It was 40 years later since Nai Te left XiaoFei.

XiaoFei is married with Zhoushi.

XiaoFei is living a happy life as she what promised to Nai Te. To make XiaoFei happy everyday of her life, Zhoushi also fulfilled his promise to Nai Te before he died.

Xiaofei, being a grandmother now to Bai Qi, (named after the creator of Nai Te and the owner of Kronos Heaven), tells a story to her grandson about the story of her and Nai Te.

Bai Qui in the other hand is a prodigy child, a genius in the age of 4. Asking her grandmother a question, "Is Nai Te someone you know grandma?". This made her in a deep conclusion.

XiaoFei turns to Bai Qui, answered his question calmly, "He's someone I and your grandpa know."

"And someday, you'll also learn about him."

Leaving Bai Qui puzzled, he decided to invent something that would make him travel back in time, a time machine. It is for him to know about this Nai Teand what his grandma keeps talking about.

It took him only 5 years to finish his invention, and it was a success. He turned back time and saw nothing, know nothing.

No Nai Te.

He just saw his young grandma being sad not having a boyfriend.

Then on that time, he again decided to fulfill her grandmas dream.

"Nai Te."

"Maybe he's just my grandmas dream after all." He murmured.

Again, 4 years has passed. He finished his first ever robot invention. "Night 01."

It was just, something is missing.

The characteristic of a perfect boyfriend.

He asked his friend, Lei Wuwu, to ask his grandmother in the past to take a look to a website, website that he only made to connect him and her grandma.

After that very day, he got the data he needed to complete "Night 01".

Many things happened in the past. Bai Qui even teases his grandma to pay him a large sum of money to comply on what characteristics she has entered to Night 01, not realizing that these data would make Night's memory to overload easily.

Time came when night in the past have to say goodbye to his grandma, XiaoFei.

Bai Qui Realizes something.. Something odd..

He and Lei Wuwu brought back Night 01 in their real time. He put Night in the safest place, a place where no one will find.

Except the grandma XiaoFei.

XiaoFei is now facing Nai Te. Still not moving.

"They said that I would see you after 50 years.."

"Having to see you this time.. I miss you so much Nai Te.." Tears are now falling to her cheeks.

Still looking to the sleeping Night, "I didn't cry for an hour. I have my words, right?"

"I'm so happy just by seeing you after a long time.."

Bai Qui saw his grandma talking to his invention. Then, realization comes up.

He's the one that her grandmother is talking to, the creator of Nai Te. He just smile as he look to his grandma whom he loves so much from afar.

"My grandson created you. I was right.."

"Now, it's my turn to sleep.. Hope to see you in my dreams…

Nai Te.."

Bai Qui then realizes that his grandma already left him with a smile on her face.

"I promise to you grandma, I'll never make another Nai Te again."

And he decided not to repair night.

For Nai te and her grandmother would live happy together in an eternal life.

Even he's a robot.