Follow your veins

Hi, I'm Bmdrwho12 and this is my first Fanfiction story so please only constructive critisism thank you. This story is a cancer story and please only read this if you are older than 13 because there are lots of cancer and body things and I dont know if kids would want to read it.

Summary: Katniss Everdeen. A singer. Youtuber. And now is fighting a different battle, one against her body. Join her as she tries to overcome an adversity that she can't get away from. K/P - A Cancer Story


A/N I don't own anything, none of the characters except Dr. Williams.


I quickly pressed the small, almost insignificant red button and listened with my musically trained ear for the tell-tale sound that the video camera had started recording. I quickly hurried towards my acoustic guitar and sat down on the bed and introduced the song. "Hi guys, its Kat here from Sydney, Australia. If you don't know me, I own a YouTube account where I sing covers and original songs with my precious guitar, Alicia." I took a deep breath and smiled "Today I will sing Cosmic Love by Florence + the machine, one of my personal favourites."

I opened my mouth and produced the clear opening note of the song, a falling star fell from your heart, and landed in my eyes, I screamed aloud as it tore through them and now it's left me blind. I took a deep breath- the stars, the moon they have all bee-I quickly cut off as a sharp pain ripped through the right side of my abdomen. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in trying to subdue the pain in my stomach, and then the pain suddenly left, like a wave on the beach. I slowly sat up and shook my head damn I tore a muscle I thought, and then promptly switched off the camera and flopped back on the bed, suddenly exhausted. I tugged a soft blanket over my shoulders and quickly faded into oblivion.

"Katniss, come down here it's dinner time!" said the voice pulling me out of my peaceful slumber, I sat up and ignored the uncomfortable twinge in my side and pulled myself off the bed with the blanket still draped around my shoulders. I let it fall to the ground and I opened my door, padding down the hallway, making sure to keep to the sides to minimise the floor boards creaking, trying not to notify my presence to my family.

I quickly hopped down the stairs, not making a sound and saw my older brother Finnick helping my mother cook dinner his back turned to me. I sneaked behind him and motioned to Prim to keep quiet as she saw what I was planning, and she subtly nodded back making sure not to let her gaze linger on me. This routine was regularly practiced in the Everdeen household as Finnick was very jumpy ever since he saw The Exorcist a few months back, he still hasn't gotten over it.

I lightly trailed my fingers around his torso then squeezed hard; he yelped and jumped spinning around splattering his tanned face with the sauce covered spoon being used for the pasta. I burst out laughing at his reaction and quickly jumped back to avoid his attack, Prim joined in on my growing laughter as Finnick chased my around the kitchen and dining room brandishing the spoon like a weapon. I quickly looked back while running to see a grin spreading on his face, he quickly grabbed my sides with both hands- forgetting the spoon- and squeezing but that motion gave me a shock of pain that radiated down my legs and I let out a yelp.

Finnick immediately stopped and looked at me with concern, "it's okay" I let out quietly letting out a puff of air. "I think I tore a muscle or something singing" I said recovering from the pain. Prim walked up to me and quickly fired out a few questions about the pain turning on medical mode, "What's the pain like? How bad is it? When did it start? She said. "The pain it sometimes like stabby but it also comes in waves"

I replied in a terrible non-medical way of explaining the pain. "The pain is bad but not terrible and it just started today" I said answering her questions, Prim thought for a little bit and called mum where she was seated in the living room reading a book. "Yes Prim?" she answered, "Katniss is getting pain in her abdomen and she said it's quite bad" Prim said, my mother's eyes shifted to me worriedly as she always does when we get unexplainable pain. Ever since my Grandmother died from breast cancer and my father from colon cancer she has been very aware of Prim and me since we apparently have a history of breast cancer on my mother's side.

The doctors only did something her until it was Stage IV and she only had a 13% chance survival rate so she died 4 weeks later at the hospital with my mother beside her and a 2 year-old Prim next to her. My father also died from cancer but of the colon which is the large intestine and they diagnosed him after 2 months of pain and by then he was stage III-C and the cancer was in his body not just his colon. He fought against it but it took him like it did my grandmother, quickly and silently. His death hit my mother hard so she threw herself into her work at the Children's Cancer Hospital Sydney and only came home for dinner but still then she was absorbed in cancer books and new information.

I think it was her way of coping, facing the cancer head on helping the sick children that had fallen into its deadly embrace. "Katniss? Katniss?" My mother called, my head snapped up "What?" I said I must have zoned out thinking about dad. "About the pain does it feel like a muscle tear?" She asked "Well not really" I answered; my mother nodded and grabbed her phone from the kitchen counter. "I'm going to set up a doctor's appointment for you for three days away, when I have a break" She explained then walked off to make the call. Prim, Finnick and I exchanged glanced "Don't you thing she might be overacting a little bit?" I asked them. "Not really, I could be something serious" Prim said, and I nodded reluctantly knowing there's no way to pass it off now.