Uzumaki's Rebirth

Academy arc

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Chapter 6: The day everything changed

It had been half a year since the attempted murder of Naruto and everyone had moved on from those events and went back to how things were before, despite the possibility that Naruto might turn into a miniature Kyubi at any time and kill them all, though as Itachi had explained, that was impossible as long as Naruto didn't experience great rage, of course at that, Karin had joked about that they shouldn't take away Naruto's ramen unless they wanted him to go berserk again.

Currently they were all seated at their seats in the class-room as Daikoku entered, carrying several files before putting them down on his desk.

"What do you think those files are for?" Naruto asked.

"Who knows." Karin replied before Daikoku held up one of the files.

"I have first semester reports." He said before handing the files out to the various students.

When Naruto, Sasuke, and Karin received their respective reports, they immediately opened them.

Uzumaki Naruto:

Subjects ... ...Class ... ... ... ... ... Overall Status

Taijutsu: ... ...1st/31 students ... 1st/91 students

Ninjutsu: ... ...3rd/31 students ... 3rd/91 students

Fuinjutsu: ... ...1st/31 students ...1st/91 students

Individual: ... ...1st/31 students ...3rd/91 students

Team: ... ... ... .1st/9 teams ... ... 1st/27 teams

Senjutsu: ... ... .2nd/31 students ...2nd/91 students

Uchiha Sasuke:

Subjects ... ...Class ... ... ... ... ... Overall Status

Taijutsu: ... ...2nd/31 students ... 2nd/91 students

Ninjutsu: ... ...2nd/31 students ... 2nd/91 students

Fuinjutsu: ... ...3rd/31 students ...3rd/91 students

Individual: ... ...2nd/31 students ...2nd/91 students

Team: ... ... ... 1st/9 teams ... ... ...1st/27 teams

Senjutsu: ... ... 1st/31 students ... 1st/91 students

Uzumaki Karin:

Subjects ... ...Class ... ... ... ... ... Overall Status

Taijutsu: ... ...20th/31 students ...68th/91 students

Ninjutsu: ... ...1st/31 students ... 1st/91 students

Fuinjutsu: ... ...2nd/31 students ...2nd/91 students

Individual: ... ...24th/31 students ...79th/91 students

Team: ... ... ... 1st/9 teams ... ... ...1st/27 teams

Senjutsu: ... ... 6th/31 students ... ...23rd/91 students

Naruto and Sasuke were both ecstatic about the results, though Karin hung her head, thinking that she probably got the worst scores in the entire class, though that of course wasn't true as there was at least one in the class that had even worse scores, Haruno Sakura who had only gotten 30th and 31st amongst their class with exception of Ninjutsu and Fuinjutsu where she'd actually managed to get 4th and team where she'd gotten 1st, having been lucky enough to be on the same team as Naruto, Sasuke, and Karin, the only four-man team.

Of course, the fact that Naruto and Karin had scored 1st and 2nd respectively on Fuinjutsu came as no surprise to anyone as the two of them were far above any of the other students when it came to that field of expertise, even the older students.


Hashi was sitting on the roof of the academy as he looked at his file, he had gotten 2nd on everything except for team where he'd gotten 1st. Though this didn't surprise him in the slightest as it was like this every time.

He then looked down to the small field outside the school building to see Naruto, Sasuke, and Karin walking out as they were done for the day. He smiled as he remembered what had happened several months ago, and was glad to see them behave as though nothing had ever happened.

"And what are you so happy about?" Rika said as she approached the boy.

"Rika?" Hashi said as he looked at her before looking away with a light blush on his face while saying "… Nothing."

"So where's Shin?" Rika asked as she looked around.

"Why are you asking?" Hashi asked.

"Well, he you two are hardly ever seen apart." Rika said.

"Hmm… I guess you've got a point there." Hashi said before continuing "He said he had some things to take care of."

"What kind of things?" Rika asked.

"No idea." Hashi replied.

With Naruto and Karin

Naruto and Karin said their good-byes to Sasuke as they headed back towards the Uzumaki compound. Normally the three of them would hang out along with Ino, Sakura, Shikamaru, and Choji, but today they all wanted to show their parents the reports.

