Smallville: Post Arrival AU (Clark made it to Jor El in Time)

Resident Evil: Post First movie AU (Much greater time skip between One and Apocalypse and a much different version of a character)

Clark stood outside his farm contemplating well himself. It's the end of the summer and it's been a very unique one at that. At the beginning of the summer Smallville was invaded by Kryptonians. Clark dealt with them and he headed back to Jor El edging out his warning of returning by sundown by mere seconds. They took some time but came to an agreement He would go to Jor El once a week to learn the knowledge he has but Clark would get better acquainted with the people of earth and not just Smallville. Jor El kept his part and Clark… well Clark's been kind of lax on his. Ends up the two people weren't the only thing that followed him here. The brain interactive construct had as well. And although it took Clark and Jor El all summer to find it they were able to place a kryptonian virus on the ship. There was one thing Clark regrets Lana went back to Paris. He thought she loved him but no all of the sudden it was just nerves because he left her alone to make Jor El's deadline. The machine brainwashed him, kept his dad in a coma all summer, and vaporized a teenage girl. It's not exactly something you give the finger to.

Clark looked up with a smile seeing a tiny little car head his way. He knows who this is. Lana might be gone but Chloe has been pulling double duty to keep him occupied. She's looking for that one big scoop that will get her into the Daily Planet.

Chloe got out of the car and hugged him. "So do you want to do me a big favor?"

"That depends am I going to get shot again?" Clark asked sarcastically.

Chloe rolled her eyes and smacked him in the stomach they stopped a nuke and all it cost was a hole in Clark's shirt. She considers it a win. "Oh toughen up man of steel you have ten more blue shirts."

Clark laughed Jor El wants to him to be more adventurous and working with Chloe will definitely teach him that. "What do you want?"

Chloe looked him in the eyes holding a folder. "To go to a place neither of us wants to."

Clark looked over the folder well... he certainly wasn't expecting this. "Belle Reeve…why?"

Chloe flipped the page and started to explain as Clark looked at a picture of a dark haired boy and blond haired girl. "Meet Lisa and Matt Addison they were both sent to get something as part of an activists movement and whatever it was… it was something worth dying for since they both disappeared roughly around the same time six months ago."

Clark read everything. "OK... so how does this come back to Belle Reeve?"

Chloe pointed down and Clark saw nothing so she clarified. "Our little asylum has a new partner I want to investigate and find out about it because its where Lisa worked when she disappeared."

"Or just let me investigate let's not give Ian or other people there another chance to kill you." Clark insisted although he thinks Chloe is playing this one close to the chest.

"You have enemies there too you know." Chloe pointed out.

Chloe shrugged and stopped Clark's forthcoming lecture. "Yeah, yeah I'm not invulnerable. Sorry Clark I didn't realize super whining was one of your abilities."

Clark didn't say a word and marched forward before disappearing out of sight in a blur. Clark runs up to Belle Reeve and takes a look at the administrator's sign. He sees the new logo and doesn't see that big of a deal it's a red and white swirl as he runs his fingers along it and sees at the bottom the Umbrella Corporation. Clark takes a brochure and once again he just sees a pharmacy ad not much more.

Chloe laid back on Clark's bed on the farm hard at work on her lap top going through her emails as a dialogue box comes up from survivor CR. Chloe quickly hits the accept box and reads the message.

'Any luck in Smallville?' SurvivorCR

'Waiting for a source but I don't think we're going to find anything. Are you sure this is important.' SV101601

'Uncertain hard to get anything done when your boss is on the take' SurvivorCR

Chloe smiled and typed back 'Yeah try working for Lionel Luthor.' SV101601

'You're still planning to come out?' SurvivorCR

Chloe thought on it and typed back. 'Yes I'm just trying to get a friend to come with me.' SV101601

'See you in Raccoon' SurvivorCR

Chloe saw all her papers flying and rolled her eyes. "Clark!"

"Sorry" Clark offered weakly. "I took a look at Belle Reeve's new sponsor."

"And" Chloe asked.

Clark looked at her. "You're right they are hiding something. No pharmaceutical company has that much interest in a mental ward and can be that clean at the same time. But I couldn't find anything there except for brochures and cosmetic ads. So where do we start looking?"

Chloe looked at him. "Well the easiest place is where Umbrella's strongest and that would be Raccoon city they own it lock stock and barrel. I'm heading out first thing tomorrow. COme with me you know Jor el wants you to see the world."

Clark nodded that seemed like a good place to start. "Alright we'll go tomorrow. I'll research tonight see what else I can find on this Umbrella corporation before we leave."

Chloe smiled hopefully Clark will have better luck then she did.

