So this is a new fanfic I'm writing. Characters may be OOC, but I don't really care. Its only for fun.

I know this first chapter is short, but the next will be longer.

Disclamer: I will never own TMNT, though I wish I owned Raph.

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Chapter 1

This was the first time Raphael was able to go top side on his own. He enjoyed the upper world. There were certain things that excited him. Fighting the Krang, and even the Foot. There was one thing that he never looked forward to after returning home late. Leonardo always lectured him about being responsible.

Tonight would be another night where he would be late. He was heading home, this time on time, when he heard a scream from an ally not too far from him. He diverted his course to the sound. He was at the edge of the building as he looked down to see a young woman surrounded by three men. This was one of Raph's greatest pet peeves. He leaped down into the shadows.

The young woman had light brown hair and was covering her face with her hands. The men were slowly advancing on her, and Raph took that chance to take them out. They didn't have much in them. Raph didn't need to take out his sai's. The girl slowly opened her eyes to see that the men were on the ground unconscious.

Raph stayed to the shadows as the girl looked around for her savior. He had to admit she was beautiful. The brunet beauty turned and saw his shape in the shadows. She squinted in the light to try to see him better. Slowly walking toward him, she reached out her hand. Raph took a few steps back, hoping to send a message. She continued her approach. He quickly turned to leave.

"Wait-"her voice called out.

He stopped and looked back slightly.

"I want to see who saved me."

He smirked, "Trust me, that ain't a good idea."

She walked over until she was almost behind him. "Please. My name is Monalisa."

Now Leo would love that. He smiled once again then turned a little more to see her. She had green eyes. "Name's Raphael. Friend's call me Raph."

"Please, step into the light so that I may see you." She pleaded.

He hesitated, and then allowed himself to fall into the light. Monalisa's eyes widened then grew warm. She smiled at him.

"There, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

"Yes." He stated sarcastically.

"I have to say. I like your look. It suite you." Mona smiled at him.

Raph turned once again and prepared to leave. "I have to go. My family is expecting me." He turned and was about to leave when he felt her hand on his bicep.

"Can I see you again? I would feel safer knowing that you're there for me."

He nodded. "Alright. Where do you want to meet?"

She turned and pointed at a tall apartment building a few blocks away. "That roof top, I live in that building. It will make it easy for you and me. Tomorrow night?"

"Sure." With that he turned and left her. He was heading back home, and man did he have a lecture coming on.