Shana the Vulpix wandered the halls of the Glacial Palace alone. She was always alone. The feral Pokemon ignored her as did Kyurem's minions. Why wouldn't they? They couldn't see her. Not after her battle with Kyurem himself. Not after she died. She continued to wander as a Pikachu and Oshawott passed her. She wasn't surprised. A lot of Pokemon have showed up trying to beat Kyurem and destroy the Bittercold. She knew they would die too, just as she and her partner did. Her mind started to drift back to the battle.

"Look out!" Aaron the Riolu said as he sidestepped Kyurem's Dragonbreath. Shana was ducked, but it burned her back and she yelled in pain. Kyurem charged and slammed it's head into Aaron's stomach and he went flying back and hit a wall. He gasped as the wind was knocked out of him. He slid to the ground as the Boundary Pokemon charged another Dragonbreath. Shana managed to knock it head to the side with Flamethrower so that it missed. Aaron got up and hit it's face with Force Palm and it slid back.

"Fools! This world is destined to end and if that is it's future then I shall protect it!"Kyurem yelled. Kyurem started to glow. Three ice shards surrounded Aaron. He tried to jump out of the way, but one impaled one of his lungs. He yelled in pain and started to cough up blood. Another one pierced his other lung and he collapsed to his knees. His breathing was ragged and forced and he coughed up more blood. Shana started to run towards him as the last pierced his heart. He collapsed, clutching his chest. Shana ran up to him, tears in her eyes.

"Aaron! Aaron!"she yelled as his eyes closed and he went limp. She sobbed as Kyurem charged another Dragonbreath. She closed her eyes as it consumed her and she knew no more.

'I miss him.'she thought as she recalled the events of their deaths. She heard a roar and silently bid the Pikachu and Oshawott luck as their battle began.

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