Ok guys, I have gotten to ch. 7 and have had some feedback about Grimm's hair. I apologize it is indeed blue, so please bear with me. Once you make it to Ch 7 I will be using blue instead of teal, and once the story is complete will gladly go back and edit. Until then please excuse my mistake and happy reading.

The last thing Grimmjow remembered was that damn shinigami winning, no not winning, defeating him. As if that wasn't enough the insufferable jerk had gently caught him by a paw and lowered him to the ground, HIM, Grimmjow, king of beasts. He had been humiliated and unable to exact payback for his defeat. Which is why he was really confused when he woke up to see the scowling face of the flame haired shinigami looking pointedly at him in his own quarters in Los Noches.

"The fuck!" Grimmjow tried to get up, only to realize he couldn't. He cursed himself for being so weak. Renji frowned at him and sneered slightly.

"Let me get Ichigo for you kitty cat before you cough up another hairball." And just like that he was gone. Grimmjow studied his surroundings, yes it was his room but it leaked of Ichigo's reaitsu, in fact the whole place did. He could sense the other Arrancar moving about, so why was he in chains? What was it Ichigo wanted with him? And why was he still in Los Noches?! What the hell was going on here! His temper started to flare and he felt his power flare.

"Easy Kitty-bitch" he heard ichigo say smoothly.

"The hell ichigo! What the fuck am I doing here! Why am I chained! What the hell are YOU doing here?!" He demanded. Ichigo sat next to him on the bed, skimming his fingers over Grimmjow's newly healed flesh, humming to himself.

"Well Grimm, after we defeated Aizen Los Noches was thrown into chaos and needed a ruling body" Grimmjow understood that much, Los Noches was a harsh place to live and if not closely regulated could easily become, no it always had been chaos and bloodshed. "After speaking with sou-taichou a small group of shinigami volunteers have made their home here, to rule as a governing body and restore Los Noches to its former glory" Grimmjow sputtered Ichigo placed a finger on his mouth patiently explaining "we are not going to stay here of course, we are going to train you Arrancar in the methods of diplomacy and we will work together from now on."

"Why the hell would we work with the shinigami?! What the fuck is wrong with you people?!" Grimmjow yelled. Ichigo smiled indulgently, was he always this irritating Grimmjow wondered or was it only because he liked to piss him off so much?

"Grimm, all of the other Arrancars have agreed to work with us, it's mutually beneficial. You guys get to keep your home and rule and bring peace and order to Los Noches. We open friendly relations with you and assist you as need be and vice versa, although," Ichigo paused "you being the destructive Arrancar this might be asking a bit much; which is precisely why you are in your current state." He gestured to the restraints, then leaning by Grimmjow's ear and dropping is voice a little said "though you are a pretty bitch kitty when you're tied up" and gently tracing his jawline with his finger Ichigo lightly nipped Grimmjows lower lip and flash stepped out of the room.

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