As Naruto and Karin was walking, the former was his usual carefree self, though he was sporting an extra large grin, obviously he was very happy about the results. Karin on the other hand was still hanging her head as she thought of what Jiraiya would say when he saw her report, he would probably be very disappointed with her, that's for sure.

The two didn't see where they were going though as they walked straight into someone, prompting them to take a step back as Naruto opened his eyes and Karin looked up to see none other than…

"Ero-Sennin?" Naruto asked, surprise evident in his tone.

"Hello there, Naruto and Karin. I decided to come see if you got any high scores on your first reports." Jiraiya said.

"Yeah, look here." Naruto said as he held up his report and Jiraiya took it before looking it over.

"Very impressive Naruto. Though I guess that's just to be expected from the son of the Yondaime." He said, congratulating the boy before turning to Karin "And what about you, Karin?"

Karin then flinched before holding up her own report after some hesitation, and Jiraiya took it before looking it over as well. He then looked over the top of the report card at Karin, causing her to flinch again.

Elsewhere in the village

Itachi was walking towards the Uchiha compound after having trained in one of the training fields, thinking hard about something.

'I need to have a talk with Shisui later, if anything he should be able to help me with what I should do.' He thought.

"Uchiha Itachi, I presume." A voice said and Itachi turned around to see Shin, one of Hashi's friends.

"And you are…?" Itachi asked.

"The name's Shin, Hiyamikari Shin." Shin said.

'Judging from his height appearance he can't be more than an academy student, one or maybe two years older than Sasuke. However, the tone of his voice sounds like someone with many years of experience.' Itachi thought.

"I can tell that from the look in your eyes that you're thinking hard about something. Well, whatever it may be, it can't be that hard to figure out what to do for one with the mindset of a Hokage." Shin said before he started walking towards the Uchiha while reaching into a pocket and pulling out a scroll. He then handed the scroll to Itachi and said "There's someone I want you to give this to."

"Who's that?" Itachi asked as he looked down at the scroll in his hands.

"You'll find out." Shin said, causing Itachi to turn around to see the kid walking away.

He then looked down at the scroll again before opening it and his eyes suddenly widened, something that almost never happened.

Uchiha compound

Sasuke was sitting on the floor in front of his father, waiting in anticipation as Fugaku was currently looking over the report card before looking up at Sasuke, causing the young Uchiha to gulp.

"Keep this up, and you'll be amazing, just like your brother." Fugaku said before putting the report down on the floor and walking past Sasuke and out of the room. Normally he would have been slightly disappointed in Sasuke as the boy didn't receive the best scores, but considering that two of his class-mates had been trained and raised by Jiraiya, it was to be expected.

'Father… I… "That's my boy", is what I wanted you to say…' Sasuke thought as he looked down on the floor with a sad expression on his face.

Later that night

"WHAT? You know what tomorrow is, don't you?" Fugaku yelled, waking Sasuke from his sleep.

"You just don't understand your position…!" The Uchiha head continued as he looked angrily at Itachi with Mikoto sitting beside him.

'What are they doing at this time of night, and with the light's out…?' Sasuke thought as he peeked into the room.

"My mission begins tomorrow." Itachi said.

"… What mission?" Fugaku asked.

"I can't tell you… it's covert." Itachi said, causing Fugaku to close his eyes in frustration before opening them again.

"Itachi… you're the pipeline between the clan and the village nerve center… You understand that, don't you?" He said.

"Yeah…" Itachi replied.

"Take that to heart. Attend tomorrow's meeting." Fugaku said.

"… Sasuke. Get back to sleep." Itachi said, surprising Fugaku and Mikoto.

"Y-yeah." Sasuke said before he pushed the door slightly aside as Fugaku rose to his feet and took several steps towards him.

"Why are you wandering around this late? Go back to bed!" The Uchiha head said.

"… Yes, father." Sasuke said as he looked at Itachi before returning to bed.

Next day, village catacombs (ROOT HQ)

A dark silhouette ran through the catacombs as there were several others following it, all of said followers wearing masks with the kanji for root on them. The one running from them looked over his shoulder, revealing himself as Shisui. Though his right eye was closed as blood ran down from it while the left eye – instead of being in the form of a normal Sharingan – rather had a square-like shape except that the edges were extending out till the edges of the red iris.

Later, Nakano River

Shisui and Itachi were both standing at the cliff over the Nakano River.

