Your eyes, they shine so bright. I want to save that light. I can't escape this now. Unless you show me how. - Demons by Imagine Dragons.





Chapter 1: Sound of Madness.

The Fourth Great Shinobi War began with the Akatsuki's relentless desire to capture all the Biju, and it would end with it.

There were only two left, one was currently fighting against the leader, Madara and her best friend – Sasuke. Both were related, of the Uchiha clan... the last of the once grand clan.

The other, Killer Bee, was currently fighting against other enemies. It only seemed ironic to Naruto's rather morbid humor (but after so many years of war could one blame her?) that the final battle would occur in Konoha.

It was where it started after all, the night she was born and Madara had released the Kyuubi from her mother. It was the place it would end.

"Give up, you can not win Naruto," Madara said.

She dodged to the side of the large fire jutsu Madara released at her, only to have to defend against Sasuke's sword with her own katana.

Naruto narrowed her blue eyes, eyes which were currently slitted as she began drawing on Kurama's power even more. She had much better control than she once did in concern to her Biju, but as much as she and Kurama worked together now, she still had a lot to learn.

"Shut up," she hissed, jumping back and slashing the air in front of her in a wide arc. "Kitsune-Bi (Fox Fire)!"

Blue flames came into existence and shot towards the two Uchiha like waves.

"Amaterasu," Sasuke muttered and the black flames shot forward to warp against her blue ones.

"Damn you," she snapped.

With her blade drawn towards the ground at her side, she shot towards them, jumping over the flames that still danced around the ground in a blue and black blaze, and swung the blade at Sasuke as she landed.

She had little time to duck under Madara's own blade (a much shorter blade than she or Sasuke used), and as she turned to face them again, her katana struck against Sasuke's sword.

"It's sad really, after all this time, and yet you're still weak," Sasuke said, as he smirked slightly.

"Give me a break, the only thing you've accomplished is to join the madman that plans to pretty much control the world," she said, and her eyes turned red within a second.

The whisker marks on her cheek thickened, and she gained fangs and claws. Her hair flew up behind her like nine tails and an orange-red chakra cloak began to form on her body.

"I think I once told you I was going to break every bone in your body..." Naruto smirked, and continued. "I never break a promise."

Kicking towards Sasuke's legs she was unsurprised when he jumped over them, and was barely able to slam her elbow into Sasuke's back as he moved past her. Her speed increased with this form, as did her other senses, but Madara and Sasuke were able to keep up.

The fight seemed to be never winning as it continued, all three taking hits, and yet she hated to say she was beginning to lose.


She heard a familiar voice yell from the battle field, and she turned in time to see Killer Bee being subdued, something she felt was impossible after being trained by him to work with her biju when she was sixteen.

"No," she muttered, and turned only to realize her mistake seconds too late.

The chirping of birds.


It wasn't long before she felt the lightning covered hand through her chest, this time the right side and through her back rather than her front.

"Ahhg..." she cried and fell to her knees.

Her chakra cloak began faltering as her body began to heal after the hand was removed. This was halted as a sword ran through her back and out the area above her belly button – inches above the seal.

"Sas-Sasuke..." she muttered, knowing it was him behind her as she coughed, and blood splattered against the ground.

"Be sure not to kill her," Madara said, smirking as he walked towards her. "We still need the Kyuubi."

Naruto looked down as the sword was removed, and growled.

"I... I will not die here!" she exclaimed, struggling to her feet, red chakra spiraling around her.

Madara frowned and took a step back, Sasuke following his example.

'This isn't going to be pleasant, gaki,' a familiar, deep voice said inside. 'You'll basically be releasing the seal for a short time, and speeding up the process of you becoming a Hanyō. Then there is the fact normal Hanyō can't transform into an animal form.'

"What choice do I have," she muttered, her bangs obscuring her eyes from anyone's view as she clinched her clawed hands into fist. "Nearly everyone of importance is dead. Do your worse... Kurama."

Raising her head the red chakra got denser, and anyone who looked could see that her eyes were not just red anymore, they were completely red, whites and all, with golden-black slits the only indicator of a pupil.

Slowly, as she screamed an inhuman sound, she began to change.

Madara's eyes widened.

"Is she..."

"What is she doing?" Sasuke asked, backing further away.

Then the chakra around her lashed out and there was an explosion which shook the earth below their feet. When it cleared the only thing left in a rather large crater was a large golden-red fox, with nine tails tipped in dark gold, similar to the color of Naruto's sunset colored hair, but slightly darker.

To those who had seen the Kyuubi back when it attacked Konoha, they would have noticed that the only difference between then and now was the added golden color to it's fur, which made it look more fiery.

Many of those still fighting the enemy smiled, especially those left of the Rookie Nine. The tide of the war had now changed, and it all depended on if Kurama and Naruto could truly work together fully transformed.

Even if Kurama would be the dominant conscious in control, seeing as Naruto was in too much pain (from releasing most the seal and transforming, something a soon to be Hanyō should not be able to do) to do so.




Cerulean eyes fluttered open, only to release a painful groan.

She couldn't feel her body, she was in too much pain to move more than her head and even that was barely.

She saw layers of fog-like dust, and ash which was probably from using Biju based attacks and fox fires. Though, fire was not Kurama's only affinity, the nine Biju all had affinities based on power, region they reigned over and tails. Not to mention species.

Ichibi had wind, and an ability over sand (which couldn't truly be considered an element, but made up for only having one element. Though he wasn't the only one like this).

Nibi had fire, and had an ability for necromancy – raising the dead as skeletons (or otherwise if freshly killed) to fight for her.

Sanbi had water, earth and it's own body as a weapon seeing as it was a spiked turtle.

