Five Things The Doctor Really Shouldn't Like About River

A/N: Because it's their anniversary. :)

The Fact that She's Not Afraid to Shoot People

He really doesn't know why it affects him so much. Or in this particular way. But there's something so incredibly…appealing about way she doesn't hesitate to completely annihilate anyone who gets in her way.

Maybe it's because she looks so good doing it. The grace and ease with which she handles her gun is nothing short of spectacular. The way she takes something cold, hard, and rough and makes it into something smooth and, well, actually kind of elegant.

However, he's been around long enough to know that it's more than that. He's seen far too much and been burned far too many times to be impressed with just a pretty face (and other parts).

It helps that she's so…proficient when it comes to anything involving guns. A near-perfect aim, efficient use of whatever weapon she happens to have, obvious knowledge of how to properly those weapons-that he could be impressed with. He had always had a soft spot for women who were especially skilled at what they did.

Of course, he suspects the real reason has nothing to do with any of this. In being quick to crush potential threats, she shows an ability to assess danger and do what needs to be done to get rid of it-an ability to take care of herself. She proves she has control of the given situation. And if there's one thing he can't resist, it's a woman who can take control.

So, against his better judgment, he loves the fact that, unlike him, she's not afraid to shoot people. He really needed to get away from this woman with her brashness and her spoilers and her hair before he developed some sort of a gun fetish.