"It… no longer looks like the Uchiha coup d'état can be prevented. And if civil war erupts in Konoha, the other villages will invade for sure. True war will break out." Shisui said before looking over his shoulder at Itachi as he continued "When I tried to stop the coup d'état using the Koto'amatsukami… Danzo stole my right eye. That one doesn't trust me… He intends to protect the village his way, no matter what it takes or how it looks." He then turned around to fully face Itachi as he raised his left hand up to his eye "I suspect he'll come after my left eye as well… so I'm going to give it to you before he has a chance." He then pulled the eye straight out of the eye-socket.

'Shisui…' Itachi thought before Shisui held out the eye for Itachi to take.

"… You're the only one I can count on, my best friend. Please protect this village… and the Uchiha name… both." Shisui said before Itachi reached out with his hand and grabbed the eye.

Shisui then took a few steps back towards the cliff and jumped, causing Itachi's eyes to widen.

"Shisui!" He yelled before running over to the cliff just in time to see Shisui's body disappear into the raging waves of the river "… Goodbye, Shisui."

Next day

"Father only cares about you…" Sasuke said as he was sitting next to Itachi.

"You're upset with me, Sasuke?" Itachi asked before continuing after several seconds "That's fine… To live life being hated… that's one path for a shinobi."

"I… I don't think…" Sasuke started before stopping himself as he thought 'It's exactly like he said… the truth is… about my brother…'

"Ha ha… It's tough being the best. Having power means being isolated, and it leads to arrogance. No matter how high people's hopes for you were. But… it's just the two of us. I'll always be there like a wall you need to climb over. Even if it means being hated… that's what big brothers are for." Itachi said before they heard the door being pushed open.

"ITACHI! Come out! We need to talk to you!" A spiky haired Uchiha police officer yelled as two others were with him.

"… What is it? What brings you all here?" Itachi asked as he came into the entrance hall.

"Only two people didn't show up to yesterday's meeting… Where were you?" One with long hair asked.

'So, it's true… Itachi didn't attend…' Sasuke thought.

"Since joining ANBU, you've pulled us through many situations… we understand that. Your father said so too… and he's trying to defend you, but…" The long haired officer said.

"We can't make exceptions." The spiky haired officer said.

"… I understand. I'll be more careful. Now, are we done here?" Itachi said.

"… Almost. We do have a few more questions…" The spiky haired officer said, causing Itachi to look at him, wondering what he was going to say "It's about Shisui… he also missed the meeting." At this, Itachi's face adopted an emotionless expression.

'Why?' Sasuke thought.

"He threw himself into the Nakano River. We know that you… were like brothers." The long haired officer said.

"… Well, yeah… I haven't seen him lately… It's a tragedy." Itachi said as he now had a sad look on his face.

"… We are the police, Itachi… We've decided to put our full effort into the investigation." The long haired officer said.

"… Investigation?" Itachi asked before the spiky haired officer pulled out a note from his belt.

"This is Shisui's final note. A hand-writing analysis was conducted. There's no doubt he wrote it." He said.

"… If there's no indication of murder, what's the investigation for…?" Itachi asked.

"For a Sharingan user, copying hand-writing is easy." The long-haired officer said before his colleague handed the note over to Itachi.

"The content of the note is all here… on this tiny piece of paper." The spiky haired officer said as Itachi read what it said.

"I'm tired of these missions. At this rate, there's no future for Uchiha. Or for me… I can't run counter to the path any longer."

"He was one of the most talented of the clan, and the best ever at Shunshin. He was always the first to take on any mission for the sake of the clan." The spiky haired officer said.

"He wouldn't have given up his life or his clan this easily." The long haired one said.

"You shouldn't judge people by appearances or preconceptions." Itachi said.

"… We'll leave the note with you for the time-being. Take it to ANBU and request their cooperation in the investigation." The long haired officer said.

"Understood…" Itachi said before the three officers turned to leave.

"Hopefully we'll get some sort of lead…" The spiky haired one said.

"We have alternate information channels into ANBU. If you destroy the note, we'll know." The third one who up till now hadn't spoken said.

"… Why don't you just say it?" Itachi asked, causing the three officers to stop in their tracks before turning around with their Sharingan activated.

"You think I did this?" Itachi asked as his Sharingan were also activated.

"In fact, we do… you child." The long haired one said.