Clark looked at the computer carefully going through the details and Umbrella is as clean as Luthorcorp and they all know that's a lie. He leans back and rubs his eyes hearing foot steps he looks up and sees Lois Lane. "Lois welcome back, did you find Lucy?"

Lois nodded and hugged him. "She's with the General and I came back to check on Chloe and your mom out of the blue just offers me my old room back. So what's this I hear about you and Chloe going on an adventure?"

Clark looked at her. "We're going to Raccoon City. Where the most exciting that happened there was a mansion burned to the ground six months ago. Are you coming with us?"

Lois shakes her head. "I just got done my own exciting adventure you two have fun though."

Clark nodded. "Well enjoy my room. Try not to make it a white snake shrine."

Lois playfully punched him on the arm. "Clark Kent actually trying to make his mark on the world. Well I guess miracles can happen."

Clark looked at her playing upset. "Well I've done the impossible before."

Lois chuckled and looked him in the eyes. "Seriously though Smallville can you do me a favor when you get there?"

Clark shrugged not seeing any particular reason to say no. "Sure what can I do for you?"

Lois looked at him and smiled. "OK, I want you to meet and go out on a date with a girl in Raccoon city?"

"How do you know I'm not already dating a girl?" Clark asked.

Lois held up a phone. "Because I've been out of town Smallville. Not out of contact. All summer when you haven't been helping Chloe you've been brooding on the farm moping about your great lost love."

Clark counted to ten one thing he hasn't missed all summer is Lois' bluntness. "You mean the girl that said she loved me and left a week later."

Lois collected herself this was always Clark's problem. "Well that sucks but you've got to move on. I think even a bad date would do you some good at this point Smallville. I think you destroyed your brain. You spent so much time idolizing Lana that… Clark Jr. never got the message other girls are OK."

Clark looked at her with utter confusion maybe he got rusty in speaking to Lois for the past three months. "Even for you that didn't make any sense."

Lois glared at him. "Let me put this in terms you'd understand, Smallville. Think of Lana as an ice cream flavor. Damsel in distress Vanilla perhaps,"

"I like vanilla." Clark replied as he dodged a swing by Lois.

Lois just pointed at him actually kind of glad she missed, hitting Clark is like hitting a rock sometimes. "Exactly. You've spent so much time ingesting it that no other flavor will do for you. You're sticking with what's safe trying to hang on to something that was never there. Try to jump into one of the other thirty one flavors Smallville like wild cherry you might surprise yourself."

Clark got to his feet. "Well I'll take it into consideration… but it is nice to see you back in town Lois."

Lois smiled. "Aw shucks thank you Smallville now go have some fun for a change."

Clark watched Lois go down the steps and the thoughts of his day go through his head well Jor El wanted him to see the world and help people. So he'll be happy that Clark is taking the first steps with Chloe going to Raccoon city.

Clark rested in the car with Chloe as they drove into Raccoon city Clark is pretty sure he'd have a stiff neck if he felt pain. "You know I could have just carried the car Chloe."

Chloe shrugged. "I know but I had to keep up things for appearance sakes."

Chloe pulled up to the motel and greeted the clerk kindly as the twowalked in. "Hello ah reservations for Sullivan and Kent."

Clark looked at her he doesn't understand the point he can very easily sleep on the couch and she knows it. Maybe she's trying to prove she's over that crush on him. "We have separate rooms getting the feeling you're not telling me everything Chloe."

Chloe looked at him as she was given the keys. Clark took 213 and Chloe took 211 Chloe walked into Clark's room and stared at him. "OK hand up and swear this doesn't leave the room."

Clark nodded and put his hand up. "I swear whatever you say doesn't leave the room."

Clark sat down on the chair and listened as Chloe started to explain. "OK I grew up in Metropolis. My best friend there was Lisa Addison."

"The girl who disappeared?" Clark asked for clarification.

Chloe nodded. "She disappeared while she was checking out something on Umbrella something big and I think it got her killed for it."

Clark looked at her. "Chloe how do you know that?"

"Because we kept in touch this whole time. I didn't tell you because I was afraid you'd think I was being too personal." Chloe replied. "But Lisa was the first friend I ever made and not to try to dampen your ego but Matt was my first kiss thanks to spin the bottle. I'm not expecting a headline but my friends deserve justice they deserve to be heard. I just don't want my mess falling down on you."

Clark didn't say a word and just got to his feet. "Look you just drove from Smallville to Raccoon City why don't you take a rest for a couple hours."

Chloe looked at him she's been around Clark enough to know Clark code. From those looks on his face he's telling her to stay out of it. That usually means he's about do something stupid but crack this thing wide open and he doesn't want her help. "OK let's just get moved in first."

