A/N: Hey! Sorry, but this is the last of the bloopers! The show is now over, and I forgot to get a few of them! If I can remember any, I will put them together in a new chapter! So this may not be goodbye! Anyway, onto our misfit rehearsals and shows!

Now what?
*Doing acting warm ups*
Dir: If you feel stupid, you're doing it right
King: I feel stupid all the time, so now what?

I made homemade cookies for rehearsal to share at lunch. I went to 7-11 with some of the others while I trusted the King with them. This is what happened when I got back.
King: Hanna! Here's your cookies
*I open the box and there's one left*
Me: Gee, thanks...

I get bored
So, how many kids do you have?
King: About 68 in Act I and 73 with 3 on the way in Act II
Me: What's with all the kids?
King: I get bored and DVDs haven't been invented yet.
Thaing: KING!
King: What? And birth control hasn't been invented yet either
Everyone: *Scarred for life*

Microphone Mayhem
*During the tech run, Anna has just come off the stage*
Stage Manger: Anna?
Anna: *while her mic is still on* Yeah?
Whole crew: *Laughs*

Sound Check
Sound Guy:
*Into his mic* 1, 2, 1, 2...
King: Yeah. 3's the next number if you're having trouble

Mic check
Mic Guy:
Sing a song, any song
Karlahome: *Doing a crazy dance at the same time* Well you can tell by the way I do my walk I'm a...
Mic Guy: Next!
Anna: Let him finish! That was entertaining!

Vocal Warm-ups
Vocal coach:
So do we all know the rhyme 1, 121?
Whole Cast: *Groans*

Jam Sessions
*Before the show every night, we'd play music and sing along to all the songs*
Anna: Can someone put on something decent?
Wife 3: *Puts on Bohemian Rhapsody*
Whole cast and crew: *Stops everything they're doing*
Whole cast and crew: *Belts their lungs out*

Western People Funny (1)
*Anna hasn't come on stage yet after 'Western People Funny' so we improvised*
Tuptim: Should we practise our bows for Mrs Anna?
Thaing: (Going along with it) Oh yes, let's try it.
*Anna appears*
Me: (Thinking) Thank god...

Leather Shoes
Wife 2:
*Takes shoe off*
Wife 2: *Tries to put shoe back on while dancing*
Me: Tries not to laugh

King: But, first, we pray to Buddha. Bow to him
*All wives go downstage, everyone's shoes fall off, except mine, because I'm in character shoes*
(Once Act I is over)
Wife 3: Hanna, you were smart getting character shoes
Me: Why?
Wife 3: Because they don't fall off in that scene!

*The King and myself were talking in the make-up room*
Sir Edward: So, are you two gonna start dating?
Me: Excuse me?!
King: We're married. With a kid. God Ed. Get your facts right!
Me: *Dies laughing*


*Our producer comes out in full stage make up to greet us before the first show*
Man 2: *Wolf whistles*
Whole Cast: *Dies laughing*

Cell Block Tango
*Cell Block Tango comes on in the make-up room*
Me: Pop
Tuptim: Six
Thaing: Squish
Wife 6: Uh-uh
Anna: Cicero
Wife 7: Lipshiz
All: *Sings the whole song, including the monologues, word perfect*
King: I have awful wives…

*Backstage, we could see the shadows of Tuptim and Lun Ta kissing*
King: There they go!
*We see the shadow of them kissing*
Everyone backstage: Awww…..

Life back
*After the last show*
Wife 2: So now what?