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Summary: How Harry's life changes when his family abandons him, but it is also his Family that takes in him as well. Looked over in favor of his famous BWL twin Edmund, this is the story of how powerful; smart Harry takes Wizarding Britain by storm. No Voldemort.

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Chapter One:

Family: Wanted and Unwanted

31st October, 1981 was a monumental day for the Wizarding world, even more so for the Potters and their closest friends and family. On that day, self-styled Lord Voldemort who was known as The Dark Lord to the community at large attacked the Potters, with the intention of killing their 15 months old twin baby boys.

Voldemort found the location of the Potters from their close friend Peter Pettigrew when they finally decided to stay at one place long enough. Because they knew they were being hunted, the Potters keep changing their address at random interval, but they finally settled at one place on September, because it became increasingly harder to run with two babies. So they warded their cottage as best they could, put alarms that will inform the other members of the Order of the Phoenix in case the wards were breached and hoped for the best. On that night, Voldemort arrived at their house in Godric Hollows and brutally tore through the wards with sheer force alone. He knew he would have fifteen to thirty minutes before the cavalry arrived and broke down the anti apparition and anti-portkey wards he had built around the property. So he stunned James Potter first (he wanted him to see his family die in front of his eyes). He then followed Lily Potter to the nursery, knowing full well that they couldn't have escaped due to his anti apparition and anti-portkey wards. In the nursery he found Lily Potter standing in front of one of the cribs which had a black-haired, baby in it. She had the other brown haired baby on her left hip and her wand in her right hand ready to fight him. He crucio'ed her for a few minutes just for her impudence at even thinking that she could withhold him, but he was on a tight schedule here and the babies were his priority, so he blasted her at the side. The baby in her hand had landed violently on the floor beside the crib when she was first crucio'ed and was crying loudly for his mother. Voldemort pointed his wand at the crying baby first, just to shut it up. But before he could utter the killing curse, his eyes landed on the other child on the crib. That child was just simply watching him silently. When he looked in the child's emerald green eyes, he found it glowing with sheer magic. He instinctively just knew that this was the Child of Prophecy and turned his wand on him.

"AVEDA KEDAVRA", he shouted.

But the only thing he saw before he was blasted off was the green killing curse being reflected on those eerie green eyes and the light of the curse growing bigger, enveloping the whole room and his whole world.

The rebounded killing curse resulted in a small explosion in the nursery. And that was the scene the members of the Order of the Phoenix found when they came to answer the alarm that Voldemort tripped when he entered the cottage. Due to the wards Voldemort erected they couldn't enter the property line and were busy tearing down. But as soon as the explosion happened all the wards vanished and they rushed to help. They found James in the living room and hurried to the nursery. The green light that accompanied the blast had them all expecting the worst. But to their immense relief they found all three unconscious, Lily bruised and battered at the side and both boys around a broken crib. All three were covered in dust and debris but none worse for wear.

Later that night the Potters, the Headmaster and their friends were gathered beside the bed of unconscious Lily Potter watching anxiously the Mediwitch Pomfrey do her work. It looked like Lily shattered her shoulder bone and hit her head. There was also some other minor injuries, but in all in all she would be good to go home by next evening. When checking the boys, they found that Edmund Potter's Magical Reserve was only 46%, and except the scar on his left side of face he was fine. Harry Potter had a scar on his right side of forehead as well, but the most concerning was that his MR was only 37%. Now one needs at least 45% MR by their 5 year after birth to be considered a wizard, any less they would be considered a squib.

They theorized that both boys depleted their already small reserve (due to age) to fight that night, their magic probably saved them from being killed in the explosion or buried under the ruins. Mediwitch Poppy Pomfrey confirmed that with ample rest their reserve with be recharged in time.

Till that point of time they were all thinking that Voldemort had fled the scene because of Lily fighting him and with the Order outside he thought it was best to try another time, the explosion serving as a distraction. But as soon as Lily woke up they were confused as to consider why he would flee when there were only two babies in front of him. At that moment Auror Moody entered the infirmary holding His wand and a tattered robe, which he found from the explosion site (the nursery). Everyone was rejoiced to find that Voldemort had died. When faced the question of who defeated him the Potters were quick to point out the obvious lack of Harry's MR, along with his lack of any accidental magic to date, so they came to the obvious conclusion and named Edmund Potter the one who did the impossible.

James and Lily Potter were proud of their baby boy, so was everyone else in Magical Britain. Next morning the whole Britain learned his name and what he did. They were awed of him. They celebrated their freedom from dark and worshiped Edmund Potter, the one who public named Boy-Who-Lived.

The fame of the boy-who-lived continued and James and Lily Potter loved being the parents of BWL. They were on paper and magazines, everyone knew their name, they were loved and respected by all for being Edmund's parents and in turn they loved and spoiled Edmund. Slowly and surely Harry Potter started to fade away from the happy Picture of Potter family.