Clark had the two rooms fully unpacked in three minutes once all the boxes were in a new personal best for him. Clark looked to the city all he had to do was look up and see that red and white Logo. Chloe wasn't kidding when she said Umbrella practically owns this city. Clark walked into the electronics store and went over to portable hard drives he has a feeling he's going to need one. He looks around and sees a five terabyte hard drive so hopefully that will be enough.

He goes to pay for it and sees the umbrella logo on the back of the box they do own this city don't they.

The blond cashier flashes him a smile. "Anything else I can help you with handsome."

Clark awkwardly shakes his head no cute girl but... "Umm no I'm fine thank you." Clark just groaned as he left he has to learn how find one girl he can tell his secret to.

Clark explored the city some more until he came into an internet café. He has to find out about Umbrella before spying on them and the easiest is to explore their website a bit.

Chloe woke up and knocked next door seeing that Clark still wasn't home. She wonders just what it is he's up to. She goes to her lap top and sees about Umbrella and just finds more bland history also she sees a pop up from survivorCR.

SurvivorCR: Are you in Raccoon City yet?

SV101601: Just got unpacked and slept off the road trip

SurvivorCR: What do you hope to accomplish here?

SV101601: They're home base is here people usually keep their skeletons in their closet. I checked Umbrella out they've been working on something big over the past couple years. Any idea what?"

SurvivorCR: Umbrella has had their mitts on everything I have couple of ideas I'd rather run through in person.

Chloe sat there thinking about it. It feels like a setup for a lifetime kidnapping move but she already knows him... hopefully... She'll tell Clark to keep an ear out for her. "Fine but tonight at 9 Excella hotel room 211."

Clark walked into the main Umbrella facility and looked around this place could give Luthorcorp a run for its money. Security guard up front but with the exception of the people up front everything is so sterile. He looked over to a pretty girl on the other side of the room with short brunette hair in a black top and jeans a Beretta hidden on her thigh.

The woman looked over and saw a cute guy in patriotic red an blue cute but not why she's here. "Can I help you or are you just going to stare at my legs all day?"

Clark rebooted awake busted. "You have nice… legs."

"Fuck off"

Clark calmly walked to the guard she just made this a lot easier. "Yeah that woman in black over there she has a gun you might want to do something about that."

The guard walked over and Clark took the opportunity to look through the guard monitors seeing the security for the building and located the boss' desk.

The girl turned around and saw the guard coming to her. "Something I can help you with?"

"Spread your legs and put your hands on the wall."

The girl looked at him. "Excuse me"

"Just do it." The guard ordered.

The girls saw the kid that was staring at her doing things he's not supposed to at the terminal it quickly sinks in she's being used as a decoy and pushes the guard back as the kid sneaks through the back door. "And why would I do that."

"We have reason to believe you have a concealed firearm."

The girl looked at him. "OK I'm going for my ID please don't shoot me."

The guard nodded as the girl went through her pockets as Clark disappeared through the back door. Once he was out of sight she gave him her wallet as the guard opened it and instantly felt like an idiot but this was the easiest job he ever had. "Sorry officer Valentine I didn't realize you were a cop."

Jill calmly walked towards the door. She'll grab the kid on the way out. "Hey its fine I'm glad to see you take your job seriously."

Clark moved in a blur and quickly stopped at the top floor before entering the office of a Timothy Cain he looked around and saw the room with a couple chairs and a desk… what kind of head honcho doesn't have a security camera in his room? He's chalking this one up to either arrogance or back room deals he doesn't want to risk the world finding out about. He turns on the computer and sees it just in sleep mode as it comes online. Clark goes through files on the desk to find they're all locked and sees he caught a break here as Cain was transferred in as the new operating director last week after something called Red Queen malfunctioned and killed his predecessor six months ago. He sees a note telling him the new password to the computer and happily puts it in seeing the computer open up as he starts transferring all the files to his hard drive. Clark hears a noise and quickly turned off the monitor and looked up at the old ceiling with wooden boards he hopes this works as he hops to the ceiling and splitting his legs on two boards. Well he can't fly yet but he has hovering down.

Cain came into the room and looked around for something amiss. Clark looked down at the man he was nearly as tall as him with a short blond haircut looking into his eyes Clark can see at the very least he is ex military. Cain looked up and saw nothing. He heard his phone go off and answered it.

"Hello… no… I will not be attending… Reopening the hive… on Thursday morning first thing." Cain walked out of the room shouting into the phone and closed the door leaving a very relieved Clark behind the door. Clark turned on the monitor and saw the backup was completed at four Terabytes of info. Well… Chloe is going to have her hands full for a while. He shuts down the computer and quickly heads for the exit.

