Uzumaki's Rebirth

Genin arc

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I have always hated how in the Naruto series Karin got Chakra Chains and Naruto didn't, LOL maybe it is a female Uzumaki thing. At least you gave him an Uzumaki Kekkei Genkai, also what is Barijutsu? Is it Barrier jutsu maybe?

Kurama no Kyubi: True, but you're missing the fact that the surviving members of the Uzumaki clan are disappearing one by one. And yeah, I'm guessing that the Chakra Chains are only for female Uzumaki.

"Uzumaki." Normal speech

'Uzumaki.' Normal thought

"Uzumaki." Biju speech

'Uzumaki.' Biju thought

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Chapter 8: the Three Scrolls

Naruto opened his eyes as he awoke in his and Karin's bed. Looking down, he saw said red-haired beauty sleeping in his arms, as naked as the day she was born, and he couldn't help but blush as he recalled the events of the previous night.

After having celebrated becoming Genin with a date, they had returned home like they always did after their dates before Karin had engaged him in a ferocious make-out session as soon as they entered the bed-room. They had then started to disrobe each other before it turned into full-blown sex.

Now, of course, normally they wouldn't have been old enough to do those sorts of things, but being a ninja did have its perks.

Naruto pushed some of the strands of hair over Karin's face away before she began to stir. Her red eyes then slowly opened to meet his blue ones as he smiled down at her.

"Good morning, lovely." Naruto said.

"Mmm… Yesterday was amazing, wasn't it?" Karin asked as she hugged her head into the blond's chest.

"It sure was." Naruto replied as he played with her hair.

"Say…" Karin dragged the word out before looking up at Naruto and said "You wanna do it again?"

"Eh? You mean, right now?" Naruto asked before adding "Don't we have to meet up with Kakashi-sensei and the others?"

"Please, just a quickie?" Karin asked – dragging out the first word – as she snaked her right hand down Naruto's stomach and grabbed his semi-erect member.

"O-okay. But only a quickie." The blond replied.


Karin pulled the covers away to reveal both of their naked bodies as she started pumping Naruto's 6-inch cock in an attempt to get it fully hard. Naruto in the meantime, sat up and grabbed her breasts before leaning his head down and taking the right tit into his mouth while massaging the left one, causing Karin to moan as she continued to stroke his manhood.

Looking down, Karin saw that the blond was as hard as he was gonna get and reluctantly pulled the blond's head away from her breast as she moved over to in-between his legs before leaning her head down to start licking up his shaft while fondling his balls in her left hand, her right hand still wrapped around the cock.

Upon reaching the head, she gave it a kiss before engulfing it in her mouth. Naruto then moaned in pleasure as she bobbed her head up and down. She then pulled her head away as she felt that it was lubricated enough. She still didn't know the Birth-Control Jutsu, so she had to do it in the butt, which is what they had done last night.

Karin then turned around before raising her butt to line it up with Naruto's rod before slowly sitting down as it slid into her, causing both of them to moan. Naruto's hands then made their way around her waist before grabbing her breasts and beginning to fondle them as he thrusted up and down into her ass-hole, she meeting his thrusts by rocking her hips in up-and-down motions.

One of Naruto's tails then snaked its way over her thighs before beginning to play with her clit as Naruto kept on fondling her breasts while thrusting into her.

"AH! YES! Naruto-kun! Faster! Harder!" Karin moaned and her blond lover picked up the pace as he pinched her nipples, causing her to moan louder.

The red-head then looked over her shoulder and engaged Naruto in a searing kiss as the blond rubbed her breasts together and thrusted faster and harder into her butt before he felt his end coming as Karin's butt squeezed down on him.

"Karin-chan, I'm about to…!" Naruto started after breaking the kiss.

"M-me too…!" Karin moaned out before her juices shot out of her pussy with a loud moan and Naruto quickly followed by shooting his semen deep into the girl's ass. And once he stopped cumming, he pulled out.


As Karin sat down on the bed, panting, Naruto got out of bed before heading for the bath-room.

"I'm going to go take a shower." He said, and quickly regaining her energy Karin spoke up.

"Can I join you?" She asked hopeful.

"Sorry, but if you did that, we'd just end up doing it again." Naruto said before entering the through the bath-room door which connected to the bed-room as Karin pouted.

Later, after breakfast

Naruto and Karin were done eating breakfast as the latter was doing the dishes when there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it." Naruto said as he walked to the door before opening it to reveal Sasuke.

"What are you two doing? We're supposed to meet up with Sakura and Kakashi soon." He said.

Soon, the three of them were walking through the streets of the Uzumaki clan compound as they headed for the training field.

