The Final Hunger Games

Katniss' POV

This year will be the last year of the Hunger Games. It has been one year since the Capitol has fallen, when the victors had decided if they wanted a final Hunger Games for the Capitol children. There was just one more vote on the Games than not to have the Games. We, as the victors, will be the mentors for the tributes in the last Hunger Games. I still have nightmares of my Games, but lately, I have been having dreams of the tributes I have to mentor, they dying, they not dying and have to put up with having the nightmares that all of us victors have

The reaping is next week. I wonder how it will be this year. Since all of the children going to be reaped are from the Capitol, I wonder if they would separate them into teams or if they are going to fight just like that. I guess that I just have to wait until next week. Well, now I know how Haymitch feels like mentoring tributes when he knows that only one can survive. The nightmares will be worse, and they will not only be in my Games, but the Games of those I have to mentor. I do not like this.

I want to talk to Peeta. I am sure that he would say that it was a bad decision of mine that day. I wish I didn't but every time I think of Prim, I don't really care anymore. I can't believe that Coin had made her die to deceive me. Good thing I killed her during that execution. We don't need another president like Snow.

I go to the woods. Gale is back from District 2. Even though he still reminds me of Prim's death, nothing can be done about it. I think he feels guilty. Anyway, I still go to the woods, even if he won't be there. I pick up my bow and arrows and go to the spot where I normally meet Gale. I see him there.

"Hey Gale,"

"What do you want to do today? Fishing, gathering or hunting?"

"Let's go hunting," I say. Gale can sense that something is wrong. I can see it by the look of his face.

"Worried about the Hunger Games?" Gale asks. I guess I was right.

"Yeah. I don't think I will like mentoring," I say as a matter of fact

"Well, may the odds be ever in your favour then," Gale replies, mocking the Capitol accent.

"We're wasting time. Let's go hunt now," I change the subject. This time, we didn't get our usual haul; we only got a wild turkey each. Today is the reaping for the Capitol citizens. Not that I would want to watch, but I do want to know the people I would be mentoring.

We go back to our houses. I turn on the television. We were in time to watch the reapings. But wait. President Paylor is saying something. "This year, as punishment for the Capitol citizens for what they have done to the Districts, we have the Hunger Games. Same rules apply. You may volunteer once the reaping winner is announced. However, the tributes will not have any mentors from the previous Hunger Games. The only assistance you will have is from your stylists and in training. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favour," President Paylor says the last sentence in the mock Capitol accent.