"Itachi… if you did indeed betray the clan… you will pay." The spiky haired one said, but before he and his colleagues could react, they were lying in the middle of the street with Itachi standing over them.

"Like I said. Don't judge people by appearances or preconceptions. You misjudge me completely… if you think I have patience for you…" Itachi said as Sasuke ran over to the door.

"The clan… the clan… you babble on, but you overestimate your abilities, and have no idea of the depth of mine, which is why you're crawling right now." Itachi said.

'… I've never seen him… like this…' Sasuke thought.

"… Shisui had been watching you recently… It's been a year since you entered ANBU… what you've said and done since then is too strange to overlook. What on earth are you thinking…?" The spiky haired officer said.

"You cling to your organization, to your clan, and to your name… but you are narcissistic and arrogant… and you fear what you don't understand, pure idiocy."

"Itachi, stop it!" Itachi turned towards the source of the voice to see Fugaku "That's enough… What's wrong with you? Itachi… I'm worried about your behavior of late."

"Why…? I'm busy with work… that's all." Itachi said.

"Then why didn't you show up last night?" Fugaku asked.

"… I needed to achieve the next state." Itachi said.

"…? What are you talking about…?" Fugaku asked before Itachi suddenly held up a kunai and through it into the wall, hitting one of the Uchiha crests.

"My ability's been repressed by this pathetic clan." He said as Sasuke recalled something that he had once said.

"From the beginning, the Uchiha clan has been entrusted with the protection and security of the village… the Uchiha crest is a testament of the clan's great pride in their civic duty."

He then recalled when he over-heard his father congratulating Itachi upon becoming an ANBU.

"That's my boy. Entering ANBU… I'm so proud."

"Obsessing over worthless things like the clan, you lose sight of what's really important, premonition and imagination. You can't achieve real change as long as you're bound by regulations and restrictions." Itachi said.

"What insolence…!" The long haired officer said as he and his colleagues started rising to their feet.

Sasuke then recalled some of what Itachi had said earlier before this started.

"It's tough being the best. Having power means being isolated, and it leads to arrogance. No matter how high people's hopes for you were."

'Wh-why Nii-san…?' The young Uchiha thought.

"Enough! If you continue to speak this nonsense, you're going to prison." Fugaku said as he helped the spiky haired officer to his feet before asking "Well, what're you going to do?"

"This will not be tolerated. Captain. Give the arrest order." The long haired officer requested.

"Stop it! Nii-san!" Sasuke yelled, causing Itachi to twitch slightly before falling down on his knees.

"… I did not kill Shisui… but I apologize for my inappropriate remarks… I'm very sorry." Itachi said.

Fugaku looked at him before closing his eyes and said "… Lately… the heavy mission load for the ANBU appears to have tired him out…"

"… Captain!" The long haired officer yelled as he turned to Fugaku.

"ANBU is under Hokage-sama's direct control… Even we can't arrest him without a warrant. As for my son, I'll take responsibility for him. Please…" Fugaku said.

"… Understood." The long haired officer said before Fugaku turned towards the house and walked towards the door.

"Itachi… inside." He said before walking past Sasuke who then noticed that Itachi's eyes suddenly changed; the three tomoe merged together to form a windmill pattern.

Several months later

Sasuke was lying on his bed, looking up at the ceiling.

'What was that…? My brother's eyes… that was… not a normal Sharingan… And… it's been a while since then, but… there's tension between Itachi and father.' He thought.

Shortly afterwards, he was walking over the walk-way on the outside of the house before noticing Itachi walking towards him before passing him. He then turned around to see Itachi and Fugaku passing each other, the two not even sharing a glance. Fugaku then stopped as he noticed Sasuke.

"Good morning… father…" Sasuke said as he looked down at the floor.

"Oh… Good morning. How's school going lately?" Fugaku asked, causing Sasuke to look up and smile.

"It's all right. Naruto came up with a seal the other day which could completely paralyze someone for an hour, and he tested it out on Kiba." The boy said, chuckling a little on the last part.

Soon after

Fugaku blew out a large fireball from his mouth as he and Sasuke were standing at the edge of a cat-walk over a lake.

'Wow… Amazing!' Sasuke thought as the flames vanished.

