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Glass' POV

I was woken up by Effie. Seriously, why is she so excited? "Up, up, up, it's going to be a big day!" She shouts into my ear. I sincerely think that she thinks it is great to be in the Hunger Games. I am rushed in to the dining room. I look around and I don't see my partner. "Where's Tony?"

"Oh, he's sleeping in. So is the rest of the crew."

Great. Why do I have to wake up early. I miss home so much. If only I wasn't reaped. I would be sitting at home, playing with the Holocube (A/N it's a game console I made up). Why, out of the thousands of slips? Well, right before I was looking for answers to my question, I was asked to go into a room. There, I was waxed and I got to meet my stylist. My stylist comes in.

"Hello. I'm Carl,"

"And I'm Glass,"

"Nice to meet you, Carl,"

"I have your outfit. You want to see it?" His eyes are twinkling.

"Yes, sure,"

"And I want to tell you, all the stylists and the Gamemakers designed this dress, so everyone is wearing the same thing, considering that you are from the same place,"

He takes out a blue dress. I gasp. Even though I have lived in the Capitol for my whole life, I have never seen such a beautiful dress. It was kind of like Katniss' interview dress, but it was designed to look like water instead of fire.

"Oh Carl, it's beautiful,"

"Thank you. The parade begins in half an hour. Do you want to eat anything?"

"No thanks."

I put on my dress once there is only twenty minutes left. Unlike other Capitol people, I am punctual.

We get on the chariot. Carl tells us at the last minute to hold hands. It looks like everyone is being told that. We are team 11, so we're the eleventh chariot. Once we are out there, I see that the audience is quite surprised. I think that it is because we're all wearing the same outfit.

"Look at that! Everyone is holding hands, the symbol of unity!" Caesar Flickerman announces.

The chariots come to a stop. We have all arrived in the City Centre.

"Welcome, tributes of the 76th Hunger Games. I, for one, will like to be honest with you. I know that most of you are very scared, and I wish you the best of luck," said President Paylor. "And may the odds be ever in your favour," she added. The audience was shocked. No president of Panem had ever told them that they should be honest. No president of Panem had ever told the tributes that they knew what they were thinking of. Well, there has to be a first for everything, I guess.

Once we are back in our room, Effie congratulates us, but honestly, I don't know what she was congratulating us on. She also tells us to wake up early tomorrow, as we should be in the Training Centre by 10 o'clock in the morning.

The next day

"Wake up! It's training day!" Effie shouts into my ear. Seriously, where does she get all this energy from? Still sleepy, I get up and go to the dining room. "Go on, talk about what you want to do in training," said Effie enthusiastically.

"Hey Tony,"

"What is it, Glass?"

"What do you want to do for training today?"

"Glass, how about we stick together? If that's okay with you,"

"Good idea," I admit. I never knew it, but Tony was a really intelligent person even though he was in the same class at school with me.

"Glass, this may seem like an odd question, but what are you good at?" inquired Tony.

I stopped talking. I have never known what I am good at. It seems like there's nothing that I can do well, but we have robots to do our work for us at home.

"Well Tony, we all know that you are very smart, and that can help us in the arena,"

Tony blushed. I don't think that people praised him liked this often.

"I'll just have to wait and see what you are good at then,"