Sasuke had lived in said compound ever since shortly after the Uchiha Massacre, having been offered by Naruto and Karin to do so as the Uchiha compound now held too many bad memories for him. He did of course frequently visit the Uchiha graves at the compound.

As they walked, Karin spotted someone ahead of them standing in the middle of the street while facing the right side of the street and looking diagonally upwards, almost seeming as she was spaced-out.

"Hey, it's Rika-chan." Karin said before waving at her fellow female Uzumaki "Oi, Rika-chan!" However, Rika then turned away from them and walked down the street, causing Karin to stop waving her hand as she looked at the girl confused "Huh? Guess she didn't hear me."

Rika had also been offered to live at the compound as it was a lot better than living in the small compartment she had before. At first, she tsunderely declined, but accepted the offer in the end, anyway. Since then – while it took some time – she also became close friends with Karin.

Training field 3

When the three arrived, they found that Sakura was already there, though there were no signs of Kakashi, which – for some reason – was not all that surprising.

"Well, that's a first. You three being late." The pinkette said, slightly annoyed.

"Blame it on them." Sasuke said in an uninterested tone as he pointed over his shoulder at the two Uzumaki before walking across the training field and leaning against one of the stumps.

3 hours later

"Yo!" Kakashi said as he appeared.

"You're late!" Naruto, Karin, and Sakura yelled as they pointed at him.

They then went out on various missions which included gardening, watching over some dogs, and other stupid things that could be considered chores, and definitely wasn't things a shinobi should be doing.

After they were done with all of it, they reported back to the Hokage in the mission assignment room inside the Hokage Tower.

"Good work, team 7. Your work today is complete." Hiruzen said and the Genin were all about to leave when the Hokage spoke up again "Hold on, a moment." He then looked at Naruto while saying "Naruto."

"What is it?" Naruto asked before Hiruzen put three scrolls down on the table.

"These are for you." He said and Naruto took two of the scrolls while Karin took the third one before the Hokage continued "Before he left, Itachi asked me to give you these scrolls." This caused Naruto's, Sasuke's, and Karin's eyes to widen.

"Itachi-san did?" Naruto asked as he looked down on the scrolls in his hands.

'Who's Itachi?' Sakura thought.

"Why would Itachi…?" Sasuke asked as he looked at the Hokage before his expression turned into rage as he yelled "Why didn't you stop him?!" Sakura looked at Sasuke confused, she had never seen him that mad.

"Because even if I had tried, Itachi would've managed to escape either way. He was one of the village's best ANBU, and knew all parts of Konoha like his own back-pocket." Hiruzen said, and Sasuke grunted in anger before turning around and exiting through the door, slamming it shut behind him.

"Sasuke-kun! Wait up!" Sakura yelled as she ran after him.

Naruto then put the scrolls he was holding into his weapon's pouch and Karin put the one she was holding into his weapon's pouch as well before the two of them turned towards the door and Naruto then looked over his shoulder.

"See ya, Ji-san, Kakashi-sensei." He said before he and Karin followed after their two teammates while the Hokage and Kakashi looked after them.

"Was there any more Itachi told you?" Kakashi asked.

"Mm-hmm. Something concerning Naruto's Dojutsu; the Uzugan." Hiruzen replied.

Random road in Konoha (Kurama no Kyubi: to be more precise; the road where Naruto first met Gaara in canon.)

Sasuke slammed the side of his right arm into a wooden wall while grunting out as Sakura stood behind him.

"Dammit!" He said.

'Sasuke-kun…' Sakura thought.

"Heh. So you guys finally became ninja too, eh?" They then looked up to see none other than Senju Hashi crouching on a tree branch over them.

"Hashi!" Naruto said as he and Karin arrived as well.

"Well, hello there, Naruto." Hashi said before jumping down and landing on the ground.

His attire consisted of a pale brown open sleeve-less jacket with the Senju clan symbol on the back and underneath he had a darker brown t-shirt over a fishnet shirt. He also wore greyish-blue pants and had his Hitai-ate wrapped around his right bicep.

"Somehow I'm not surprised that the four of you ended up on the same team… even if there are usually only three-man teams, excluding the Jonin sensei." Hashi said as he looked the pre-teens over.

"Hashi, we don't have time to talk with them. We're supposed to be meeting up with sensei." Shin said as he appeared out of nowhere next to Hashi.

His attire consisted of a black open leather coat which reached down to his feet and had the Yin-Yang symbol on the back, the white half having black outlines and the black half having white outlines. Underneath the coat was a grey jacket that went down to his waist with a dark-blue t-shirt underneath. He also wore black pants and had black gloves on his hands. His Hitai-ate was around his forehead.

"Shin." Sasuke said. For some reason, Shin always put him on edge.

"Shin's right, Hashi. We can talk with them later." Rika said as she also appeared next to the Senju.

