Another Baby Deeks

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"Quick Daddy! Quick!" Shouted three year old Jessica running down the hallway of the hospital towards the room that Kensi was staying in.
"Ok, slow down." Said Deeks laughing and catching up with Jess and stopped her at the door to Kensi's room. He opened the door and Jess ran to the bed where Kensi was sitting holding a baby boy.
"He's so small Mummy!" Said Jess "can you lift me up please Daddy?" Deeks nodded and lifted Jess onto the bed before kissing his son and Kensi.
"I know baby." Said Kensi
"What's he called Mummy?"
"Joseph Dominic Deeks." Replied Kensi and Deeks smiled at her.

*A few weeks later*

"Mummy! Your phone is ringing! Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!" Shouts Jessica up the stairs but instead of waiting for Kensi to get downstairs she answers it for her.
"Hello?" She says down the phone.
"Jess?" Replies a voice
"Yep! Who is this?" She asks
"Jessie! What have I told you about answering mummy's phone?" Kensi asks and shoos Jess away.
"Hello?" She says
"Hey Kens, it's Sam." Comes the reply
"Hey Sam, everything ok?"
"Uh, well Deeks got shot just now..."
"What? Sam! Where is he? Is he ok?" She shouts down the phone.
"Kens, calm down, it was in the vest and he's fine. He's at the hospital now getting checked out and Hetty has given him the rest of the day off, he should be home soon." Says Sam
"Ok, well thanks for ringing and letting me know Sam." She replies and hangs up.
"Mummy what's wrong? I'm sorry I answered your phone, I didn't mean to make you sad." Whispered Jess and then burst into tears, thinking that she was the reason why Kensi was so upset.
"No, baby, ssh, it's not you, mummy's just worried about daddy, he got hurt that's all, but he's going to be fine and he'll be home soon." Comforts Kensi picking up Jess and sitting on one of the sofas and rocking her gently in her arms until she stopped crying. Joseph chose that exact moment to start crying upstairs so Kensi sat Jess on the sofa and ran upstairs to get Joseph. When she got back downstairs, Jess wasn't in the living room anymore. Kensi walked into the playroom and found Jess sitting on the floor playing.
"Jess, you want to come and cuddle with mummy again?" She asked and Jess shook her head. "Why not baby?" She put Joe in his bouncer and went over and sat down next to Jess.
"What's wrong baby?" She asked, tucking one of Jess' curls behind her ear.
"You and daddy no love me anymore." She whispered and Kensi could see tears forming in her eyes which made her eyes water. She hated seeing either of her children upset. She lifted Jess onto her lap and held her to her chest.
"Why do you think that?" Kensi whispered to her.
"Because if Joe starts to cry you leave me and go and get him." She replies "you no love me. I'm not your baby anymore."
"Oh sweetie that's not true, daddy and I just go and get Joe because he's younger than you and he just needs us to feed him of change him or something like that. You'll always be our baby and daddy and I will always love you Jessie, always." Kensi whispered back just as Deeks walks into the room.
"Hey, what's going on?" He asks and Kensi shakes her head and mouths that's she'll tell him later. He nods. Kensi places Jess back on the floor and takes Deeks hand and pulls him out the door. As soon as they are in the hallway she wraps her arms around his neck and hugs him gently.
"Are you ok? What did the doctors say?" She asks
"I'm lucky, the shot only caused a bruise so I'll be fine." He replies and leans down and kisses her.
"Promise?" She asks
"Promise." He repeats and kisses her again but for longer this time.
"Mummy? Daddy?" Comes a small voice from behind them. "I sleepy." Deeks looks over Kensi's shoulder at Jess who is rubbing her eyes and holding her toy rabbit to her chest. He lets go of Kensi and picks Jess up.
"Has she had a nap yet?" Asks Deeks and Kensi shakes her head.
"I was about to put her down for one when Sam called then Joe woke up and we had a little...situation." She replies and Deeks nods and takes Jess upstairs to bed. When he comes back down, Kensi is sitting on the sofa with baby Joe in her arms.
"What was the situation then Kens?" He questions, taking Joe off her an kissing his forehead.
"Jessie thought that we didn't love her anymore and that she's not our baby anymore." Kensi replied and Deeks looks at her confused.
"What? Why would she think that?" He asks
"Because whenever Joe is awake, we pay more attention to him or if we're playing with Jess and Joe wakes up we immediately go and get him leaving Jess on her own. I've noticed it myself Marty I just didn't think anything of it."
"So what do you think we should do then?" Deeks asks wrapping an arm around Kensi's shoulders and pulling her into his side.
"Make sure that whenever Joe wakes up or is awake, one of us spends time with him and the other spends time with Jess but we keep swapping so she doesn't feel like Joe is one of our favourites instead of her because its not like that. We love them both equally." She replies
"Ok, so when she wakes up do you want me to spend some time with her since you've been here all day?" He asks and Kensi nods.
"She asked me earlier if we could go to the park but I said no because I was looking after Joe so maybe you could take her to the park, get an ice cream something like that, tell her that she is still our baby and that we do still love her."

When Jessie wakes up a couple of hours later, she runs downstairs and jumps onto Deeks' lap.
"Someone's wide awake now!" He says and tickles her. "So mummy told me that you wanted to go to the park, would you like to go now with daddy?"
"Yes please!" Jess shouts and runs to get her shoes on. Kensi laughs and leans up and kisses Deeks.

*At the park*

"Higher daddy! Higher!" Jess shouts as Deeks pushes her on the swings.
"That's high enough princess." He says. After playing for a while, Deeks and Jess go and get an ice cream.
"Mummy said that you were sad earlier, do you want to tell me why?" Starts Deeks
"I thought that you and mummy don't love Jessie anymore." She replies whilst licking her ice cream.
"We do Jessie, we love you so much!" He says and scoops Jessie into his arms and kisses her cheek. "You ready to go home now?" He asks and Jess nods and they make their way home.

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