Clark came to the hotel calmly he still has sometime so he quietly walks past Chloe's room and quietly opened the door to his room as he went for the back to try to get some sleep.

"Have a fun night Romeo?"

Clark stopped in his tracks and turned around seeing Chloe sitting at his table helping herself to a coffee. "More or less"

Chloe looked at him. "So, what's her name and why did you scare her off?"

"Jill, and I didn't scare her off." Clark replied. "As a matter of fact I'm seeing her tonight."

Chloe stared at him he's going out with a girl named Jill and she's going out with Chris. Maybe they're kind of losing focus. "Ding dong Clark has a date just warn me next time she spends the night."

Clark looked at her. "Chloe, what are you talking about?"

"Nothing important" Chloe assured him realizing Clark would never kiss and tell.

Clark went to the fridge for milk finally away from the farm as he pulled out the half gallon. "So, what's on course for today?" He went to drink from the half gallon.

Chloe smiled Clark's such a boyscout she's wondering. "Oh, we're going to break into the RPD."

Chloe looked on and it wasn't exactly what she expected she believes Clark was making a gasping sound. But with his lung power the end result was seeing him chug a half gallon of milk in two seconds. "Well, at least it does a body good."

Jill walked up to her door and heard a quiet movement on the other side. She quietly pulls out her gun and kicks open the door staring at the other person pointing a familiar handgun at her.

Jill sighed and put her gun away. "Chris, I really gotta change those locks. Six months later we're still pulling guns on each other."

Chris put his away and sat down. "So where did you spend last night?"

"With a tourist." Jill supplied which was technically true. "So how did your meeting with your contact go?"

"Well, interesting I think best describes it." Chris described the meeting with Chloe. "The good news is we have files about the T-Virus, Bad news I think only one person is alive that can access the files and he's happily employed by Umbrella."

"Isn't there anyone else?" Jill asked.

Chris shakes his head. "The only two people on the list I knew were him and Wesker. Considering the other two are missing, I'll let that speak for itself."

Jill looked at him. "So is there anything else your contact can give us?"

"I don't know I'm meeting her again tonight." Chris replied. "How about you?"

"I have a date tonight." Jill replied.

Chris looked at her with concern. "You do realize whoever this is could be a mole right?"

Jill nodded but she really doubted it. "Not likely, when I met him he was breaking into the Umbrella facility."

"Oh, I like this guy already." Chris quipped.

Clark stood outside the police station as Chloe came up the steps. "I don't understand it. There's steps there's a little walkway and then there's more steps what's the point of that hole."

Chloe shrugged. "Maybe they want to punish you for not going the grassy route Chloe offered looking the other way."

Clark looked inside and saw Police all over the place this wasn't going to be easy. "So you're the distraction and I'm going in."

"No, you went to the umbrella facility, I'm going in alone." Chloe replied.

Clark looked at her. "And how are you going to sneak past all those cops."

"And how are you going to get by so many people without breaking a door off its hinges with how fast you open it." Chloe countered.

Jill was at her computer after a couple more hours sleep with Chris back at her apartment. He gave her the last two names and she's running her own search. "Ah damn"

"What?" Chris asked.

"I found Alice Abernathy and Spence Parks." Jill replied. "It's very likely they're dead."

Chris looked at her. "What makes you so sure?"

"Because we were probably the ones who killed them." Jill pointed to the monitor. "They lived in the mansion."

Chris frowned. "Then that means those files will probably never be opened save for a miracle."

Clark stared as Chloe came back with another man in black pants coat and a hat with a beard what has she done now. "Chloe, who is this?"

The man held out his hand. "Lloyd Jefferson Wayne but you can call me LJ on account of the informal situation."

Clark shook his hand. "Nice to meet you LJ." He turned back to Chloe. "What's going on?"

"Well I explained our situation… and after slipping him fifty bucks LJ agreed to cause a distraction." Chloe replied as LJ went into the police station.

Clark and Chloe enter the police station and sure enough LJ pretty much has the whole department's attention talking about discrimination. Clark looks over and sees a path clear to where Chloe wants to go as he walks her through the door. "Are you sure this is the way?"

Chloe nods. "One bright side to breaking into a police station blueprints are at the ready thanks to the government." She makes it up to the door she wants and is stumped. "Why is there a picture of a club on the side of the door? Think it needs a club key to open? Who carries a club key?"

Clark shrugged honestly the whole station seemed weird to him. He looks around and once he's certain they're safe shoves his finger through the locks opening the door. "Someone who doesn't know the lock is broken."

Chloe smiled as Clark walked in and held the door for her. "OK so we're ghosts in this. In and out I get his hard drive you check his desk."

