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8 months later

Let's catch up with our characters shall we?

Szayel was kept surprisingly busy in his lab, he was the doctor for the twins and watching them grow was indeed a treat given that these were the first Visored children. He was also still running tests on the espada whose hollow holes had disappeared. He came to the conclusion that when the espada had found pieces of their humanity their masks were lost and when they truly felt all the scope of emotions that came with being a human their holes closed. He himself had lost his mask thereby losing his glasses and had been forced to let Uryuu perform laser surgery on his eyes so he could see. The surgery was a success and he frequently caught Uryuu looking at his eyes.

Uryuu had been all too happy to perform surgery on his lover, and secretly it excited the man would no longer sport those glasses that hid his beautiful golden orbs. The Quincy was very much involved in all of his lover's experiments and also enjoyed sewing the twin's new clothing and couldn't wait for the newest addition from one of this other friends to arrive and had already started on baby clothes for his friend's child. He knew he would have to stay in Las Noches to remain with Szayel and didn't mind, he helped Ulquiorra with security and had been praised as a brilliant tactician whose specialty was finding his opponent's weakness.

Ulquiorra cracked a smile more often which at first frightened everyone but they quickly got used to seeing him happier. He remained in charge of security at Las Noches and frequented the meetings with Seireitei; Yamamoto had found him to be very steadfast and reliable. He loved his little ice wielding shinigami and the two would frequently train together in an effort to make her stronger, and usually after training she was very rambunctious especially if he treated her to his released form. Let's just say they found a new use for his wings and soft feathers, and yes even sometimes his tail.

Rukia had never thought she would fall in love, much less with an emotionless espada; but once she got to know the serious man it seemed like she couldn't help herself. She loved training with him partially because he wanted to make her stronger and partially because she thought his release form was sexy as hell. On special occasions she would insist he release in bed and take her in his bat like form. He brought out her closet kink as she loved being held in those wings and fucked in both holes, one with him in her and the other with his tail. Who knew the two quietest people would end up being the freakiest, well isn't it always the quiet ones you have to watch out for?

Nel loved watching the twins and didn't mind being Szayel's lab rat as long as Uryuu was around. She may act like a child but underneath it all was a very cunning woman, she and Byakuya frequently had in depth discussions of all sorts and had traveled back to his estate to live. At first the Kuchiki family put up resistance but with her persuasive powers and rock solid case of why she should be allowed to be with Byakuya they had begrudgingly given their blessing. Byakuya's staff were excited to have a woman around again and fussed over her as such, whenever he went on missions she would visit Las Noches to see her friends. Otherwise she helped in the 6th as Renji was still detained in Las Noches due to Starrk's condition.

Byakuya was glad he had Nel to stand beside him; she made his days and nights much easier. He had taken her to Hisana's grave where she had murmured several words to the woman that he could not make out but as she had the sakura tree over her grave had bent over and showered the woman with pink blossoms. Her approval had been given and he had never looked back. Nel's hole had closed the first night they made love on his bed, and he had admitted to himself and her that he truly loved this woman against all impossible odds. His cold demeanor had slowly lightened up and he found himself expressing his emotions more freely and it seemed to only make the 6th stronger once they saw their ice prince was actually a human.

Nnoitra had finally convinced Orihime to go out with him and had failed the first date miserably, taking her to a violent boxing match. His idea of a good time was very different from hers and with her patience and his willingness to learn the two had worked into a comfortable compromise regarding their activities together. Some said she had tamed him but he felt like now he had something to live and fight for. One day he got hurt while sparring with Grimmjow and had come back bloody and beaten up she began to cry as she healed him saying she couldn't bear to see him hurt and his mask had shattered and fallen to the floor. He knew it was only a matter of time before the rest followed. He still was the same person, but one glance from the strawberry blonde and his leering, jeering and lecherous ways would disappear in an instant.

Matsumoto had everything explained to her by Gin, who had unbeknownst to her been secretly protecting her since childhood. The two of the returned to Seireitei where Gin's heroism was well noted by all of the shinigami, they moved in together shortly after; Gin making sure every day to let her know just how special she was to him. In a matter of months they had been married in a small ceremony inviting only close friends and the top brass.

Toshiro resumed his duties as the captain of the 10th frequently consulting Hallibel for advice. He viewed her as an older sister in all honesty. He enjoyed the woman's company and found her to give sound advice and not mince words. She and Matsumoto got along and so it seemed as though sometimes he had two vice captains. Both having water element swords the two would spar, always under the watchful eye of her lover Shuuhei.

Hallibel had moved to Seireitei in order to stay with Shuuhei although the two frequently visited Las Noches as he was the liaison between the two. Her mask long since gone and hollow hole recently closed she was invigorated, and finally able to really have a reason to smile. She had never known love and under the gentle touch of the shaggy haired vice-captain the heart inside her that was frozen had slowly thawed. She often sparred with Toshiro but Shuuhei was always present to watch, she did spar with her lover on occasion but preferred to spar with him in the bedroom when the seemingly soft spoken vice captain turned into a dominating passionate lover.

Renji had stayed in Las Noches as his lover was expecting. Starrk had told Renji he was ready and put the power limiting collar on so that he would be overpowered and allow Renji to impregnate him. Renji had thought he might faint with happiness but they both wanted a family and were now expecting a son. With Szayel supervising and Grimmjow offering Renji advice on how to handle Starrks mood swings and other pregnancy weirdness's the two weren't having too many difficulties. Of course it helped that Renji was extremely attentive and Starrk very vocal about what he wanted and needed. Renji knew they would have to go back to Seireitei so he could resume his duties with the 6th but until then he was sure his ever able captain and Nel could handle it.

Starrk was grateful his mate had agreed to stay; it was most comfortable for him to be in familiar surroundings with people he knew. Ichigo and Grimmjow visited frequently and Szayel was quite helpful surprisingly. His stomach was becoming quite round and he knew a few months after the child was born they would need to move to Seireitei, he was looking forward to seeing this part of his mate's life and to start his over and to hopefully give their son something he himself never had until now. Freedom.

Grimmjow spoiled the twins rotten. Ichigo was always on him but he couldn't help it they were so cute! He frequently took them hunting and as a result they practiced their stalking on their orange headed father incessantly who tended to squeal like a girl whenever he let himself get caught. Even though the circumstance surrounding his pregnancy were dicey at best he was very grateful and knew he was well loved by his mate and children. He couldn't imagine a better life and believed that he really may be a pampered well-loved house cat.

Ichigo had decided to stay in Las Noches to keep things running smoothly. He had reached out to the hollows and they had developed an understanding of sorts, Grimmjow of course had been a huge help in getting the hollows of Hueco Mundo to even listen to him. Everyone was happy and some had even returned to soul society, which was changing their views on the espada and arrancar and seeing them as allies. These were indeed living, breathing, feeling people as the small shinigami contingent had proven. His best friend Renji and his mate Starrk were expecting a son, another child and no one knew if it would be Visored, shinigami or hollow; but all were excited. He had watched the girls grow all too fast but such was the way of a hollow which Grimm had still been when they were conceived. Grimmjow was an excellent mother but always teaching the girls bad habits that were oddly endearing. He frequently found himself the object of their training by their mother and looked forward to the day when the girls came into their power. Life was good, and he knew it; he loved his mate, his daughters and had finally taken his place as a king, the fair and just ruler of Las Noches had truly allowed it to reach its full and incredible potential.

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