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Harley looked down the street, making sure that the coast was clear. Oh, if Mista J knew where she was going he'd kill her before she could even blink.

But she was sick of his abuse. What other choice did she have? Time and time again, he just pushed her away.

Well, Harley was a woman and she had needs. And if the Joker wouldn't meet those needs, then she would have them met elsewhere.

And that was how their sordid affair began.

The first time was a mistake.

The second time was a regret.

But every time after that was planned.

Harley couldn't get enough of him, despite how bad she knew it was.

She was sleeping with the Joker's nemesis. Some girlfriend she was, right?

The Bat was just so delicious, and she couldn't help herself around him.

Maybe the fact that it was so forbidden is what made it so nice. You always want what you can't have, right?

Harley slipped into the hotel room. And waited… and waited… and waited.

Groaning, she looked at the clock. Why was the Bat late? He was never late for their rendezvous…

Suddenly, the door flung open. She bolted up right. "What were you late?" she shouted at the finger in the doorway.

Batman shrugged. "I couldn't get away."

Harley sat back down on the bed. "I've missed you…"

Batman came over, slipping off Harley's mask. Her face was covered in bruises. "Why do you stay with him?" he asked, his fingers gently tracing the marks.

Harley shuddered. "I don't really have a choice…"

"You always have a choice," he replied.

"Then I choose you," she whispered before crashing her lips to his.

Joker be damned. She deserved so much better. And she would have so much better.