The King and I Rehearsal Bloopers

A/N: For privacy reasons, I will be calling everyone except me by their character name or their job (Dir, stage manager, costume designer etc). If I don't know their character name or they don't have one, I will call them Man 1, Wife 9 etc...

Dir: and move off stage right...and action!
Lun ta: Sir, there isn't a door in that part of the set
Dir: Improvize!
*just before the King's exit*
King: *walks to the edge of the set. He stops and looks at Lun Ta* Lun ta, build me a door!
Whole cast: *dies of laughter*

Getting Kids
Wife 7: Aw! I get a son
Son 7: Mama!
Wife 7: Sonny!
*They do a slow running thing in the middle of rehearsal*
Everyone: ...

Extra Lines
Dir: *talking to ensemble wives* So, I'm offering extra lines to you guys...
Wives: *Lean in closer*
Wife 2: Yeah, this is how you get everyone to pay attention...

Tuptim: Everyone out!
Wife 9: but Tuptim!
Me: Come on!
Me: *putting away my iPod camera* Aw...

Random kid with chocolate:
I have chocolate!
*whole cast attacks him*
Man 3: And this, children, is why you should never bring chocolate near theatre people.

Phak: Hey girls *tries to be cute when he sits down but instead he falls off his chair*
Wives: *Laughs*

Did you?
Wife 4: So, the King 'did' all of us?
King: Yeah...
Anna: You go around pretty well then.
Me: (bluntly to Anna and the King) So, do you guys do it.
*Whole room goes silent*
Me: What?

*Wives and children bow to the King*
*Wife 5 pauses and just walks away*


Every. Single. Girl:
I hate getting measurement done!
Costume Designer: If I had a dollar for every girl that said that today...

Loving Husband?
Phak: I'll get you
Me: You can't attack me! My husband is right there!
King: Yeah, don't mess with Wife 1 of 16!
Me: Gee, thanks...
(Note: I really am wife 1! It says so in my script!)

Wife 4: So, do we get hoop skirts?
Costume designer: Is that all that matters?
Wife 4: Pretty much

Thaing: Sir, you were in an ad?!
Dir: Oh here we go again
(The director really was in an ad! We watched it on my phone during rehearsal)

Dir: *To the king* at this point, you're completely absorbed by the image your first sighting of snow. Can you do that?
King: Um...
Dir: You've never seen snow, have you?
King: Sorry...
Dir: Get this guy a ticket to Canada! See you in a week!

Dir: Can any of the wives dance?
Wife 12: *under her breath* We're actors and singers. Not dancers

Wife 7: I am so bringing cookies for the all-day rehearsal
King: I'll be driving down to maccas
Me: I call shotgun!
King: Nah Hanna, you get the boot
Me: Do the musical they won't get thrown in the boot they said...
(Please note: it was a joke. The King would never really throw me or anyone in the boot. And he says hi to all my readers)

The End?
Wife 5: Can we go now?
Dir: we still have a minute!
Wife 5: Oh come on...