Yonbi didn't necessarily have four elements at his disposal, Earth was his primary one, and Fire which led to Lava and the last wasn't so much an element as his immense strength.

Gobi had lightning, water, earth (to some extent), it's own body (ergo it's horns) and Ranton – Storm Release.

Rokubi had water, wind, an ability to spew acid and gas, which wasn't all that pleasant, and could also use the slime his body naturally produced against his enemies.

Nanabi had wind, the ability of flight, poison in nearly any form it pleased, and lightning.

Hachibi had his ink, fire, earth, his own physical strength similar to Yonbi, and lightning.

Kyuubi himself was naturally a master of fire, wind, earth and water, illusions and could sense negative emotions (which he'd never really seen as something great and powerful, nor useful).

He had no skill in lightning however, something those of his kin who could use lightning were sure to lord over his head before they began to be sealed away. He did have other abilities, not many but a few, connected to him being a Kitsune so he'd never been bother by his lack of Lightning control.

There were also other abilities the Biju all shared, but where not as well known as the before mentioned, and even most of those weren't exactly well known.

"Hn, who knew you were so powerful, Dobe."

"Ahhg," she groaned as she looked up further than the feet which came into her view. "Sasuke... I'm surprised.. y-you're still alive."

Sasuke smirked, though he didn't look too good.

He was bloody, and holding his right arm which hung sort of awkwardly. It was bloody from what seemed like multiple gashes. Across his stomach area she saw a slashed area which was bleeding, almost looking as if something had clawed at him.

She couldn't help but snort, she couldn't recall a lot, but then she hadn't been the dominant party when they'd transformed.

"Same for you, Naru," he said. "But I'll remedy that shortly. No one will be helping you this time, whats left is fighting what's left of the enemy."

"Madara?" she inquired, and he shook his head.

"Dead," he said, as he pulled his relatively uninjured arm from his right, and she was almost impressed as a Chidori began forming slowly. "I think you'll remember how this feels, little sister."

Naruto choked on her own emotions and blood which she spat up.

Tears welled up in her eyes at the endearment. Many had always thought there was sexual feelings between them, how obsessed they were with each other, but while it may have seemed like it, it was only platonic feelings shared between them.

They'd always been so alike, so alone, they'd become each others anchor even if they'd never admit it. They were a constant in each others lives and then the Chūnin Exam hit, and things went to shit. Despite the fact Sasuke was only a few months older then her, the nickname-endearments had stuck... even if rarely used, and mostly used when only around each other or with team seven.

"Aniki..." she smiled slightly, and tried to struggle up, but her body collapsed once she got to her knees. "Please... it's over. You can come home now... please."

Sasuke's onyx eyes wavered for a second, but he shook his head.

"This place is a plague, Naruto, I have to see it burn to the ground. You can't see that... it's for your own good," he said and she closed her eyes when she saw the Chidori flying down towards her chest.

'God forsaken, insane, power driven Uchiha's!' She heard the familiar, deep voice roar inside her head, and she felt power course through her, and she wondered what Kurama was trying to do. 'Hold on tight, Naruto, this might be a bit disorienting.'

Sasuke gasped as his hand hit the ground, Naruto's body having been covered in blood red chakra, and turning into a orb it floated up into the air and shot off in an unknown direction.

"Naruto," he muttered, looking towards the place the orb he knew was Naruto had gone in.




Higurashi Shrine wasn't as exciting as some might think – at least not yet.

Currently, thirteen year old Higurashi Kagome was coming home from spending time with her friends.

She was an average height girl, with shoulder blade length, wavy black hair, and large brown eyes and pale, but not overly pale, skin. Being only thirteen she was beginning to form curves, but while she had some she was yet to finish growing.

"Home sweet home," Kagome said once she'd reached the top of the stairs, panting slightly.

Looking at Goshinboku, a tree which had been on the shrine grounds for many, many years, she smiled slightly. She was about to head inside when she saw something yellow and red close to the base of The Sacred Tree.

'Hmm, what could that be?' she thought to herself, and began walking over towards it.

As she got closer she realized with wide eyes it was a person, laying face down and the red was blood, while the yellow was actually sunset blonde hair, stained with blood.

"Kami," she breathed and rushed forward to kneel beside the body and shaking, she turned the girl onto her side.

She realized the girl was a few years older than her, probably around seventeen or eighteen. Her clothes were nearly shredded, and she looked like she'd come from a war zone.

Her face wasn't very clear, because of bruises, cuts, blood, and dirt, but she could make out pretty features and exotic whisker marks on each cheek.

"Mama, Mama!" Kagome yelled, hoping her mother would hear her from inside the house.

She wasn't sure she should leave the girl unattended, but from checking the pulse she was happy to find a strong, but faint one.

'If she didn't get help soon she might not make it, Kagome thought with shock.

"Kagome, dear what was the yelling abou -"

Higurashi Midori stopped short, and gasped at the sight in front of her. At first she'd been concerned to come out after hearing her daughter yelling frantically for her, only to find her kneeling at the Goshinboku. At first she'd thought maybe the young girl had found a wounded animal, but now as she stood behind Kagome she realized how wrong she was.

"Kagome, go inside and have some towels and hot water ready. I'll bring her inside," she said, and Kagome blinked before she stood.

"Are you sure, Mama?" Kagome asked. "Shouldn't I help you carry her?"

Midori smiled at her daughter.

"I doubt she weighs much, dear," she said, and waved her daughter off as she bent down, and was able to awkwardly lift the slightly smaller blonde girl into her arms.

Kagome was a touch surprised, either the girl didn't weight much as her mother predicted, or her mother wasn't as fragile as she looked. Either way she took off for the house to do as her mother had asked, her mother following close behind.

These events would change everything. It was just that no one knew it yet.