Jill waited patiently in her car. She can't believe how badly her life has turned so fast. Six months ago she was one of the best. The second youngest member of the RPD STARS squadron at 23. Then the incident at the mansion happened. Apparently something leaked out from under the mansion and infected the dogs nearby they in turn infected nearby people. STARS sent the BRAVO team to investigate and when they didn't return they sent her team the ALPHA team. The mansion was a bloodbath a grand total of five people made it out alive. She, Chris, Barry, BRAVO's youngest Rebecca and chickenshit Brad because mainly the coward took off at first sight of danger.

Their boss Wesker whom was loyal to Umbrella led ALPHA team while a man named Enrico led BRAVO through the assault of the mansion until Wesker shot him. Little did they know this was nothing but a field test by Umbrella to test out their newest bio weapons on the field with the help of Wesker and Chief Irons. Wesker stood to make a fortune with the data if he had made it out alive. Out of twelve of them only five made it out alive and after going through zombies, dogs, and an early prototype of something called the NEMESIS project and only making it out because of a rocket launcher. They didn't get a heroes welcome instead they got a mud slinging campaign that exiled them all from office thanks to Irons and Umbrella that got them all suspended and any credibility they had destroyed.

Jill watched the young man from earlier that used her as a decoy come out and she calmly hopped out of her car and quickly started to follow him into an alley wondering what he has to gain from this. When she gets to the end of the alley she sees that he's already gone. How did someone shake her so fast so completely?

Chloe heard a knock on her door and quickly grabbed her tazer gun when dealing with a stranger range is better especially considering how early he is. She opens the door on a chain and quickly sees Clark as she closes it to unlock it completely. "Sorry about that just needed to see something."

Clark nodded he's suddenly really not liking what Chloe is up to but she's right victims deserve to be heard. "I went to the Umbrella Facility. Couldn't stay for long though."

Chloe glared at him she would have liked that to be a one man one woman trip. Has Clark never heard of a unisex assault? "Did you find anything useful in your short time there?"

Clark shakes his head in denial. "It wasn't a long stay." He pulled out the hard drive. "All I had time to do was copy all the information Umbrella had onto this hard drive."

Chloe practically ran up and took the hard drive off of him and hugged him. "I love my kryptonian friend."

Clark simply smiled hearing the words from Chloe. He had had to admit part of it stung though. He and Chloe got along great all summer and even when he told her she just quietly accepted and if anything it gave her more respect for him. Well it's probably better this way. Anytime they went for more Chloe just ended up disappointed and hurt cutting him off for a time. But Chloe's his best friend and no power in the 28 galaxies is going to change that.

Chloe hopped over to her computer and plugged in the hard drive and glared at the big dumb alien. "Master password? Clark it's going to take weeks to hack into this."

Clark sat in the chair with a smile. "VERONICA"

Chloe looked at Clark and typed it in no one is stupid enough to use the founders name as a pass… it actually worked. She can't believe Clark flat out stole an entire hard drive though to be fair the way she described Lisa and Matt made it sound like they were her version of well… Pete and herself and when she went missing Clark had no problem snooping around a three star general's desk. She might not feel like she used to but she'll always be grateful for having a friend like Clark Kent. "Clark this is still going to take some time. Why don't you go see what the nightlife is like around here? Maybe you can even find someone that doesn't like Umbrella."

Clark looked at her. "You're expecting someone aren't you?"

"Yes now go away, I'll call if I get in trouble." Chloe replied as she pushed him for the door.

Clark shrugged he can take that to the fortress but he doubts Jor El would help. Besides he has a feeling Chloe can handle it and she should since it's her friend Umbrella messed with besides maybe he can have some fun exploring Raccoon city. What's the worst that can happen in a few days? "See ya later"

"Goodbye Clark"

Chloe sat looking at the files Clark got there's a whole lot more to Umbrella then the pharmaceutical side they let out. Apparently they studied the blood work of the meteor infected during their freshman year of high school and when Belle Reeve faced a heavy lawsuit from Lex for what Lionel had done to his son with electro shock therapy they footed the bill which was why the Umbrella Logo was now outside of it. Chloe heard a knock on the door and got to her feet. She opened the door and saw a man in his early to mid 20s with dark brown hair in a white wife beater and green jeans.

Chloe looked at him with a simple smile knowing who he is despite how long its been. He was Matt's best friend before he was shipped off to the air force.

The man looked at Chloe with wondering eyes seeing her in a light blue work suit and miniskirt. Lisa's friend can really pull it off though he has a hard time seeing this as the once nine year old reporter. Chloe Sullivan had really filled out over the years. "It's been too long Chlo I wouldn't know where to start."

Chloe just hugged him it's been ages. "It's good to see you again officer Redfield."

"I got fired for sticking my nose where it wasn't wanted. It's just Chris now."

Chloe smiled opening the door as Chris walked in hopefully he's found leads that she and Clark missed.

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