June, 1982 marked the date when James and Lily Potter finally got fed up with their son Harry and decided to send him off. They told everyone that Harry was a squib. They said that he probably had low MR to begin with but the blast that night made him squib. They were appropriately sincere in their wish to help Harry have his best life possible, as well as sorry to give him up. They wished they didn't have to do that, but a squib doesn't have a lot to be in the magical world. And keeping him here would be reminding him continuously of the night that he lost all, as his brother is famous for that night and it won't be fair to Edmund to suppress his accomplishment for Harry. That was the story that was printed on the front page of Daily Prophet and everyone agreed that it was the best course of action and supported the supposed grieving family in their grief. Harry Potter was sent to live with Lily Potter's muggle mother Violet Evans in the muggle world. And as June rolled into July soon everyone in the Wizarding world was celebrating their savior's second birthday, already forgetting his twin brother.

Only Hogwarts's Mediwitch Poppy Pomfrey didn't believed that little Harry was a squib and vowed to not forget him. As it was, she was one who delivered the twins and as per medical procedure checked them every month for the first year after their birth. She also checked on them for the next 6 months after that fateful night to make sure they were recovering alright. She noticed that after the first two months the weight and height between both boys kept differentiating, while Edmund's remained continuously increasing as it should, Harry's increased half of his brother's. While different body proportions between twins are normal, it is unusual between identical twins, especially those who were exactly same at birth. And after that Halloween night, Harry's became one-third of Edmund's growth. Pomfrey suspected that Edmund receiving more attention and Harry only what is strictly needed and it was very clear when they came to her for check-ups too. They're always more concerned about Edmund's well being. Even more so for after the Halloween.

The reason they gave for giving Harry up is all good and reasonable, except for the fact that Pomfrey insisted to them that Harry's MR was coming up and it was. In May when they came for the last time, his MR was already 40% and growing still. It was growing in a steady rate. He only needed more rest and care. But the Potters insisted it won't matter because apparently even before he didn't show much sign of magic. Pomfrey was tempted to ask if they were even around him to know if he did do magic. Now, While others may agree that Harry was squib, Pomfrey can't and won't. Because she herself had checked the six-month old twins' MR as per regulations. Edmund Potter's MR was 52% and Harry Potter's was 57%. Harry's was one of the highest scores at 6 months old. But Poppy can't do anything because these results could only be shown if the minor's guardians allow or when the minor themselves become adult and give permission and the Potter's wouldn't. It was like they wanted him to be a squib, from what she gathered it only gave them the perfect cover to send the boy away. Pomfrey herself thought that Harry would be better without them. And Violet Evans had done well with her daughter before so she will no doubt be good for Harry too. Pomfrey herself was of opinion that it was the magical world that corrupted Lily and she vowed to keep an eye on Harry when the time comes so that he doesn't fall for the same lure. Because she was very damn sure he will come under her care when he enters Hogwarts at eleven.

So while the rest of the Wizarding population decided to forget about his twin and keep worshipping Edmund Potter, Mediwitch Poppy Pomfrey will just save his file for future when it will be once again needed.

And faraway from the magical castle Hogwarts, in middle-class muggle suburbia, James and Lily Potter met with Violet Evans to explain to her that they were going to give up their son Harry. From what Violet gathered that day, she understood that they're attacked the last Halloween by the vile wizard named Voldemort and in the aftermath of it Harry became squib from magical exhaustion, while Edmund became hero for vanquishing him. Now the Potters wanted to give up Harry so that he can have a magic-free, happy life while they can concentrate fully on their famous and magical son Edmund. From their words and actions she garnered that James's first and only option was putting him in an orphanage. He was not at all interested in his squib son and wanted him out of their lives as soon as possible. But Lily managed to convince him to come to Violet first, on the condition that if she declines, then orphanage will it be.

Now, it was true that Violet Evans was in her mid-forties, living alone (her husband died 18 months earlier) and under the circumstances should not be keeping a baby with her. But despite her age she was a strong woman, both mentally and physically. Moreover she had a strong moral sense of justice and family. Since she was also financially secure and has many friends whom she could call upon when needed, she agreed to take baby Harry in almost immediately. Violet Evans could not let him go to an orphanage and grow up alone. Because that baby was family and as an orphan brought up in her paternal aunt's family, she vowed to bring up her grandson as her own. Because that's what families do, especially Evans' were always told that family first and foremost-always together and never left behind, not for anything and she vowed upheld their family adage even if her daughter seemed to forget it herself.

And while the Halloween night on 1981 did have an impact on the life of Potters and wizards of Magical Britain as a whole, it had a far greater influence on the life of one Harry Potter. That day his life started on a different path than it was intended for him as Heir to the House of Potter. But it was the move made by his parents next June that made his fate even more clear and firmly on the new path made by choices of people in his life than of fate. And from that the forward he started forging himself the path of his own life by will and choice alone.

So while Potters and every other wizard and witch went about with their life with the newly gained freedom along with praises for The Boy-who-lived Edmund Potter, far away in the muggle suburbia Vee Evans went about making a new life with her grandson Harry-promising to love him and protect him and rearing him to her best abilities.

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