Clark smiled seeing Chloe pull out a screwdriver definitely the craftiest blond he knows. She went to the desk in the middle and sees an all around mess. What pig keeps this place? She looks down and sees a picture on the desk of Chris and another woman with brown hair. A very coupley picture… oh wait it's just Claire.

She looks over and sees Chris' diary, she wonders what's in it but she's grown up a lot since Clark and leaves it be. Clark looks at the back desk and quickly realized its Jill's as he went for the desk up front.

"I thought there'd be more desks?" Clark quipped since STARS was a special team.

Chloe nodded walking up to the front desk. By default this has to be Wesker's. "There is actually, there's another three rooms in the basement." She looked at the desk and yes Wesker's.

Clark looked around the desk and saw over stacked police reports but nothing that would say anything about Umbrella. He takes a deeper look at the desk with x-ray vision and sees something incriminating a book hidden in the desk. "Chloe, there's a book hidden in the desk."

Chloe opens the drawers and sees nothing then goes to work on the computer. "There's nothing but bullets and stationary."

"It's not in the drawer it's in the desk." Clark clarified as he looked around the book and very carefully traced his fingernail in a circle around it and plucked the circle off pulling out what appears to be a journal. "I think we got what we came here for."

Chloe nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I'd say lets go."

Clark and Chloe head back down and see LJ has already left. They go outside and see LJ waiting for them patiently. Chloe sighed and handed him his fifty dollars.

LJ looked at the two. "So, did you guys find what you were looking for?"

Chloe shrugged. "Honestly, we're hoping. Thanks for the distraction."

LJ smiled. "Yeah well beats the hell out of working at Walmart."

Chris sat in the apartment and looked at the time. He waited patiently for the phone to ring.

To his surprise Jill's phone rings first. "Hello, oh Peyton hey, what's up, No, we didn't go into the station today, why? Oh, that's interesting; no I have no idea who would. OK, bye." Jill hung up in thought Peyton was one of the few STAR members that still supported her and Chris, not publicly because he has a family to take care of but he lets info slip to them on occasion.

Jill hung up the phone and Chris saw the look in her eyes. "What did he say?"

"Someone broke into our old room and looked around." Jill replied. "I don't think they found anything though all they found was piece of Wesker's desk ripped out. And his hard drive was missing."

Chris took that in for a moment and wondered. "Chris, do you know something abut this?"

"Might have been my contact, we found out Wesker was a part of something called the hive, and it has a lot to do with the T-Virus."

Jill looked at her partner. "I'd like to meet this contact of yours."

"Not tonight, we're kind of going out on a date."

Jill looked at him. "Since when do you date?"

"Well she's an old friend and I had a lot fun with her last night." Chris replied.

Jill looked at the clock. "Speaking of dates I have to get ready for mine. There isn't much we can do much until you talk to your contact anyway."

Chris nodded she had him there. "OK, just be careful."

Jill nodded. "If the guy was going to hurt me I wouldn't have set up a second date, good luck tonight."

Chris simply waved as Jill left. She's a big girl and she has a high powered assault rifle next to her panty drawer so he's not exactly concerned and was even planning to leave Raccoon city before Chloe started looking into Umbrella for him. He calls Chloe to make final details for tonight. Just as Jill does with Clark.

Chloe was looking through Wesker's hard drive but so far she has nothing. "Nothing but Police procedure." She turns to Clark. "Anything in there yet?"

Clark shakes his head no. "Not really, except for one thing. He might still be alive."

Chloe looked at him. "He was confirmed dead in an explosion what makes you so sure."

Clark turns to the last page. "The fools that currently run Umbrella have no idea who they're dealing with. Thanks to Birkin death is but a door. Time is but a window. I'll be back." Clark closed the journal. "Now either this guy is the biggest Ghostbusters fan out there or…"

"He figured out a way to cheat death and is still alive." Chloe finished but gave a thought. "Does it say anything in there about a password to the hive?"

Clark shakes his head no. "Just that they were working on something called the T-Virus and the put him in the RPD to protect it." Clark started from the back and worked his way forward.

"So nothing about a password." Chloe quipped.

Clark opened it to the early pages. "Try 11231967"

Chloe shrugged at least it's something that's an idea as she puts it in and smiles seeing the screen load up. "OK, how did you know that?"

"Arkalay mansion finished construction on November 23rd 1967." Clark answered as Chloe looked at it. "Oh dear god tens of thousands of folders what the hell were they doing in this hive?"

Clark looked at it and just like this his date is toast. "Need a hand looking through it?"

Chloe looked at him. "No offense, but we haven't backed this up yet and you crashed my computer twenty seven times during the summer in Smallville by trying to go at superspeed. Besides Umbrella has such a vice grip on this city it's not like they're going anywhere."

Clark looked at her and saw the dangerous obsession. "Chloe you should go out to take your mind off things."

