It was a miracle that nobody else had been around to hear when Billy screamed at the top of his lungs. Ghosts...let's just say they weren't exactly Billy's thing. He had lost his balance to the sight of Spencer, landing with a thud onto the floor. He backed as far into the space between the stall wall and the toilet as he could, his thin structure allowing him to go further than Spencer imagined possible; for a person that had bones at least. He was covering his eyes and trembling, as he tried to repeat to himself that there wasn't really his dead cousin in front of him and he's really just imagining all of this right now

I guess he can see me now, Spencer thought to himself. He let out a sigh at Billy's reaction, it being almost exactly how he imagined a person would react. Billy was a bit of a wimp with scary movies, if Spencer recalled correctly.

"Hey, hey," Spencer tried to say over his little freak out, "it's alright, I'm not going to hurt you! It's just me, Spencer! Remember?"Billy looked up from his spot for a second at the specter, eyes wide and still afraid.

"Y-yeah," Billy spoke, trembling, "th-that's sort of what I was afraid of."

Spencer just looked at him a bit awkwardly as his feet touched the ground. He felt a bit strange being in a bathroom stall with his cousin, even if chances were he was invisible to everyone else at the moment(on the off chance someone else was in the bathroom).

He had trouble looking at him with his hurt eye so apparent. Overall, Billy seemed to have calmed down, and was more confused instead of afraid now. He kept staring at Spencer, and if he were to be honest, he actually felt self conscious of his appearance for some reason.

"What," Spencer asked, a little bit annoyed, "why are you looking at me like that? I'm a ghost; still dead, alright?"

"N-No," Billy stammered for a second,"it's just that I was expecting you to start chasing me around or something, trying to scare me...I don't know really!"

Spencer sort of just laughed at the kid. He was still scared, and that was to expected, but much less than expectation called for, and with quicker recovery.

"I could chase you around", Spencer replied playfully, "If that would make this easier for you."

Billy shook his hands rapidly, "N-No-No," he practically cried, his face turning red, "that's alright, really!" For some reason it felt as if the kid was taking the situation more seriously than that of his laid back cousin. An awkward silence fell again, as the still curled up Billy continued to stare at his cousin's ghost with curiosity.

"That looks like it really hurts," Spencer replied finally, pointing out the kid's black eye. He didn't respond, but it was clear that he heard what Spencer had said by his change of expression. "Do you mind if I take a look," Spencer asked, going a bit closer. Billy cringed a bit at the ghost's movement, but he was unable to run away or anything; not that he really had the urge to try to outrun a ghost anytime soon. In the end, Spencer was able to get close enough to the kid without him moving or anything. He was able to really get a good look at the injury when he was close enough, and Billy was able to see Spencer's ghostiness up close too. When Spencer began raising a transparent hand towards his face, Billy's eyes went wide. He felt something cold and sticky touch his eye for a second that definitely felt off. Just what exactly was going on?

As Spencer took his hand back, he had noticed a bright blue trail get left behind and remained on the kid's face. He sorta frowned at that, until he had noticed something else had happened soon after.

"W-what was that," Billy asked, completely shocked. The black eye he had had a second ago was gone. Without a single trace. "It doesn't...hurt anymore." Spencer took back his hand and smiled. Didn't imagine that would ever happen, but hey, he wasn't one to argue.

"Nothing," Spencer replied, "You're going to be just fine."

The silence was back, as Billy just sort of sat there, touching where the injury had once been in some confusion. It lasted for a little while.

"What happened," came the small voice finally. If he had to guess, Spencer would say that Billy was asking about the whole situation a few minutes ago.

Regardless, Spencer still asked, "What do you mean?" The kid finally moved out of his corner and stood up. Spencer floated back to give him some space, mostly out of the quickness of his sudden actions. A second ago it had seemed to him like he was beyond able to move.

"I think you know," Billy replied, "back in the hallway, that was you...wasn't it?" Spencer looked away, unable to answer. He wasn't sure if the kid was angry and he couldn't really read his tone. He finally made eye contact though, when he realized it probably took a lot of bravery for the kid to talk to him as he was one of his biggest fears.

"Yeah," Spencer replied, ready to just leave and have nothing to do with the kid ever again. He looked away again. Here it comes, he thought to himself, now he'll want nothing to do with me anymore.

Wait a second...why did he suddenly feel something warm...that was strangely...familiar.

To his surprise, he was now in a hug he never expected to receive. Spencer's eyes widened as he heard a sniff sound from the boy that was wrapped around him.

"Thank you," Billy said quietly, his face in the sweater of Spencer muffling his words, "I-I was so you saved me...thank you so much..." Billy didn't really care how strange it felt hugging the phantom, he was just so sad and happy at the same time. Spencer's face softened at the whole event; although he felt a bit awkward receiving a hug at this moment, it was the first contact he had had with someone and he had to admit it felt good.

"Yeah, yeah, you big dork," Spencer said, rustling the kid's hair. When Billy had pulled away, he sort of just smiled with that braces filled smile of his, tears still in his eyes, and hair now sticking up in all different directions. Spencer laughed when he noticed all of the blue goo that now stuck to Billy from hugging Spencer, and how truly ridiculous he looked right at that moment.

The bell had tolled not but a few seconds after, signalling the beginning of the next period of classes was about to start. Billy gasped, as he looked at the time.

"Oh man," Billy exclaimed, "That was period two, I'm gonna be late! Oh jeez, and on the first day, too!" He completely disregarded the ghost in front of him, and hurried to grab his backpack. He placed the camcorder back in, but had noticed in the second he did that Spencer was no longer around. He looked all over, "Spencer," he called out, looking around. He thought for a moment, before putting the camcorder back into his grasp. Sure enough, his cousin was back in his sights again. "Spence, I don't get it-"

"Dude, the only way you're able to see me is if you have something of mine with you," Spencer interrupted quickly, "Like my camera you got there."

"O-Oh, alright," Billy replied with some confusion, "But...I can't just hold onto this camcorder all day long, I mean...-"

"-No problem, I have an idea," said Spencer, suddenly taking Billy's bag from him again, "and don't you dare say that you don't want me around, because I'm sticking by whether you want me to or not!" Billy smiled at that lightly, looking at his cousin fumble through his stuff.

"Alright," Billy replied, "What's your idea?"

"Do you have anything else that's mine with you," Spencer asked, continuing his efforts.

Billy just shrugged, "I don't know," he replied quickly, feeling the need to hurry for his class, "I don't think so."

At that time, Spencer had come up with an idea. He took the camera from Billy, which startled him as he was no longer able to see Spencer for a moment, and he quickly tore off the handhold. He grabbed hold of Billy's wrist, putting the now bracelet-shaped hold around the boy's thin wrist.

"There we go," Spencer replied, feeling a bit proud of his work, "It'll have to do for now. Now, you have to get to class."

Billy grabbed the camera and placed it back into the bag. "That's all good," Billy replied quietly, "But how am I going to get there in time? It's all the way on the other side of the school, and we only have about...two minutes now!"

"Just leave that to me," Spencer replied with a mischievous grin, "I have an idea. Now, do you have everything you need?" Billy shook his head, albeit reluctantly, as he didn't know what Spencer's idea entailed. "Alright, good," Spencer replied, suddenly scooping up the boy bridal style, "Now, hold on! This is going to be bumpy!"