She wore a sleeve-less blue vest that went down past her waist with the Uzumaki clan symbol on the back over a cyan shirt that went down to her waist and with arms that reached past her wrists. She also wore blue pants and had her Hitai-ate around her neck.

"Oi, Rika-chan! We saw you earlier at the compound, and I called for you, but you didn't reply." Karin said.

"Ah, sorry. I mustn't have heard you." Rika said.

Naruto looked over the three older Genin before his eyes made contact with Shin's, and suddenly, he could hear Shin's voice in his head.

"Naruto-san, be careful. There's someone out there who'd like nothing more than to get his hands on you." His voice said, causing Naruto's eyes to widen.

"Hey, Naruto-kun, is there something wrong?" Karin asked as she looked at him worriedly.

"N-no. It's nothing." The blond said before looking at Shin as he thought 'Did Shin just…?' Before his thought process could continue any further, however, a new voice was heard.

"So this is where you've been." Naruto, Karin, Sasuke, and Sakura then looked past Hashi's team as the members of said team turned around and all of them saw a tall man standing there.

He head short red hair that was going down to his left, almost covering his left eye. He wore a pale brown trench-coat with the Konoha Jonin uniform underneath and the Hitai-ate plate was sewed to the trench-coat, roughly over where his heart would be. What caught Naruto's attention the most about him, however, was his eyes; the right one was blue – and glowing – and the left one – the one that was almost hidden by his hair – was red.

"Sensei." Hashi said.

"Hmm?" The man then looked over at Naruto and the others before saying "You guys friends of Hashi, Rika, and Shin?" He then looked down at his students and said "You can talk to them later, but now we've got a mission to do. Come on."

"Right." Hashi and Rika said before their sensei turned around and the three followed him as he started walking. As the members of team 7 looked after them though, Naruto's, Karin's, and Sasuke's eyes widened as they saw the Uzumaki clan symbol on the back of the man's trench-coat.

"What is it?" Sakura asked as she looked at her three teammates in confusion.

"That man has an Uzumaki clan symbol on his back." Sasuke stated.

"So?" Sakura said.

"After Uzushio was destroyed, the surviving Uzumaki scattered across the Elemental Nations and Ero-sennin had his spy network keeping track on the majority of them. But then, one by one, they all started vanishing until everyone that Ero-sennin was keeping tabs on had disappeared." Karin explained and she let it sink in into Sakura's brain before continuing "Of course, there some who even Ero-sennin didn't know about like myself and Rika-chan's family. But why wouldn't he know of a Konoha Jonin?"

"That's Uzumaki Ryû. He arrived in the village just a day after the Uchiha Massacre five years ago." The four Genin then looked over their shoulders to see Kakashi standing there as he added "Since, he's earned himself several aliases; the most known being "the Human Dragon"."

'The Human Dragon…' Naruto thought as he looked at the retreating back of Ryû.

Training field 3

Naruto and Karin were at the Memorial Stone Training Field as they had put two of the scrolls down on the middle stump while Naruto was holding one of them, and looking on the seal of it, his eyes widened.

"Th-this is…!" He started.

"What is it, Naruto-kun?" Karin asked as she walked up to him and her eyes widened as she saw the seal herself. It was the kanji for yon, surrounded by flames; the seal of the Yondaime Hokage.

Naruto opened the scroll and his eyes widened even more at the contents and said eyes travelled over them "Kage Bunshin, Rasengan, Hiraishin… These are all Tou-san's Jutsu 'ttebayo! How did Itachi-san get his hands on this?"

"What's the other ones?" Karin asked as she grabbed one of the scrolls and her eyes widened upon seeing the Uzumaki clan symbol. She opened the scroll and saw that it was filled with advanced, high-level Fuinjutsu "These are Uzumaki Fuinjutsu. And they're all too advanced for anyone but a master of Fuinjutsu to even begin to understand."

What neither of them noticed, however, was that someone was spying on them from the tree-line. It was none other than Mizuki, and he was fully clothed in his shinobi attire as he had a pair of large shuriken on his back.

"Heheh. You're mine, Kyubi brat." He said quietly to himself before looking over at Karin and saying "And that goes for that demon slut of yours as well." He was then about to move forward as his hand reached for one of the shuriken, but then he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. However, as he was about to turn around to attack whoever it was, he found that he couldn't move.

"Don't bother trying to move, I've blocked your entire nervous system as well as your Keirakukei, effectively paralyzing you." The man touching his shoulder said from behind him.

"Who are you?" Mizuki asked as he futily tried to look over his shoulder.

"That depends on your answer; I could either be a friend who'll give you power like no other, or an enemy who'll make you experience pain the likes of which you could never imagine, even in your wildest nightmares." The man said.