Chloe looked at him. "But we can't stay in this hotel forever."

"Yes we can." Clark objected. "Since we're just visiting, I can crush coal into a diamond and take it to a pawn shop."

Chloe simply laughed in amusement. She doesn't think Jonathon Kent would appreciate that. "I am going out tonight, speaking of which I have go find clothes to wear and so do you."

Clark looked up quietly gulped at the the reporter's face. He knows that look, he's in trouble.

Chris took a breath as he got out of his car. Come on you've known this woman since she was a girl it shouldn't be that hard. Chris walked up to the room and knocked nervously. He waited as the door opened and he felt his jaw drop. "Wow certainly can't see you as Lisa's little friend anymore."

Chloe did a twirl in a blue dress clinging to her curves with little straps on her shoulders. "Well when I called earlier you said dress nice, isn't this nice?"

Chris nodded and looked at himself. "All of the sudden I feel underdressed."

Chloe looked at him in semi formal. "No, you look great. Besides I've seen cop pay I'm almost scared of what unemployed cop pay is."

Chris wrapped an arm as he walked her down the steps. "What I wore yesterday and this are the only clothes I own."

The two smiled coming down the steps.

Jill came up the stairs to Clark's room in a black dress and heels she agreed to dinner just to take her mind off Umbrella for a night. She gently knocked on the door and Clark opened the door as Jill stood shocked trying not to speak. "Where's your shirt?"

"I'm running late." Clark replied as he opened the door for her in black pants. "Just give me a minute."

Jill looked around this is a tourist room… and it's still nicer then where she's staying at. "So why were you running late anyway?"

"Looking up stuff." Clark replied form his room. "I had five minutes with the computer while Chloe wasn't looking."

Jill took her coat off and sat down on the couch. "What were you looking at?"

"I plead the fifth."

Jill smiled. "Unless you're arrested by a big guy on STARS called Peyton the RPD can go fuck themselves."

"That's supporting your friends." Clark replied.

Jill shrugged. "Peyton and Brad are the only friends I have left. And I wouldn't even say Brad is a friend for ditching us."

Clark came out in a dark blue dress shirt and black pants. He quickly felt his jaw drop when he finally stopped to see Jill in that dress and looking at her from head to toe. "Wow, you're beautiful."

"Thank you." Jill replied. "So where are you taking me?"

"Restaurant and then wherever you want to go to dance." Clark replied as they walked out.

Jill smiled walking home with Clark that was a lot of fun and it's rare to see someone actually open doors and pull out seats. His parents raised him right. They talked about as far as Jill can tell the censored versions of their past. Jill enjoyed hearing all the trouble he got into in Smallville thanks to a girl called Chloe who brought him out here. But there is a little problem, Clark is definitely keeping something from her but as far as she can tell it's not a wife, he still hates Umbrella, and he's not sick so he can tell her if he's ever ready. You don't pour your heart out on a first date anyway.

Clark smiled walking up to Jill's apartment. It was a nice date and it was fun to take his mind off the world for at least a short time. He does know one thing however there's a lot more going on at Umbrella then Jill is telling him so he will be looking at those filestomorrow after a good night sleep. Well he'll ask her later on a first date isn't exactly where you pour your heart out.

Jill looked at the door to her apartment. "So, I had a great time tonight. We'll do this again soon, right?"

"Of course" Clark assured her. Honestly not remembering when he had more fun.

Jill walked up to her front door. After last night she doesn't want a repeat of last night especially since it's their first real date and it was for lack of a better word perfect but Clark's keeping something from her so they can keep it slow, for now. Jill turned around and grabbed him by his jacket pulling him into a kiss. Clark is shocked at first but quick to respond wrapping his arms around her back pulling her in closely as their mouths open almost pleading as the kissing becomes deeper and more passionate.

Jill broke the kiss coming up for air breathless and what the hell Clark isn't even tired. "So we're doing this again."

Clark nodded as his brain came back online where did she learn how to kiss? "Definitely"

Jill smiled walking into her door fighting herself he could still be an Umbrella spy. "Goodnight Clark."

"Good night" Clark replied as the door was shut. This was a great night and now he can definitely take on whatever Chloe has planned for tomorrow.

Later that night into Thursday morning deep under Raccoon City an Umbrella team stands ready under the charred remains of the manor in their hazmat suits. One of them looks at a machine and just sees a clear blue screen. "We're clear there are no signs of infection at this entrance."

The big steel door to the hive rises as little orange blips stars showing up on the radar. They hear a growl in the tunnels as the blips increase covering up the screen as the T-Virus infection quickly sky rockets to the red. The one holding the machine listens to screams of agony. As a trio of undead dogs pounce on him ripping the last lab tech to pieces.

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