They were on a mission. One simple objective. Stop Wu The Wicked Wizard.

They didn't expect this to happen. One moment he's fine and the next moment he's gone.

They were caught off guard. Now they are wallowing in pain , greif , sorrow and guilt.

They all felt guilty for what happened to him.

He was dead.

Who died?

Their leader -Peter Parker A.K.A. Spider-Man.

Wu is also full of regret...he had no intention of killing Peter or anyone at all.

[FLASHBACK] "Parker c'mon." yelled Nova

"Go without me!There's someone trapped!" he yelled back as he lifted a giant piece of wood off of a civilian

"C'mon the bomb's about to go off! Fury said we had to leave the village before it went off or we'll die!Hurry!"

"Alright!Luke catch the villager I'm on my way just gotta get the crystal." said Peter as he ran off to grab the crystal lying on the ground. They had to bring that crystal to Fury.

"Just leave it!" shouted Ava

"No! Just go!I'll find a safe way out of here and regroup with you guys around the other side of the mountain! Go! Now!"


"Don't argue with me!Leave now!"

They flew away in their ship. Peter tried to escape the village before the bomb blew but.

BOOM! Was all that could be heard within a 50-mile radius. The team escaped all except for one.

They knew he didn't make it. He tried to rum from an explosion expanding 50 miles.

He was fast but not that fast.

They created a statue for him in the middle of the park.

There was a funeral service for him held by everyone in the city.

The next week at school. Everyone was sad. They lost a hero that they looked up to and respected. They didn't even know that he was really Peter Parker.

MJ nudged Ava "Where's Peter?"

Ava felt sad and she also fetl that MJ should know the truth"Peter couldn't come because Peter...well he was Spider-Man."

MJ "Now is not the time for jokes."

She saw the deep sadness in here eyes and instantly knew that she was serious.

"Oh my God. He's actually dead!"

After school, Ava, MJ , Sam , Danny , Luke , Harry ,and Flash went to the park to visit his grave.

"Wow. I feel horrible. I bullied him until his dying day and never once apologized. I'm sorry Peter." Flash spoke up and was the only one to speak.