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Title: And Then He Smiled Again – Chapter 2: The Cheeky Sister

Words: 652

Chapter Rating: T

This is for you, Sanada Genichirou. Happy birthday!

My brother thinks that I don't know he has a boyfriend. Honestly, he could try to keep it more of a secret, but no, they kiss in broad daylight, and brother never closes his door. Or at least, he does, but he never makes it completely inside of his room before he kisses his vice-captain, and he still thinks I'm ignorant.

Which is why I'm currently in this situation.

"Seiran," he said to me very seriously, "I need to tell you something. It might be weird, and a little difficult for you to understand since you're only 12, but-"

I rolled my eyes. "You're dating your vice-captain. I get it, Genichirou nii-chan has been coming here for ages. Did you think I wouldn't notice?"

Shocked and apparently very taken aback, Seiichi blinked at me. "Y-You knew?"

Sticking my tongue out at him, I ran off with my hands linked behind my back. "Of course I did! If you didn't want me to know, you could've tried to stop kissing him every time you thought I wasn't looking!" Turning back for one last sentence, I then disappeared before brother could catch up with me. "So much for being the Child of God, ne, nii-chan?"

Brother didn't run after me, and I assumed he was trying to get his thoughts together. Really, brother looked down on me too often. Just because I was 12 didn't mean that I couldn't pick up signals like this. Granted, most 12 year olds probably wouldn't know whether or not their brother was gay, but I wasn't the younger sister of Yukimura Seiichi for nothing. Give me some credit and all that, you know?

I didn't mind, really, that nii-chan was dating Genichirou nii-chan. They looked good together, from what I'd seen, and I know that the last thing that Genichirou nii-chan would do is to hurt my older brother. They've been together since they were 4 years old, and I've been around for almost all of their friendship. You pick things up, when you've been around it for so many years.

Especially when you're a kid, because they automatically think you don't know anything, and then you use the chance to exploit it.

The next time brother brought his boyfriend over, though, I snuck into his room while they were, well, making out, and nii-chan pushed Genichirou nii-chan away so quickly the latter fell off the bed and onto the floor. I pity his ass, really, that fall looked like it hurt a lot, if they 'thud' was any indicator. He won't be sitting down for some time.

Walking up to Genichirou nii-chan, I put my hands on my hips, and made the best 'bossy sister' expression that I could muster, and told him, "I know you're dating Seiichi-nii. But if you ever dare to hurt one hair on him, I'll make sure you're dead. You hear me?"

He laughed, nodded, and messed up my hair. I pushed his hand away and glared at him with all the power Seiichi-nii had taught me, and he finally got that I was serious. Solemnly, he knelt down so that he was my height – he was so tall it should be illegal – and placed a hand on my head. "I promise to never hurt your brother, Seiran."

I nodded sagely, putting my hand on his head as well. "Good," I said, "Because if you do, I'll dye your cap pink."

Then I walked out of brother's room, who was laughing at what I presumed was Genichirou nii-chan's expression at my statement, and went to the kitchen to find a snack.

I wasn't bothered that my brother was dating a male. I was happy for him. It might bother other people, but if you have anything to say against them, then you'll be dealing with one very angry Yukimura Seiran.

And that was Yukimura's sister in all her adorable little glory.

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