After a long day of sheriffing, Emma opened the door to a dark apartment. No one was home. She was expecting it. David and Mary Margaret were having a night out and Neal had taken Henry to the stables. She flicked on the light switch as she removed her red leather jacket.

Sighing, she hung it on the coat hook immediately freezing after doing so. Emma had a sudden feeling that she was not alone. Aware that her gun was still strapped to her left hip, she moved her hand to it as inconspicuously as possible. There was someone on the stairs. She knew it.

Emma took a breath, closed her eyes and wrapped her hand around the gun. Whipping the gun out of her holster, she turned a split second later, pointing the barrel at the stranger on the stairs.

"Now, love, is that really necessary?" Hook was sitting on the stairs running his fingers along the curve of his hook, eyeing Emma with that sultry look he always has.

Emma, temporarily speechless, lowered the gun and stared at the pirate.

"How the hell did you get here?" she asked. The last time Emma saw Hook, she was tying him to a radiator in New York City.

"Oh, it was quite the adventure, my dear Emma," Hook replied as he got up and started walking down the remaining stairs. "But I'm sure you'd find the details a bore. What I want to know is why you left me and stole my ship."

Emma, breaking eye contact, holstered her weapon and walked over to the kitchen sink. She didn't know what to say. Quickly, she walked over to the stove, grabbed the teapot and moved to the sink. Emma began filling it with water still avoiding Hook's gaze.

"What are you doing?" Hook inquired.

"I'm making some hot cocoa," Emma replied, relived in the brief chance of subject. "Do you want some?"

"What the hell is that?"

Emma looked up and smiled slightly. "It's good. Trust me." When the teapot was full she turned around to the stove, placed the pot on the burner and turned on the heat. She could feel Hook's eyes following every move that she made, but she was determined to avoid his gaze. She didn't want to have to explain everything to him. She was still trying to accept it all herself.

Moving to the pantry, Emma took her time retrieving the cocoa mix. She was finding any excuse to avoid having a discussion with Hook. After lingering as long as she could in the pantry, Emma placed the mix on the counter and looked at him. He was slightly distracted by Henry's iPod that was lying on the breakfast bar.

Thankful that she didn't meet Hook's eyes and that he wasn't asking questions, Emma reached for some mugs. As she set them down, the teapot began to whistle. She proceeded to make the cocoa, topping it with her specialty whipped cream and cinnamon, and passed a mug across the counter to Hook.

"Be careful," she said gently. "It's hot. You might want to let it cool down a couple minutes." Hook looked down at the substance in front of him, raising his eyebrow in pleasure at the scent wafting the air around him. Smiling slightly, he turns his focus back to Emma.

"Swan," he said forcefully. "Why did you leave me and steal my ship? Why do you want that crocodile alive?" Emma froze. She didn't know what to say. He wouldn't understand.

"It's complicated," she sputtered. "You wouldn't understand." As she moved to put away the cocoa mix, Hook grabbed her arm.

"Not good enough, darling. Tell me why you robbed me of my vengeance!" Emma eyed Hook's hand that was grasping her wrist preventing her from moving, then shot him a dangerous look. Hook let go immediately, realizing his mistake.

"I'm sorry, Emma." He paused and looked at Emma whose eyes were still spewing daggers. Looking down, Hook grasped his mug's handle and raised the strange concoction to his lips. Taking in its delectable scent, he drank. Emma watched as a smile cracked on Hook's face showing his approval.

"Good, isn't it?"

"You do know how to work some magic," Hook replied taking another sip. Emma, taking advantage of Hook's occupation, hastily grabbed the cocoa mix and put it away in the pantry. As she walked back, she saw Hook looking at her with a soft expression that only few have ever seen him make. "You're not going to tell me anything, are you love?"

"No," Emma stated bluntly. "I'm sure you will find out eventually, but now is not the time." She took a large gulp of cocoa thinking to herself that she needed to keep her family safe while they all adjusted to the new branches of their family tree. And that meant keeping Hook from continuing his quest to avenge Milah. How she was going to do that, she didn't know. All she knew is that she couldn't let Hook out of her sight.

After emptying the contents of his mug, Hook stood up and started making his way towards the door.

"Well, my dear Emma, if you're not going to tell me anything, will you take me to my ship?"

"No." She couldn't take him there. But what was she supposed to do with him? The only option she could think of was locking him up at the station. She'd have to trick him into getting there.

"Why not?" Hook asked getting more irritated by the second.

Emma had to think quickly. "Well, I thought instead of taking you there, I'd show you around Storybrooke." Where was she going with this? "After all, you're going to be here for a while. Might as well see where everything is."

Hook gave her a puzzling look. He could tell something was up, but didn't know what. He would just have to play along to find out. "Alright, lass," he said. "Lead the way."

Hook opened the door and gestured to Emma. Rolling her eyes slightly at his move to act like a gentleman, she placed the two empty mugs in the sink and walked towards the pirate. She paused only to grab her jacket and her keys. "Follow me," she said and they walked out closing the door behind them.