"This is basic Uchiha Ninjutsu. Katon: Goukakyo no Jutsu. The signs are just as I taught you. Build up chakra, hold it somewhere between your mouth and chest… and then blast it out in a single breath." Fugaku said.

"Got it!" Sasuke said before weaving through the hand signs while thinking 'Father is giving me direct Jutsu instruction. Finally… I'm gaining his recognition. I can't let him down! I can do it…!' He then stopped at the tora sign as he held his breath before blowing out, though all that appeared was a small flame.

"… I thought so… Not quite like it was with Itachi…" Fugaku said before turning around and beginning to walk back to the compound "This may've been too soon for you."

'Uchiha are considered full-fledged clan members only after they're able to use Katon Jutsu. The Uchiha crest represents the will of those with fans who manipulate fire.' Sasuke thought as he continued to train in the Goukakyo.

1 week later

"Father." Sasuke said as he approached his father, causing the man to turn around and look down at him "Please check my Jutsu again."

"It was too early to teach you that. Teaching it again only a week later will bring the same result." Fugaku said.

"No, it won't… I mastered that Jutsu… I want you to see it." Sasuke said.

Shortly after they were back on the cat-walk over the lake as Sasuke weaved through a series of hand signs while Fugaku observed him.

'I can't mess this up. Katon: Goukakyo no Jutsu!' Sasuke thought as he blew out a large ball of fire from his mouth. As the fire vanished, Sasuke turned around with a hopeful look on his face only to see Fugaku walking back towards the compound, causing him to look down with a sad look on his face.

"… That's my boy." Fugaku said, causing Sasuke's eyes to widen "Well done… From now on, live up to the crest on your back, better yourself and soar to great heights."

"I will!" Sasuke said with a smile.

"And… one more thing… Don't follow your brother anymore…" Fugaku said.

Next day (that day)

Sasuke was lying on his bed as he thought back to one of the times Itachi had jabbed him in the forehead.

"Sorry, Sasuke. Another time."

And he remembered how Itachi had carried him back home that day. He then recalled some of what Itachi had said the day he was accused of Shisui's murder.

"My ability's been repressed by this pathetic clan."

'Ever since that day… Itachi doesn't seem like my brother anymore…' Sasuke thought.

Soon after Sasuke approached his, who was putting on his shinobi sandals in the entrance hall.

"Nii-san…" Sasuke said, catching his brother's attention "Help me with my shuriken today, please…"

"I'm busy… Why don't you ask father?" Itachi asked.

"But you're better at shuriken Jutsu… even I can tell that. Why do you always treat me like such a pest?" Sasuke asked and Itachi made a "come here" motion with his hand only with the palm downwards. Sasuke then walked towards the older boy, only to get jabbed in the forehead.

"Sorry, Sasuke… maybe next time." Itachi said as Sasuke fumed, but then he noticed a sad look in his brother's eyes before the older Uchiha rose to his feet.

"… I don't have time for this." He said.

"You always say "sorry, Sasuke" and jab me in the forehead… And you never have time. It's always the same story." Sasuke said while rubbing his forehead as Itachi left. He then smiled as he thought 'That's a relief… I guess he's still the same as always…' He then noticed the cracks in one of the Uchiha crests on the wall opposite to the house, the cracks from Itachi's kunai '… Nii-san…'

Soon after was Sasuke sitting at the kitchen table, eating breakfast as Mikoto did the dishes.

"Mom…" Sasuke said, catching his mother's attention "I wonder what father really thinks of Itachi and me…"

"… What makes you say that…?" Mikoto asked.

"The other day… father said, "that's my boy". That's what father always says to Itachi. So I was really happy." Sasuke said.

"Well… that's great." Mikoto said.

"But… father and Itachi aren't getting along lately so… maybe I'm… just a substitute for Itachi…" Sasuke said, causing Mikoto to sigh.

"Itachi is who he is, and you're who you are. Father cares about both of you." She said.

"Then why is everything always about Itachi…?!" Sasuke asked.

"… That's not true. But as clan leader… father is in a position of responsibility to protect the clan." Mikoto said.

"Yeah… so what?" Sasuke asked.

"Itachi is older than you… that's all. So he's entrusted with performing clan duties. Father is in charge of supervising those duties… so maybe that's why he seems to pay more attention to Itachi." Mikoto explained before smiling as she pointed at herself "But just between you and me… when we talk… he talks about you all the time." This caused Sasuke's eyes to widen as Mikoto continued "But, you know father… always sullen-looking and awkward."

