripped in Tauriel's hair. "Red…like mama." Tauriel and Legolas stared at the elfling (who was still entranced by her hair) his mother had red hair. That mean she was probably a silver elf like Tauriel.

"Ellas, your mother had red hair?"


Legolas knew that his father was waiting for them but Ellas was a shy child. If he was willing to share it was all the better.

"What color did your Ada have?" Tauriel inquired quietly.

"Black, like mine." Ellas' hair was indeed a raven shade of night. Legolas went to ask more but a guard came and pushed for the prince to quickly meet his father.

Tauriel followed the prince to the audience with his father, not only because she was curious. But also because...

Ellas still had her hair gripped in his fist.

So she quietly trailed after the royal prince and his tiny companion, ignoring the quiet chuckles of her fellow elves.

Thranduil rose from his throne at the sight of his son. His mouth opens to greet him when the most amusing sight drew him silent.

Tauriel, his captain of the guard. The fiercest, most bold female in his court, the most adept swordsman who struck untold fear into her enemies and soldiers alike; was being led by her hair as docile as a leashed lamb. Her eyes met his and crimson flushed her cheeks. Yet still she didn't wrench her hair from its hold. Thranduil followed the captured strands to tiny digits belonging to a lovingly held bundle in his son's arms. Bright eyes darted about the room curiously.

Thranduil lips twitched into a serene and amused smile. "Welcome home Legolas."

"Father, it is good to be back. Lord Elrond sends his well wishes."

Thranduil nodded respectfully at the other lords' message but his bright eyes were focused on the elfling in his sons' arms. "And who is this youngling? Legolas kneeled and set the child on the floor.

Tauriel had to lower herself next to the elfling to avoid having her hair yanked out by him. Ellas stood uncertainly at Legolas side looking frightened but refusing to cower to Thranduil. Thranduil was surprised that an elfling that suffered so much would still be so brave.

The Mirkwood king glided down the stairs and crouched in front of the child. Emerald eyes flitted to his crown before locking on his own blue gaze.

"You seem to have captured my captain little one. A difficult task very few have accomplished before."

Tauriel's cheeks bloomed a bright rosy shade and her eyes pierced the floor in embarrassment.

Ellas' face blushed as well as he looked at the fiery tresses in his hand and peeked up at their owner. Tauriel's face was kindly when she turned her attention to the child.

"Sorry. It looked like mamas'."

"It's alright child. No harm done." She comforted.

Thranduil quietly dismissed Tauriel and focused on the shy child. "My name is Thranduil little one."

"You're Legolas' ada?"

"Yes little one. It's very nice to meet you.

And Thranduil, king of Mirkwood shook hands with Ellas, formally lost elfling to welcome him into a new chapter of his life.

Later that night.

Legolas reentered his fathers' throne room late in the night. Ellas was fast asleep in his new chambers. Legolas insisted that the exhausted elf have guards posted outside of his rooms to insure that he won't wander about in the new unfamiliar kingdom. Soon the prince will show Ellas his new home and soon the child will have free reign to wander and enjoy, but for now it wouldn't do to have him lost in the night.

The stars glittered brightly as if silently exclaiming their joy at the elflings presence in Mirkwood.

"Legolas, what news do you bring?" Thranduil's voice was serene, calm, and utterly deceptive. Legolas knew that this meeting was to divulge all that could not be said in front of Ellas and the guards. The hour was late and the empty room echoed with tense silence around the lone royal family.

"Elrond sought to divulge the names of Ellas' captors. He invoked the assistance of Gandalf the Grey."

"So often does Elrond turn to the wizard to cure his problems. It is of no surprise that he would do so again." Thranduil dismissed the wizard's trespassing into elvish affairs.

"Yet this time Gandalf has meddled too far. He drugged Ellas in order to receive answers from him."

Thranduil's regal frame did not falter. But his eyes were stormy and his shoulders were painfully stiff. "And what answers did they tear from the child?" his voice was steely and cold.

Legolas felt the room drop in temperature. Thranduil was furious with his son's report. "One of his abusers was a female. She taught him to read and write. And…and she punished him by using a quill to carve 'I will not tell lies' in an unknown language into his hands when he failed his lessons."

The throne room was silent. Legolas felt an icy chill wrap around his spine as his father stood stone still before his throne. He felt the same stillness that permeated the air before a devastating storm.

Thranduil clung desperately to his outward calm appearance as rage swirled around his heart like a hurricane. "This teacher…does the wench have a name?"

Legolas nodded, now nervous of the calm in his father's voice. "Del-Orus and Under Bridge that is what Ellas remembers."

"A strange name. And she was not alone in her abuse?"

"Gandalf believes that there were other children being tortured by her."

Thranduil dismissed his son's concern. "Elflings are rarely born. If one was born then the celebrations would be endless. The fact that Ellas was wombed and birthed in secret is more worrisome to me then some imagined elflings."

"I don't speak of other elflings father. Gandalf fears for the younglings of humans, Halflings, and dwarves."

"Children of all free folk you mean?"

"Yes father."

Thranduil nodded. "And did Ellas say what being this Del daughter of Orus from Under-Bridge is?"

"No. but no elf would harm a child of any race, Halflings rarely leave their homeland (we have only ever heard of one) and are too kindhearted of a people to do so."

"So it is either a human or a dwarf," Thranduil growled. "Who have made a pack with orcs to assault children?" The king of Mirkwood tolerated the short lived humans but he still despised the gold loving people of Mahal. "Del, daughter of Orus that is a dwarvish name is it not?"

Legolas sighed though he himself had no love for the dwarves; his father hatred of them ran deep. It was not surprising he disregarded a human enemy for a dwarvish one.

"We must send word to all of middle earth. It is unlikely that she was keeping an elfling in a dwarven settlement."

"True. She would need privacy and space to keep a living elfling and any number of children secret from the world. We will send messengers to every corner of middle earth until she is discovered and destroyed."

"Understood. I will send runners to every human settlement and elven home. Shall we send messages to the seven dwarf kingdoms as well?"

"No. you and I will meet with King Thorin. He will send his own soldiers after his traitorous kin." A part of Thranduil wanted to hold Thorin personally accountable for this 'Del's' actions.

Old wounds stung harshly. Thorin and his company had humiliated his guards with their escape and then Thranduil with his ultimately fruitless march on the mountain.

But the lord of Mirkwood would not selfishly blame the king under the mountain for another's actions. Ellas' injured emerald eyes demanded justice, not revenge. Thranduil knew that for the first time in years he must swallow his pride and dignity. And he must work alongside dwarves to find the malicious dwarrowdam and to have her pay for her crimes. And that he must save any younglings she may currently have under her power.

Thorin will have to allow elves into his mountain. For the protection of both their races the long standing feud between Thranduil and Thorin must see to a truce…just this once.

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