Destination: Nowhere

Full summary:

A new law was implemented:
"…that every person in possession of an Alice, of whatever form, will be put to death."

The government had no other choice. They were desperate.
Alices were on the run. There has been too much bloodshed already.
The people finally got what they wanted. Equality.

Aoi was doing fine. Nobody knew about her true identity... until one day she crossed paths with a guy named Youichi.
A guy who will soon make her realize that there was more to life than just hiding.
That there were still things worth fighting for and having control over.
Something like her life... like her Alice.

Aoi Hyuuga

I knew it was serious when they started bombing the Academy.

Rumors spread like wild fire afterwards. They said there was a spy who helped the non-Alice to get in. Some said the principals from each division of the school were bribed. One thing was certain though... the media and the government officials weren't telling us anything about the bombing. We were being controlled by the people who first promised us peace and equality.

Peace and equality my ass.

I was only eleven when the new law was implemented, two years after I left the Academy. I remembered that day perfectly. I was waiting for my favorite show to air when all of a sudden the television's screen went black and an annoying beeping sound went on.

"Dad?" I called out to my father who was in the kitchen at the time, preparing dinner. With my mom gone, he had to take the role of both mother and father.

"Yes, Aoi?"

"I think the TV's busted."

He was in the living room seconds later, wiping his hands with an old towel.

"Weird. This has never happened before." Dad kneeled and checked what was wrong with the television. He patted its side twice just like in some cartoon shows but the beeping continued. He wasn't really that much of a fixer, but he makes the best strawberry shortcakes in the world.

I covered my ears, the noise was getting unbearable. "Let's just turn it off."

Dad nodded and reached for the remote. Before he could though, it stopped.

And right there on the screen, the pretty young lady from the local news channel appeared. Something wasn't right. First, because she was in the wrong channel and second, her composed face which I gotten used to was replaced with hesitation and fear.

"What the…?" Dad flipped through the other channels. It was all her.

My eyes were glued to the screen.

"I... ju-just got word from the Prime Minister of Japan," she stuttered. Her eyes were going crazy. She wasn't like this at all. "NA, Non-Alices, got what they wanted. For years they have been fighting for the equality that they longed wished for."

Dad looked at me for a brief moment. He crossed his arms and turned his attention back to this frantic woman.

Alices. Then it finally occurred to me. This newscaster was an Alice.

"A new law will carry into effect tomorrow. That every person in possession of an Alice, of whatever form, will be put to death."

She paused.

To my left, dad swore. I sat there with wide eyes, completely mute.

"Fellow Alices, we have to fight. This is not the solution. We are not hindrances to society. We have to make them see that. Let us not be trampled. We have every right to-"

A gun shot.

The camera tipped over.

A bloodcurdling scream.

Followed by another shot. And another. And another.


Seconds later the cartoon show I've been waiting for popped up but I didn't care.

I was hyperventilating.

She was the first Alice that was killed. And she did it to inform every single one of us. She was a hero.

Every person in possession of an Alice, of whatever form, will be put to death.

"Dad?" I asked. I didn't even try to mask the worry in my voice. How long had it been? Seconds? Minutes? Hours? It felt like forever.

Dad grabbed me both by my shoulders and looked at me straight in the eye. "Aoi, go upstairs and pack your things. Only the important ones."



I was young but I wasn't born yesterday.

They declared war against the Alices.

"Where are we going?" I asked half an hour later once we got inside the car.

Dad tried to keep it together as best as he could. I admired him for that because I was falling apart.

"I don't know. Nowhere, Aoi. Nowhere." He shifted gears and we drove off into the night.

That was four years ago. Dad and I have been on the run ever since.

Author's Notes: Yeah... it's pretty serious. Tell me what you think?

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