Billy had very little time to think, as it was only in seconds that he was reaching speeds unfathomable, pulled along by the crazy spirit of his deceased cousin. He held on tightly, or rather for dear life, as he was pulled down the hallway and literally off of the ground. Billy knew that Spencer would be stronger as a ghost than a normal human from the whole Rajeev situation earlier, but this was ridiculous. Almost too strong, it was sorta scary. If he wasn't so terrified of the fact that his feet were no longer touching the ground, Billy might have actually been glad that he was going to be there on time. It was the reality of the situation, however, that was victorious in bringing a large frown and heartbeat so quick to befall the boy. Billy wasn't the greatest when it came to heights either, and as you could imaging: that wasn't exactly helping.

It was a good thing that there was barely anyone in the hallways really, and the ones that were in the halls didn't get a chance to really witness Billy as he floated on by himself seemingly. They were going too fast for any of that.

"This...T-This is insane," Billy called through hyperventilated breaths to a widely grinning Spencer Wright.

"It's alright, I won't drop you," Spencer reassured.

They were nearing Billy's next class; a tech course, Spencer familiar with the number of the room mainly because it was the one class he had sneaked a peak at and actually found interest in. The reason? Well, you could say it was because the course enlisted that of filming and media; two things Spencer had become very familiar with as a famous director.

It was a startle when the class seen a wide-eyed, scrawny, wind-blown William Joseph Cobra magically pop up in a sudden gust of wind into the classroom; fear and excitement sprawled out onto his face, just as the bell tolled but a few seconds later.

"You alright, dude?" Spencer asked, gripping onto the kid, acting as the only thing holding him up in actuality, "You're not going to- like- barf, right? You all good"? Billy stayed that same way for a while, which made Spencer worry he might have broken the poor thing. In the end, Billy had shook his head though, and a wave of reassurance hit Spencer.

"Yeah," Billy squeaked, taking a step forward, "I-I'm going to be alright...I think. Thanks." Spencer watched as he took a shaky step on his own and let go of the boy, instead floating up next to him.

"Okay, good," the spirit replied, "now go take a seat before the teacher gets mad at you or something."

Wavering slightly, Billy headed to one of the limited empty desks that was at the back of the room, sighing as he tried to compose himself. His hair was completely blown back in an irreversible position, but strangely enough that wind-blown look actually looked better than what he had had earlier. He wiped some of the goo off that was still on his hoodie from Spencer's hold on him; making note that he would have to get the ghost to control that better if he wanted to avoid being covered completely by the end of the day. He smiled awkwardly at a few chance glances that he had received one person that sat to his left seemed to have the biggest problem with that, not stopping her staring and it was beginning to make him feel a bit self-conscious. It made him feel like he might have some breakfast still on his face from the morning or something, or that maybe his shirt had been on backwards all day.

"Good evening clath," the voice came from the front of the room. In Billy's stupor he had not noticed someone up there until then, "My name ith Mither Ponthi, and I will be your teacher thith themethter." The man was a strange sight to the two boys. He had long, brown hair that tied back into a hippie-like styled ponytail. He wore a very casual looking dress shirt with a tie that was done up unprofessionally and loosely. He seemed to have a certain feel to him that made him out to be and calm and kind person though, so Billy wasn't all to worried when he thought back to his entrance into the class.

As it turned out, most of the class was just boring first day procedures: It consisted mainly of exercises to help everyone get to know one another. Spencer was absolutely eating it all up, loving the idea of the sort of class being around. Billy found that he had a wide grin on his transparent face most of the time even, and that it didn't really leave. Films were his love, Billy thought to himself, it only made sense.

One thing that remained unsettling to Billy, however, was an eerie feeling of being watched, and he always would look and see that he was in fact feeling that way for a reason.

That same girl kept staring, no, glaring at him.

He had heard her name with the attendance call...what was it again...

"What's bothering you, dudesky?" Aaand...Spencer was blocking his line of sight. Billy could still see the girl's sight on him through the transparency that was his ghost cousin, but it was much harder to, one could argue. He realized he must've been looking at her quite a bit as well.

He looked at his ghost pal with a frown, "It's that girl," he stated, "She keeps...looking at me all weird..." Spencer looked in the direction that Billy had his sights on and to the same girl. "Jeez, what was her name," Billy invoiced while the pair looked towards her, "It wasn't a weird name or anything, I just have a bad memory when it comes to names."

"Wasn't it Maddy or something," Spencer asked, "I think it was Madison."

Billy smiled, "Yeah! Yeah, you're right, "Billy replied, "Madison Xavier. I think I might have seen her by the Wi-Fry a few times."

Spencer had that grin on his face again, "The Wi-Fry?" he asked, "Dude, that place is sweet! You go around there?"

Billy just laughed, "Yeah," he replied, "all the time. Who would've thought renowned director Spencer Wright would grace the place with his almighty presence."

Spencer just rolled his eyes, "Why don't we just get back on track here," he stated, unamused, "You know...back to the fact that Maddy X still hasn't taken her eyes off you for one part of this conversation. Seriously, did you break the poor girl's heart or something, you little lady killer?"

Billy just chuckled at that, "W-What," he asked, blushing, "are you kidding? I haven't even talked to her, nonetheless been in a-a-,"

"-Relationship," Spencer asked in a high voice, eyebrows raising.

"Yeah, that."

"Alright, clath," Mr. Ponzi suddenly called out, "The bell will ring thoon, so I will be dithmithing you guyth early. Have a great firth day of thcool everyone." Billy got up from his seat, grabbing with him all of his books. He grabbed his backpack that he had hung onto the back of the chair, slinged it onto his shoulder and- "Mr. Cobra, ith it?" Suddenly, the teacher had called out to Billy. Billy knew what to do in this situation, walking up to the Mr. Ponzi's desk as the rest of the students poured out into the hallway.

"What's this about, kid," Spencer asked, following behind him.

"No idea," Billy whispered, just loud enough for his cousin to hear.

Frankly, he was a bit nervous that the classroom was empty and that he was having a 'talk to the teacher alone' thing on his first day, but remembering that Mr. Ponzi had no vibes in the mean teacher department made Billy feel at peace just a little bit more.

"Tho," Mr. Ponzi began, "it hath come to my attention that there had been a fight that happened in the hallth earlier today." Uh oh. Billy felt his heart speed up. Trouble. I am in trouble, Billy thought to himself frantic on the inside.

"This ain't sounding too good, kid," Spencer uttered, and he must've been reading Billy's mind or something.

Billy waited for it, for all of it.

The yelling,

the disciplinary action,

anything bad, really.

What he didn't expect, was what happened. A hug? Why was he suddenly being hugged?

"High thcool ith a hard time for everyone," Ponzi stated, "If you ever need any help, juth tell me. I'll be here you or for any thudent, even if juth to talk to." Billy had felt a lot better when he knew he wasn't in trouble. Still, he felt a little awkward being hugged by a teacher on his first day, and that it was just awkward in general.

"Uh, t-thanks, sir," Billy stuttered, looking at Spencer's expression of surprise from over Ponzi's head.

Mr. Ponzi, the big softie, let go of the kid that was taller than he was and smiled a kind smile, "Hang in there, buddy," he patted Billy on the back roughly, like a proud father might, "It geth better, I can promith you that." Spencer floated beside the teacher.

"This dudeman's not bad," he replied, "and he's right, kid."

Billy grinned at his cousin, "Yeah, you're right," he sorta said to both Spencer and Mr. Ponzi, "thanks sir." The boy and his ghost walked out of the class together, Mr. Ponzi wishing Billy a good first day.