Mikoto then went back to doing the dishes as Fugaku entered and sat down.

'… But what happened between father and Itachi…?' Sasuke thought before remembering when Itachi's Sharingan changed 'Itachi's eyes when he looked at father that time… that was no ordinary Sharingan… and…'

"Father…" He said, catching the Uchiha head's attention "Are there different kinds of Sharingan?"

"What… already interested in the Sharingan? But it's too early for you… The Sharingan is totally different from Katon techniques. And it's not like your friend Naruto's Uzugan which could be unlocked through hard training alone." Fugaku said.

"… But I'll master it someday. Because… I'm your son." Sasuke said.

"It's true that there's a higher level of ocular Jutsu than the Sharingan… It's called Mangekyo Sharingan." Fugaku said.

'Mangekyo Sharingan…' Sasuke thought.

"It's a legendary ocular Jutsu that has manifested in only a few over Uchiha's long history. And I've heard that this kind of eye-opening occurs only under special conditions." Fugaku said.

'Special conditions…' Sasuke thought before recalling what his father had said after he mastered the Goukakyo.

"Don't follow your brother anymore…"

'Don't follow my brother…?' He thought before asking "Father, why doesn't nii-san ever look after me? … Even though I'm his little brother…"

"… Your brother's always been a little different, son… He doesn't like to get close to people." Fugaku said.

"Why?" Sasuke asked.

"Who knows… I can't even read him… his own father…" Fugaku said.

'I didn't understand what was happening then…' Sasuke thought before Mikoto came over with a bento box for him.

"Here, Sasuke. Your lunch. If you want shuriken practice, I can help you with it when you get home today." She said as Sasuke took the bento.

"It's not practice, it's training." Sasuke said.

"I'm off!" He said shortly afterwards when leaving the house before running towards the academy while thinking 'What a relief… father didn't seem to really hate Itachi. Nii-san graduated top seat from the academy when he was only seven… He was able to use the Sharingan by the time he was eight… And then when he was ten, he rose to Chunin rank… But I have the same Uchiha clan blood in me as my brother does. I won't take a back seat to him!'

Hokage tower

Itachi – who was now in his ANBU gear – was kneeling before the four elders, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Shimura Danzo, Utatane Koharu, and Mitokado Homura.

"We cannot condone this any longer! If they are going to call a revolution and usurp our power, we have no choice but to judge the Uchiha traitors to Konoha!" Koharu said.

"Wait, Koharu! Do not rush to a hasty conclusion." Hiruzen said.

"However, Hiruzen… the Uchiha clan will not be dissuaded. In which case, we ought to take measures to avoid mayhem. … That includes innocent children too." Danzo said.

"Do not say such things in front of Itachi. Besides which, a battle against the Uchiha will not be easy. We must plan this carefully." Hiruzen said.

"We're in a race against time… We ought to strike preemptively before they can make a move. If you, I, plus our respective ANBU join forces and launch a surprise attack from behind, it'll be over in no time." Danzo said.

"The Uchiha are old comrades in arms… I'd like to use words first before violence. I shall come up with a strategy." Hiruzen said before turning to Itachi "Itachi… it doesn't have to be long, but buy me as much time as you can."


Later were Itachi and Danzo talking just outside the entrance to ANBU head-quarters.

"Despite what Sandaime-sama said, he will move to protect Konoha if push comes to shove… That's the kind of man he is. In which case even Hiruzen – as Hokage – will have no choice but to take decisive measures. Whether it results in war or not… the moment the coup d'état happens, the Uchiha will lock themselves into a fate of getting annihilated. … Including your little brother, who knows nothing. However, there is a way to spare just your brother, prior to any revolt. If things come to pass, your brother will likely come to know everything… And if he witnesses a Konoha shinobi slaughter his entire clan, it will give him a vengeful heart towards Konoha… and then, he, unfortunately, will have to die as well." Danzo explained.

"… Is that a threat?" Itachi asked.

