"Why? You look it and your face says it all." Fliqpy whispered into her ear. "Fl-Fliqpy...!" Flaky whined and gasped feeling him go inside her making her cry out with pleasure as he thrusts his fingers in and out of her. "Come on doll, lets go some where~" Fliqpy picked her up and took her upstairs to Giggle's guest room...

Chapter 6: Love or Rape?

Flaky's POV:

I was thrown on to the bed by Fliqpy, I didn't want to have sex with him... If anyone it would be Flippy...

I looked up at Fliqpy as he was taking out some rope, I looked rather confused on why he had the rope until I realized what he was doing.. I was about to get up until he pushed me back down. I struggled under neath him and begged him not to but it was too late, he had already tied me to the bed with rope which was tight around my wrists..

I looked at Fliqpy who gave that usual sadistic grin when ever he had an idea. I trembled with fear and gasped as he cut through my clothing. "F-Fliqpy! F-Flippy bought me that jumper!" he whined seeing him ruin it. Fliqpy laughed. "Better reason to destroy it! he yelled as he torn it off my body and saw my green lacy bra that went with my green lacy panties. I watched him with my jumped that I loved allot which made me cry lightly at the sight of it being destroyed before my very eyes.

Fliqpy laughed seeing me cry and licked my tears away, satisfied at his deed. I gave him a sudden glare which made him smirk and whisper. "Tonight Flaky, you are mine..." he roughly spoke into my ear and bit it teasingly. I gasped at the sudden movement of him biting and licking my ear, I knew he was trying to tease me and make me beg for it... but that was not gonna happen.

I kept my eyes closed tightly until he grabbed my breast with his strength which caused my eyes to shoot open and I instantly bit my bottom lip so noise would appear which made him growl in annoyance. He bit my lip and I looked at him with a slight fear, you could see he was holding back at the moment...

I struggled underneath him again as I felt his hand on my belly, going lower towards my clit and once he reached it, he roughly rubbed the nub of my clit causing me to moan out with pleasure. He seemed satisfied by this and licked my neck down to my breasts as he continued to rub my clit, not going inside to tease me. "Beg for it Flaky and I will let you feel the pleasure you desire~" he smirked at me as he bit my nipple roughly, sucking on it and grazing his teeth along it which made me moan again with satisfaction.

"F-Fliqpy..."I whispered and he just grinned at me as he dug slightly into my clit, only the top part of his finger was inside my clit which made me whine. I don't know what has happened to me...Am I...enjoying this?!

Fliqpy's POV:

I looked at the small red head below me, she was shaking with pleasure and lust just for me...I felt amazed, by now I thought she would of broke down and cried her heart out for me to stop like last time... shame, she never did this time... I continued sucking on her breasts as she arched her back so I could continue with her pleasuring. Flaky must really like this, aye Flippy? I thought which made Flippy growl at me in annoyance as he could see what I was doing to her.

You bastard! You're forcing her into something she doesn't want. Flippy yelled at me. I kissed down Flaky's petite body and made my way to her clit. It was beautiful, all the women I have raped or eve had sex with have had wrecked clits due to them being whores...But Flaky's was different, it was pure and beautiful, only ever used once by him.

Flaky looked down at me and I saw her blushing a dark shade of red. "So red, lets see if you like this~" I teased and placed my lips against her core and made my lips vibrate by making a 'pfft' noise which cause her cry out with pleasure. I smirked, satisfied at the result and then thought. She does like it, look at her! I thought to Flippy who just growled at me in return.

I inserted my tongue into her whole and licked her insides roughly which made Flaky move her legs more."Nnn-ah-Fliqpy..." she cried in pleasure as she panted hard due to him being quick on her clit at a fast pace. "P-Please, don't stop...H-Harder and faster...!" Flaky yelled out which made me smirk and get hard. I went slow on her, just to whined her up and tease her. "Fliqpy!" she whined which made me chuckle and go quicker with my tongue and realized she climaxed onto my tongue and face. I withdrew from her clit and moved up and kissed her roughly, adding my tongue to give her a taste of herself.

Flaky had undone my pants and I gave her a brow in confusion. "What you want to give me a blow job...?" I smirked and made her blush. "I want to give it to Flippy and then you..." she said since she wanted to see Flippy that much she'd do anything. I growled and nodded and made me go back into the dark hole as Flippy took control.

Normal POV:

Flaky saw Flippy and he untied her quickly. He hugged her as Flaky hugged him back. "F-Flippy..." she cried lightly and kissed his cheek repeatedly. Flippy looked at her as he placed his finger into her woman hood, making Flaky gasp and hold onto him tightly. "W-Wait F-Flippy...!" she moaned lightly as she watched him finger her roughly. She began to pant and as Flippy licked her neck as he went rougher and faster. "F-Flippy p-please...st-Ah!" she cried out with pleasure.