""Answer"? Then what is the question?" Mizuki asked.

"What do you want?" The man asked.

"What I want?" Mizuki asked, confused.

"What you want." The man confirmed with a nod and Mizuki then looked towards Naruto and Karin.

"What I want is to destroy the Kyubi brat. I want to rip out his still-beating heart and have him watch as I crush it!" Mizuki said, yelling the second sentence, though it appeared that no one other than the two of them hear it.

The man then smiled as he removed his hand from Mizuki's shoulder and rose to his feet while saying "Then get up and follow me, and I will give you the power to do just that."

Mizuki – finding that he could move again – rose to his feet and turned around and asked "Where to?"

"Take my hand." The man said as he held out a hand covered in a black glove. Mizuki took it, and the two suddenly got sucked into some kind of vortex before vanishing.

Training field

Naruto picked up the third scroll, the seal on that one being four kanji, each in one of the four clock directions of 3, 6, 9, and 12. The one to the right was the kanji for Ryu, the one at the bottom was the kanji for Ho'o, the one to the left was the kanji for Tora, and the one on the top was the kanji for Kame. The center, however, was completely blank as if there was supposed to be something there, but the one who made the seal just forgot to add it.

Naruto tried to open the scroll but found that it wouldn't open "Hey, what the…?"

"What is it?" Karin asked as she looked up at him from the Uzumaki scroll.

"This scroll won't open no matter how hard I try." Naruto said as he tried to force it open, but to no avail.

"Maybe if you try adding chakra?" Karin suggested before adding "I've heard that there are some scrolls that are sealed, and can only be opened if you pour chakra into them."

"Okay, I'll try." Naruto said as he tried adding chakra, but just then, his entire body got enshrouded in an aura of red chakra before said chakra suddenly went into the scroll and an image of Naruto appeared in the blank space in the seal before the scroll opened.

"Well, I didn't expect that." Karin stated.

As Naruto looked over the scroll's contents, his eyes widened for the umpteenth time and he said "What is this…?"

Chapter preview

Tazuna "I'm the bridge builder, Tazuna. And it'll be your job to get me safely back to my country so I can finish my latest project."

Naruto "All right, guys! IKUZO!"

Sakura "Well, he's in awfully good spirit."

Karin "But of course, it's been over half a decade since he was last outside the village."

Kakashi "Next time on Uzumaki's Rebirth: C-Rank Mission."

Zabuza "This time I'll take care of them myself."

Character information

Name: Uzumaki Karin.

Age: 12

Affiliation: Konohagakure.

Affinity: unknown.

Likes: Naruto-kun, Reading, Her friends.

Dislikes: People who see Naruto-kun for the Kyubi and nothing more.

Info: Karin was born in the Land of Grass, having an extremely powerful sensory ability. Because of said ability, she was picked up by Orochimaru, but was later saved by Jiraiya and met Naruto, who – as she got to know him over the years – she fell in love with. She came with Naruto and Jiraiya to the village of Konoha where she and Naruto started living together at the Uzumaki compound. At age 10, she and Naruto became a couple and they both graduated two years later and was even put on the same team. During the Genin Exam which was set up by their new sensei – Hatake Kakashi – she also revealed that she had the ability of using Chakra Chains.

Kurama no Kyubi: And that's it for that chapter, and now that I'm done with this arc, I will stop writing this story for some time as there are other stories that I've got to write. Before I go, however, there's one more thing I have to say; I'm actually planning on attempting on writing an original story (which will obviously not be posted on this site), but I've got one problem; I can't think of a good name for it. I have figured out the basic plot for it, though, and here it is.

Story Information: Shironeko, a 14-year old Nekomimi and Ken, a 14-year old Human are living in a peaceful village, but one day, the village gets attacked and destroyed by Armageddon, the END Dragon, who – whenever he's spotted – is said to destroy anything in the immediate area, leaving no survivors, which is where he got his name and title from. However, Shironeko and Ken both survive, but are separated and start searching for each other. On the way, they run into several new friends; the male Nekomimi, Tora (35), and the female Elf, Aya (55, but looks 18) for Shironeko, and the male Human, Ryû (16) who has Dragon blood in his veins and the female wing-less Angel, Maria (96, but looks 18) for Ken. They also run into a seemingly evil man named Shin and Shironeko's twin sister, Kuroneko who had disappeared several years before Armageddon's attack on the village.

Kurama no Kyubi: I'd like it if some of you guys could come up with a name for the story for me, since I really suck when it comes to names… especially for stories, you only have to look at the names of my fanfics to see that. And for those of you who don't know; a Nekomimi is a name for someone with cat-like features, like a cat-girl. Course, there are males of this species as well so the term "cat-girl" can't really be used.