"No… I'd like you to make a choice. Either align with the Uchiha, launch the coup d'état, and die along with your clan… Or side with Konoha. Save your little brother before the revolt and then help us eliminate all other Uchiha. No matter what, things must be quelled before any mayhem can arise in order to protect the village. And the only shinobi that can be entrusted with this mission… is you, Itachi, who are a double agent for both Uchiha and Konoha. Itachi… it will likely be a most painful mission for you… but on the other hand, it will allow your little brother to be spared. I know you care about the village… will you… accept this mission?" Danzo said and Itachi closed his eyes before turning around and walking away.

Uchiha compound

'I trained so long with Naruto it's gotten late…' Sasuke thought as he ran in through the compound's entrance before noticing a silhouette kneeling atop of a pole 'What…? … I thought I saw something just now…'

His eyes then widened as he saw various Uchiha clan members lying on the street, dead.

"Wh-what… is this…" He said before running towards his home while thinking 'What's going on…?!'

Meanwhile in a room inside Sasuke's home were Fugaku and Mikoto both sitting on their knees as Itachi was standing behind them in his ANBU gear, excluding the mask.

"I see… so you've aligned with the other side, eh.." Fugaku said.

"Father… mother… I…" Itachi said.

"We know already… Itachi…" Mikoto said.

"… Itachi… just promise us this…" Fugaku said, getting his son's attention "Take care of Sasuke."

"I will…" Itachi said as tears started going down from his eyes as he trembled, sensing this, Fugaku spoke up.

"Do not fear it… You chose this path, right…? Compared to you, our pain will be over in an instant… Even if our philosophies differ, I am still proud of you… You are a truly considerate child…" He said as Itachi cried.

Just then, Sasuke reached the door to the room and yelled "Father! Mother!"

"Sasuke… don't come in!" His father yelled from the other side, but despite the warning, Sasuke still opened the door, only to see that his parents were lying dead on the floor.

"Father! Mother!" Then he noticed his brother standing over their bodies "Nii-san! … Nii-san! Nii-san! Father and Mother are…! How? Why? Who would do such a…" Before he could finish, a shuriken shot past him and imbedded itself in the door after scratching his shoulder.

"Foolish little brother…" Itachi said as he closed his eyes before opening them again "Mangekyo Sharingan!"

Sasuke was then forced to watch as Itachi slaughtered everyone in clan over and over again, and when it was over, he let out a painful scream as he fell to the floor.

"… Why… did you…?" He managed to ask.

"To measure my capacity." Itachi said, causing Sasuke to think back to what he had said once.

"My ability's been repressed by this pathetic clan."

"… Measure your capacity…? You… you killed them… for that?" Sasuke asked.

"I had to." Itachi said.

"What's… wrong with you?!" Sasuke asked as he quickly rose to his feet before charging at Itachi, but he soon tripped and fell to the floor again. Tears then welled up in his eyes.

''Fraid… Afraid!' He thought before running out as quickly as he could, but just as he got out on the streets, Itachi came out in front of him.

"It's not true. My brother wouldn't do this. Because…" Sasuke said as tears streamed down his face.

"Pretending to be the kind of brother you hoped for… was to determine your ability. You'll become the one through whom I can confirm my ability. You have that potential. You've felt anger and hated me. You've always hoped to surpass me, so I'll let you live… for my sake. Just like me, you have the power to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan. But there's a catch. You have to kill… your closest friend." Itachi said, causing Sasuke's eyes to widen at the last part.

'Kill my closest friend…?' He thought as he instantly thought of Naruto.

"Just as I did…" Itachi said, causing Sasuke's eyes to widen again as he recalled when those three officers had shown up to question Itachi.

"It's about Shisui…"

"He threw himself into the Nakano River. We know that you… were like brothers."

"… That was… you…? you… killed Shisui?" Sasuke asked.

"And now I have the eyes." Itachi said, causing Sasuke to freeze as his brother continued "In the Nakano Shrine's main hall… under the seventh tatami mat from the far right, there's a clan secret meeting place. There's a reason we Uchiha have ocular Jutsu… The truth is written there."

'… Truth…?' Sasuke thought.

"If you open your eyes to the truth… then you will also obtain Mangekyo Sharingan. If that happens then I will be letting you live. Right now…" Itachi said as he slightly moved his foot, causing Sasuke to flinch "You… are not even worth killing. Baby brother, you're pathetic. If you want to kill me, settle for hating me… Hate me and live, like the coward you are. Clinging to life without honor." He said as he turned around, looking at Sasuke over his shoulder with his Mangekyo activated "And someday, when you have the same eyes as I… you will find me again."