Flaky held onto his arm tighter and cried out hard and came on his hand, panting hard. She looked up at him and Flippy took her into a embrace and kissed her roughly, forcing his tongue into her mouth. "F-Fl-" she moaned into the kiss as he played with her nipples softly making her moan lightly into the kiss. As now, the kiss had gotten more intimate as they were both moaning into the kiss with pleasure and lust. When they both withdrew they looked into each others eyes.

Flaky then remembered what she said she'd give to Flippy. "D-Did you hear what I said to Fliqpy?" she asked him as Flippy nodded. "He said he's only letting me be here until you...you know..." Flippy said stroking her hair. flaky hugged him tightly. "Flippy, tomorrow...I will...I don't wanna do it in Giggles home again." she bluntly said making Flippy smirk due to it happening here last time. "Okay, I'll tell Fliqpy that-never mind he heard." he told her and kissed her forehead.

Flaky looked at the jumper due to her putting her clothes on. "My jumper..." she muttered feeling upset. Flippy kissed her cheek and gave her his jacket. "Wear this." he softly said to her. Flaky looked at him and saw him in his tight black V line shirt and stared seeing his muscles pop out of the shirt which made her blush. The body worthy of a model or an actress and then there was just her, plain old Flaky.

Flippy noticed her staring and knew what she felt. He kissed her softly on the forehead and picked her up. "Come on, I'll take you to home." he said to her as Flaky smiled lightly and nodded. She was glad to be back in the arms of the man she loved, she felt safe..

Flaky woke up the next morning tired and bruised. She saw Flippy next to her a sleep, cuddling her like she was his toy. She blushed lightly and snuggled into him. "Flippy~" she giggled kissing his cheek lightly in his sleep. She stayed where she was and noticed him panting softly. "Flippy?" she looked up to see his face in a exotic look of lust and pleasure, he was having a wet dream of course.

Flaky saw his Cadette poking his pants in a tent shape. She blushed and tried moving back but ended up being grabbed. She covered her mouth as he was grinding his pants tent against her leg. She held in her moan until she noticed him move her skirt up to expose her woman hood. She moaned into her hand as Flippy rubbed her gently, growling into her ear. "H-He can sleep through this...?" she muttered.

"Oh Flaky, you think I was a sleep~" Fliqpy whispered into her ear as he undid his pants to show his strong Cadette pointing outwards. "You promised." he growled at her and pinned her down. "I'll force you if you refuse." he glared. "B-But Fliqpy...I-I just woke up... an-" she gagged as he shoved his Cadette into her mouth, thrusting it in and out of her making her blush. She had no choice but to suck on it now as she cried silently. Fliqpy felt her sucking on it and growled lightly at the feeling.

Flaky gagged when it went further into her mouth as her eyes were heavy from exhaustion. She licked his member roughly knowing he liked it rough. She panted softly on it as Fliqpy held her head and thrusts more into her mouth until he came. Flaky's eyes widened at the taste that went sliding down her throat. She looked at him as he held her nose, tilting her head back. "Mmmm!" she panicked under him. "Swallow or you don't breath~" he smirked at her.

Flaky ended up swallowing it all as he withdrew with a 'pop' noise that came from her mouth. She tried getting up until he made her go on to her hand and knee's. She felt confused and gasped knowing what he was doing straight away. "W-Wait...N-Noo-ahhh!" she cried out as she felt his member go inside her woman hood and he just smirked.

Fliqpy's POV:

I looked at the red head in front of me, her body felt so great... I wanted more so, I just began to fuck her again. I looked at her moaning loudly, almost yelling and practically begging me to stop. I ignored her and continued fucking her hard that she cried out so much. I was thrusting rougher now at a quick speed, I knew she enjoyed it but I also knew she wanted Flippy, not me. I pulled out and turned her body around so she was facing me.

I pushed myself back into her and she cried out, taking me in all again. I smirked at her, seeing her eyes red with lust and pleasure, gosh I wanted to fuck her harder! So, I did! I went harder on her and she cried out more with pleasure. "Fliqpy...I-I cant!" she cried out as tears fell from her eyes. I didn't care. I kissed her deeply, adding my tongue into it just to shut her up as I went harder, hearing her breasts slap against her self was a beautiful noise.

I kissed gripped her breasts with my hands and went rougher into her womanhood, this was my max speed now and boy did she love it! I looked at her crying and moaning loudly into my mouth. I grinned feeling her get tighter and knew she was close... I licked withdrew from her lips and she gripped my arm with her shaky hand, looking up at me and I smirked.

I went harder and she cried out my name. "F-Fliqpy..!" she cried and climaxed with me, filling her with my seed and we all know what that means~. I collapsed onto her and grinned. "Flaky oh Flaky, I hope your ready for me now~" I winked at her and she shook with fear at what I have just done. I went back into Flippy's mind and let him return so he could comfort Flaky...

It's not love, Its Rape my friends~

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