Sasuke then froze before he started staggering, about to fall to the ground, but he managed to regain his composure as his eyes became red with one tomoe in each. Itachi then shunshined away.

"Wait!" Sasuke yelled as he ran after his brother and shunshined after him. As he landed on a roof, he picked up three kunai that were imbedded there before throwing them at Itachi, but all they did was knocking Itachi's Hitai-ate off of him as Itachi landed next to it and Sasuke landed on his knees behind him, his eyes now back to normal.

Itachi reached down and picked up the Hitai-ate before tying it around his head, though not in the normal way, instead he wore it like a bandana with the metal plate over his right ear. He then looked over his shoulder at Sasuke with a rear coming down from his right eye as Sasuke collapsed.

Next day

The next day Sasuke awoke in a hospital bed.

'… Dream…' He thought before suddenly feeling a sting in his left shoulder, and as he looked down, he saw bandages before he recalled the shuriken which had scratched him.

He then got up and headed to the Uchiha compound. Upon getting there he saw that the area had been sealed off as there were "keep out" signs over the entrance, but that didn't stop Sasuke as he entered either way.

"Hello, Sasuke. What'll it be today?" His aunt said as she and his uncle were in front of their store, and Sasuke smiled, but then he realized that they weren't there after all.

He then walked towards his house as it started raining. He entered his home and headed towards the room where he last saw his parents to see that their bodies had been moved. He then fell to his knees, crying.

Nakano Shrine

He decided to follow his brother's instructions and headed to the Nakano Shrine after the rain had stopped. He removed the seventh tatami mat on the far right to uncover a secret staircase, and he descended down into the secret meeting place where he found an old stone tablet with weird writing on it.

"I see… so that's it…" He said as he couldn't read any of what the tablet said.

Ninja academy

"Hey, Shikamaru. Wanna go to the candy store after school?" Choji asked.

"Nah… I can't. Your mom's nice so it's okay for you, but if my mom catches me buying munchies on the way home, I'm in big trouble…" Shikamaru said.

"Did you hear…? I heard the whole Uchiha clan got killed." A kid that sat behind Sasuke said.

"Yeah… my father told me…" One that sat next to him said.

"I heard he's the only survivor." The first kid said.

"Don't mind them, Sasuke. They don't know what it's like to suddenly lose their entire clan." Naruto said as he rubbed Sasuke's back, trying to comfort him.

"Don't rub it in, Naruto-kun!" Karin scolded him.

"Ah! Sorry…" Naruto said.

Uchiha compound, lake

Sasuke was sitting at the end of the cat-walk over the lake as he recalled some things that his parents had said.

"… That's my boy."

"He talks about you all the time."

"Mom… what did father talk about…? Father…" Sasuke said before he picked up a small stone and through it into his reflection in the water, only to watch said reflection morph into that of Itachi, and he recalled some of what Itachi had said.

"If you want to kill me, settle for hating me…"

Sasuke then in his rage jumped into the water and thought 'Nii-san… No matter how dark the path, I will forge ahead in order to kill you. No matter what, I will gain power.'

Hokage Tower (the previous night)

Hiruzen was standing somewhere within the Hokage Tower as Itachi was kneeling behind him.

"Please don't tell Sasuke the real reason why I did what I did. It'd be best for him not to know." Itachi said.

"I understand. Was there anything else?" Hiruzen asked.

"… Yes." Itachi said before pulling out three scrolls, one of which was the one that Shin had given him "When he's ready, give these to Naruto. And one more thing…"

"What is it?" Hiruzen asked.

"The real power of Naruto's Uzugan, I've found out what it is." Itachi said.

Chapter preview

Iruka "Team 7 will be Uzumaki Naruto…"

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Karin "I'm Uzumaki Karin."…"My dream is to one day help restoring the Uzumaki clan."

Iruka "…Haruno Sakura…"

Sakura "I am Haruno Sakura."…"My dream is to one day become the greatest medical kunoichi, even greater than the legendary Tsunade-sama."

Iruka "… and Uchiha Sasuke."

Sasuke "My name is Uchiha Sasuke."…"I plan to restore my clan. And there is someone I have sworn… to kill."

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Kakashi "Based on my first impression, I'd have to say… I hate you."

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